Zhao Liying divorced 1 year later, the recent photo exposure caused controversy, netizens: you have long been wrong!
Zhao Liying divorced 1 year later, the recent photo exposure caused controversy, netizens: you have long been wrong!
It is hoped that actors and actresses who entertain themselves will be in awe of this profession.

Zhao Liying is really crazy!

as soon as the trailer for the new drama "Barbarian growth" was released, it went viral.

with wavy long curly hair and red lips in the scorching sun, she is a model of a girl's calendar in the 1990s.

just a few minutes' notice, in her eyes, she saw innocence, vanity, trial and prevarication, showing all the floating dust in the mall.

it's so real! I've only seen this notice 10086 times.

the comment area is also well received:

but there is some malice mixed with it.

"like a middle-aged fat rural aunt, good country!"

"it's gills!"

"the facial features are so concentrated, and the face is white."


it is undeniable that Zhao Liying is a little more rounded than before, but she really can't be called "hair gills".

if the hair gills look like this, it is estimated that everyone with hair gills can wake up from a dream.

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anyone who has read the original work will not laugh at Zhao Liying.

in the novel, the heroine is a little fat man, and the round image is more in line with the human setting.

Zhao Liying is a little fat, and the public relations team can be guided to gain weight for her role.

but the humble and low-key woman did not use this to set up a hard-working person for herself, but responded in a post that "it is not deliberately to gain weight, but to put on weight when acting."

the highest state of entering the play is not to integrate with the character and naturally become the character itself.

despite the demand for the show, the figure management of entertainment actresses can be said to be online all the time.

Zeng Li dressed in a white dress is gentle and elegant, with thick curly hair and a variety of amorous feelings, she is worthy of a beauty that happens once in two hundred years in Chinese opera.

even the pasteurized pictures of passers-by can't stop my sister's beauty.

Li Xiaoran a set of green slim skirt, with short boots, will be concave and convex with a good figure incisively and vividly, capable with a trace of sexy, people can not take their eyes away.

without Cha du Niang, it would be impossible to see that they are already 46 years old.

even actresses who have given birth have never slackened their figure management.

42-year-old Yao Chen has a slender waist and a proud figure:

46-year-old Liu Mintao, dressed in a red dress, shines brilliantly:

51-year-old Yan Ni made a blockbuster film with her daughter, and she didn't lose at all:

sincerely suspect that these sisters have participated in over 40-20 activities

figure, appearance, acting skills, all online, envy are tired of talking.

Yang Lan once asked Cai Ming in an interview, "how do you keep such a good figure?" Is there any special way? "

Cai Ming's answer is worth all actors' smoking: "it's actually very simple, because what you do is an actor, you can't eat that bowl of rice if you want to eat this bowl of rice."

most of the actresses who entertain themselves have such self-consciousness, while the male actors are somewhat less than satisfactory.

some time ago, Chen Xiang, who had not been seen for a long time, suddenly went on a hot search.

I can't believe that the person in the picture is the No. 12 Chen Xiang who was quietly singing with the guitar.

my eyes

this mandibular line is even more blurred than my life plan, and my belly is particularly clear.

the most interesting thing is that Chen Xiang is still as handsome as he used to be on the Mid-Autumn Festival.

in a short period of more than ten days, Chen Xiang was like a steamed bread with noodles, fat as two people.

it is conceivable that the name photo is a "fraud".

netizens counted the four men who became popular this summer--

Wang Hedi, Wu Lei, Chen Xiao, Zhang Han.

the first three let everyone stumble to death and indulge in plot and beauty.

on the other hand, Zhang Han annoys everyone by "getting new heights out of oil".

his new play, "Gentlemen of East eighth District," feeds a large number of noisy up owners before it goes off the shelves.

this kind of bully idol drama, even if the plot reduces wisdom, even the figure of the leading actor Zhang Han is also indescribable.

with a belly of ninety-nine and one, he must stage the wet temptation drama of college students running in the rain.

I'm going to throw up at dinner the next night.

but Zhang Han previously revealed on the program that he has to work out every day, and the whole person's figure is OK.

but why is it like this in the new play? Are you ready to let yourself go?

when it comes to the actor who frees himself in figure management, Pan Yueming must be on the list.

some time ago, as soon as Pan Yueming's new play "Kunlun Shrine" was launched, Douban scored 8.2 points, which can be said to be a rare good play this year.

the plot is tight and the leading actors are online.

but Pan Yueming's figure is better than the last Yunnan Worm Valley, but he still gives me a look of good food for the crew!

you should know that Hu Bayi, played by Pan Yueming, is an excellent school lieutenant who touches gold.

even if he is not a fierce man with eight-pack abs, he should be a well-proportioned young man.

but Mr. Pan's figure.

especially when in the same box with Jiang Chao, it makes people confused which one of them is playing Fatty Wang.

when Longling Grottoes was broadcast, Mr. Pan apologized for getting fat.

Kunlun Shrine starring in a live broadcast, Pan YuemingIt's really tight, but I hope to keep it, and don't get fat again!

look at Mr. Pan's condition. She has lost weight and gone back!

when some entertaining actors reach middle age, they seem to be possessed by pig essence, and they don't care about their own personal image at all.

behind the differences in figure management between actors and actresses, there is no lack of double marks from netizens.

during the popularity of "Menghualu", how beautiful Liu Yifei's costume is.

even though the fairy sister is so beautiful, some people still say that her face has declined.

"face crotch", "look old", "a little fat" …...

when filming long Moon, the white deer with a height of 165 have lost 85 jin, but some people still laugh at her for being fat and strong.

the problem is that Reuters is so beautiful. I don't know how to laugh at being fat when I see such a beautiful woman.

and Yang Zi, who has been said to be fat, but at 167, she was only 124 jin fattest, when she was still in puberty.

Internal entertainment is much more tolerant of actors than being harsh on actresses.

for example, although Pan Yueming is complained about the "fat version of Hu Bayi", most of the voices on the Internet are praise of acting skills.

Liu Ye plays a captain who can play scuba diving, swimming, basketball and other sports in Old Boy.

but this belly is really unconvincing.

but even so, netizens teased him for a few words, just reminding him to work out with Deng Chao.

the current situation of internal entertainment is, to paraphrase netizens,

"the female star is still said to be fat, while the male star gets fat and finally collapses the house."

I don't say so much to criticize anyone.

but I want to say that since I have chosen the path of acting, I have to be worthy of this career.

actors should adapt to their roles instead of acting all their roles as themselves.

take Huang Lei as an example, "Xiaomin's family" and "Xiao Xi".... What is the difference between several small series in which he plays the role of father and the one in "the Life of yearning"?

interestingly, there are not a few such actors.

they no longer fit different roles through self-management, but lie flat and choose roles that fit their own appearance.

in this way, these actors can easily find a way to act without losing weight.

but for actors, what is needed is not a body that is immutable, but a figure that fits the character.

if you are too fat or too fat, you will let the audience play as long as it does not meet the setting of the character itself.

therefore, it is hoped that actors and actresses who entertain themselves will be in awe of this profession.

as audiences, we should also treat actors with uniform standards, not to criticize actresses too much, and not to be too tolerant of male actors.

the film and television industry can be more prosperous with each passing day!