It was not until middle age that we realized that we had nothing but our family.
It was not until middle age that we realized that we had nothing but our family.
The two most healing words in the world are going home.


writer Wang Xiaobo wrote such a sentence:

"when people are young, they feel that there are people everywhere and that other people's business is your business. after middle age, they feel that there is nothing in the world but their family.


if you think about it, it is true.

when I was young, I always thought that when there are many friends, it is easy to go, and work comes first.

as a result, most of the time and energy is spent outside, while the family is selectively ignored.

but at a certain age, I gradually understand:

jobs will be lost, friends will break up, and only family members will be there all the time, silently watching us.

it turns out that in this world, we have nothing but our family.

Family is the one who will never leave you.

some netizens share their stories:

she said she hated her parents for a long time.

because when they were young, they were at odds with each other, often quarreling and even fighting.

in her impression, not a single day at home is peaceful, and every day is filled with the sound of parents quarreling.

such a family atmosphere, so that she does not feel any happiness, there is only repression, heavy and bitter.

she has become sensitive, self-abased and worried about gains and losses, and this character has brought great trouble to her work and life.

she attributes all this to the misfortune of the original family.

therefore, they are eager to get rid of the influence of their original families, including going to college abroad, graduating and marrying far away from home, and so on.

she thinks that her parents are a drag on her happiness in life.

but some things that happened later made her understand that her parents were the ones who loved her most.

in the winter of 18 years, her husband, who once loved her deeply, had an affair.

her mother-in-law stood with her husband and forced her to sign the divorce and move out of the house.

she quarreled and quarreled, but finally compromised. After the divorce, she took her daughter and changed her city life.

the house leaked and it rained all night. During that time, she found out the tumor and had all kinds of difficulties in finding a job.

cry every day, from dark to dawn, from day to night.

I have thought of committing suicide countless times, and sometimes I really want to leave this world with my daughter.

my parents don't know how to hear about her divorce.

first I called to comfort her, and then I realized that she was in a bad mood, so I secretly came to see her.

two old people, who had never been far away, sat in a hard seat for more than ten hours and came to her city.

accompany her in surgery and take turns to take care of her and her daughter's diet and daily life.

her father, a stubborn old man who is not good at words, learned to type on Wechat and often shared some interesting news with her.

her mother encouraged her again and again to cheer up and not to do anything stupid. Mom and dad will always be there for you and support you behind your back.

some people say, "when everything goes to hell, the person who stands beside you without flinching is your family."

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Family is the one who will never give up on us.

No matter what we have experienced and how far we have gone, looking back, they have been in the same place, quietly watching over us.

Let us see the light in the dark and the power of loving and being loved.

it turns out that we don't have nothing, but also our families who love us most.

Family is the greatest strength for you to be alive

in the TV series "the World", the love story between Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan moved countless people.

Zhou Bingkun was jailed because of an accident. Zheng Juan, after being sad, cheered up and set up a stall to sell roasted sweet potatoes to feed the whole family.

afraid of Zhou Bingkun's worry, he has been falsely claiming that he has found a job serving the elderly.

but because on one occasion, I hurt my hand in the course of setting up a stall, and I couldn't hide it, I told the truth.

Zhou Bingkun felt very guilty. after some ideological struggle, he was determined to perform well and strive for an early release from prison.

eight years later, Zhou Bingkun walked out of the prison gate and looked at the tall buildings outside. He didn't know what to do.

when she got home, Zheng Juan said "I'm back" and missed him infinitely.

after he got out of prison, he wanted to start a moving company to support himself.

over the years, Zheng Juan has saved more than 6000 yuan frugally, but she is still far from buying a car and driving a moving company.

they want to borrow money from Xiao Qiao Chunyan and Cao Debao, but unfortunately, Chun Yan Debao did not lend them money.

when the discouraged Zhou Bingkun came home, he was even more saddened to see the house leaking rain.

he lamented that people are as small as ants, some do not understand, why do we want to live?

Zheng Juan suggested having a drink with him and told how she came through all these years.

it turned out that on the day Zhou Bingkun was sentenced, she also wanted to be done with it, but she could not rest assured of her children and had to stick to her life.

whenever she is unhappy, she will think of something happy, and in this way, she will survive year after year.

she said to Zhou Bingkun:

"over the years, we have encountered a lot of difficulties, but they have all come along. As long as you are here, I am not afraid of any difficulties."

for Zhou Bingkun, the same is true. Zheng Juan is the pillar of his life and the greatest strength of his life.

the later story is that Zhou BingkunruWish started a company, lived in a new building, and walked through this life hand in hand with Zheng Juan.

I have heard a saying: "the greatest luck in life is to meet people in common adversity in a vast sea of people."

the most important thing in life is to know each other, to know each other in distress, and a friend in need is a friend indeed.

good couples have always been friends with each other.

when we walk around the world, we always experience all kinds of frustrations and tribulations.

and the support and sharing from our families is not only the sharp weapon for us to overcome life, but also the greatest motivation and strength for us to strive to live.

for us, no matter how hard life is, having a family who really treats you and loves you, life is worth it.

Home is your last place in the world

writer Li Yue once told such a story:

when she was a reporter, she interviewed an enterprise boss.

in the first half of the interview, they had been talking about the boss's brilliant career, so Li Yue asked him:

"do you think your life is perfect?"

the boss thought about it, but gave a different answer:

when I first retired, I thought it was, but now I know it's very incomplete.

because over the years, he has been busy with his career and paid little attention to his family.

sometimes it is common to get busy and not go home for a month or two.

although wives and children occasionally complain, they are basically understandable.

he thinks his life is complete, his career is successful, his family is happy, and he has a son and a daughter.

but when I really retired, I realized that this was not the case at all.

neither of his children is close to him, and his wife doesn't seem to need him much.

one day my son came home and saw him and gave a faint cry to his father.

when he turned to see his wife, he immediately smiled and said, "Mom, I thought you weren't home."

sometimes when the family talks about the past, it's all about the three of them.

the saddest time was when he caught a cold. When his daughter knew about it, she said, "I'll buy you some medicine after work."

within a few days, my wife also caught a cold, and my daughter's reaction was very different:

I told you you couldn't open the window at night. Your nose is red. Come on, I'll boil some ginger water for you first.

finally, he said something meaningful:

A man's heart can't be full of career and money in his life. You will return to your family sooner or later.

if you don't spend energy at home in the first three years, when you want the warmth of home and the company of your children, people will not come to you at all and are particularly estranged from you.

this kind of loss is a real loss. No matter how successful your career is, you can't make up for it.

the reason why I share this story is:

Home is our last place in the world.

it is not a geographical location, but a kind of peace of mind, a warmth and happiness.

I used to think that a successful person should forge ahead.

as you get older, you gradually understand:

to colleagues, friends and classmates, we may just be passers-by, but to our family, we are the only one.

therefore, don't neglect the family who loves you most in order to pursue the distant scenery too much.

they also need your care and concern, and they need your waiting and company.

Zhou Guoping wrote in the book:

"No matter how brilliant your career is and no matter how great your achievements are in society, if you cannot live in harmony with your family, or even have no time to get along with your family at all, home cannot be called home. Such a life has fundamental defects.


Family, there is only one fate.

No matter how long we get along in this life, whether we love or not in the next life, we will never see each other again.

so please cherish the fate of this life, and don't wait until it's too late to regret it.

in our lives, we will walk through many places and see a lot of scenery, but there is only one most beautiful scenery, and that is the way home.

the two most healing words in the world are going home.

if you have time, go home often.

go to see your elderly parents, go sightseeing with your wife, and chat with your children.

it's a big world, but there are always people waiting for us to go home.

they are our families and the most cherished relatives.

, may we always have a home to go back to, someone lovely and always with company.