42-year-old Cecilia Cheung was exposed to be pregnant with her fourth child. This time, don't scold her again.
42-year-old Cecilia Cheung was exposed to be pregnant with her fourth child. This time, don't scold her again.
May every woman have the freedom to give birth on the premise of loving herself.

42-year-old Cecilia Cheung was revealed to be pregnant with her fourth child.

two days ago, when she was carrying goods live, she wore loose clothes but could not hide her bulging belly.

based on this, some people speculate that she has been pregnant for six months.

soon there were insiders on the Internet who confirmed that she was indeed pregnant.

this is not the first time Cecilia Cheung has been pregnant with her fourth child. It was rumored as early as last year.

at that time, she explained that she was too old to keep up with her metabolism.

she didn't respond directly this time.

as a result, netizens were boiling, and all kinds of mockery continued to be heard.

some people satirize her that she loves to have children so much that it doesn't matter who the father is.

others called her selfish and irresponsible, and gave birth to satisfy her own selfish desires.

if you are pregnant or not, how can it be a crime to have more than one child?

having or not giving birth, having more and having less is a personal matter.

however, every time there is news related to childbirth, women always face all-round scrutiny.

"because she had her third child,

I was ridiculed as a fertility machine.

married women cannot avoid being spawned.

after giving birth to one child and two children, one son and one daughter basically stopped.

if you want to continue to have three and four children, another group of people will jump out to ridicule and sympathize:

"this kind of woman kidnapped by the womb leads a miserable life."

"some people are still willing to be married donkeys in this day and age, but they are really not clear-headed."


this is not an exaggeration, but a naked fact.

Cecilia Cheung is not the first to be scolded.

Cai Shaofen, who gave birth to her third child at the age of 46, is thought to be due to pressure from her mother-in-law to fight for her son.

Zhong Liti, who has given birth to three daughters, gave birth to a child in vitro several times at the age of 50.

there are a lot of reports on the Internet that she is a "birth machine" and "love kidnapped by the womb".

recently, Kunling, who has just given birth to her third child, said that her body is allowed to have a fourth child.

soon some people complained that she was addicted to giving birth and regarded it as a career.

the subtext is:

these women who give birth to three or four children are out of their minds.

female stars are rich enough to gag everyone, and no matter how much they have, they can't afford it.

ordinary women give birth to several more children, and the criticism they face is more direct.

I have a cousin who gave birth to her fourth child at the beginning of the year and often shared her fourth child's life online.

there are always dazzling messages in the comments section that she is complacent about being used as a fertility tool.

the voices of familiar friends and relatives can also be heard incessantly:

"it's too brave to have four children", "it's not easy", "We need another house" …...

there are others who say directly:

"it's no use having so much now. If you don't train well in the future, you can only be a part-time worker."

"the economic conditions are not so good. To have so many children is to be irresponsible to the children."

these words upset my cousin.

A baby born with ten fingers in the tenth month of pregnancy is considered a burden by others.

is it true that if you don't earn one million a year, you are not qualified to have children?

I really want everyone to understand:

whether it is born or not, it is right to have one or three or four.

it's not wrong to like children and enjoy being a mother.

and her husband really love each other, hoping to have the crystallization of each other's love, there is nothing wrong.

it is not wrong to think that only having children can life be complete and marriage be complete.

if there is no birth, there is a choice of not giving birth.

students also have the freedom to have one or more of them.

as long as it is out of a woman's own choice and will, no one has the right to interfere.

they are the matrix that gives birth to life.

choose to have a baby,

just because I love children

I decided to have only one child before I got married.

I can also understand that there are many friends around me, who have a second, third and fourth child.

most of them are not to raise children to guard against old age, but to really love children.

I have a friend who grew up in the families of many brothers and sisters and helped each other when she grew up.

what we outsiders feel is the jumping of chickens and dogs with children, but what she feels is the pleasure of accompanying her children to grow up.

giving love and giving love is a kind of nourishment for her in the process of raising a child.

they are not to please anyone, nor to tie up their husbands, but only out of their own will.

they are also willing to bear the pain of giving birth again and again, only for the joy of the birth of a new life.

so women who have several children are really not that bitter.

they are not irresponsible to their children, on the contrary, they give them full love.

Cecilia Cheung, who was scolded for giving birth to a child, has never been absent from every growth of the child.

in life, she cooks for her children and sends them to and from school.

after work, seeing the beautiful scenery is also the first time to think of yourself.Donovan's son.

she didn't treat another child badly because she had one more child.

but like every ordinary mother, she invests and gives 100% to her child.

having children is never about how much, but about the quality of companionship.

Love is always a prerequisite for giving birth.

one child is born out of love, and several children are born out of love.

as long as you are responsible for your own choices and take responsibility for parenting, it is right to have more and less.

for some women, the joy and happiness brought by children is incomparable.

they have children only for themselves, not to meet anyone's needs.

before loving children,

Love yourself first

there is no pressure for female stars to give birth to several.

if you have money, you can ask a babysitter to take care of the children, so the pressure on raising children will be much less.

there are professional dietitians and coaches, and the body recovers more quickly after delivery.

ordinary mothers, no matter how much they like their children, should love themselves first.

consider your physical condition, financial condition and your partner's support.

after all, only women themselves are really facing childbearing, including the costs behind it.

remember the 42-year-old mother of triplets?

working alone in Hangzhou, my husband is ill and takes care of a pair of children in his hometown.

after giving birth, she is more of a grievance:

"I was at work the day before I had a baby. What kind of woman is willing to go so far?"

because of financial constraints, she ate only three slices of bread on the day she gave birth.

you can imagine how difficult it will be in the days to come.

although having money is not the only condition for giving birth, at least basic food and clothing should be ensured.

only in this way can parents have the spare power to give love and company to their children.

on the way to giving birth, the support of your partner is also very important.

I know a lot of mothers who regret having a second child, basically because of "widowed parenting."

two or three children need to pay twice as much energy and time.

with a strong partner, women can have sufficient rest time and recover more quickly.

otherwise, it will be very difficult for women.

only when we are fully prepared can giving birth become a successful thing.

even having three or four children is not stress but a kind of fulfillment.

instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and complaining about others, we feel the happiness brought by our children

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finally, I want to say:

it is a woman's own choice to have one or three or four children.

giving birth to three or four is not a fertility machine.

the only important thing is not to force children without physical and economic permission.

only when mothers take good care of themselves can they give birth to life better.

share a phrase that I like very much:

"I have one and only one reason to have a baby, and that is because I am ready."

my life has matured so far, and my land has become so fertile.

I need to release the brilliance of life with the sublimation of maternal love!

like flowers blooming, like peaches ripe, just like spring coming, all over the mountains will send out the fragrance of life. "

giving birth is supposed to be a mature success.

has nothing to do with anyone, but women's free choice loyal to their hearts.

, may every woman have the freedom to give birth on the premise of loving herself.