The less you care, the better you will live.
The less you care, the better you will live.
He who stares at the abyss will eventually be swallowed up by the abyss.

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more than 200 years ago, the temple Jingbi Temple was completed.

the abbot sent for Master Hongchuan, a calligrapher, to write a plaque for the temple.

the temple was packed with onlookers that day, and Hongchuan thought, "if so many people are watching, you can't make a fool of yourself."

he picked up his pen and thought about how to do it.

as a result, I wrote it 84 times in a row, but did not write a satisfactory word, so I finally had to give up.

think of this sentence:

"the root of annoyance is that you care too much about others and don't do a good job of yourself."

the more a person cares about the outside world, the more likely his heart is to be confused and the more tired he is to live.

learn to let go and be bearish in order to live a good life at the moment.

Don't worry about other people's comments

I have read a story before.

there is a young man who has graduated for more than a decade, but he has achieved nothing.

he was very confused, so he went to the teacher to solve the problem.

the teacher asked him, "what have you done all these years?"

the young man replied:

"when I first graduated, I liked painting, but some people said that the painter had no future, so I gave up.

then I want to do design. Some people say that design is hard, and I will go bald later, and I didn't continue to learn.

, the sales industry exploded, but some people said that if you went to college, you just went to sell things. I didn't do it again. "

after hearing this, the teacher sighed and said, "you always live in other people's mouths. How can you live a wonderful life?"

Schopenhauer said: "one of the most special weaknesses of human nature is that it cares too much about what others think of itself."

if we attach too much importance to the eyes and opinions of others, we can only live our lives beyond recognition.

you can become the man at the helm of your own life if you don't pay attention to the comments of others.

in the 1970s, Zhou Mason, who graduated from high school, was assigned to work in the mine.

Zhou Mason loved literature from an early age and dreamed of becoming a great writer like Balzac.

to this end, he works during the day and writes at night.

his fellow workers thought he was obsessed and laughed at him: "if you could be a writer, the world would be strange."

his manuscript was mailed in large packets and returned in large packets.

so many times that even the local postman began to laugh at him, shouting "manuscript fee (waste), manuscript fee (waste) every time across the street."

in the face of these comments and ridicule, Zhou Mason was unmoved and continued to write.

four years later, he successfully published his first work in Xinhua Daily and officially embarked on the road as a writer.

in 2017, the TV series "in the name of the people" adapted from his work became a hit overnight.

it was because he ignored the comments of others that he was able to concentrate on his creation and finally occupy a place in the literary world.

Haruki Murakami once said:

"what others say has nothing to do with you, then live as you wish; as long as you know what you are looking for, my life is mine and yours is yours."

the mouth grows on others, and life is in your own hands.

it is better to ignore the pointing on the way forward; forget the unpleasant cynicism as soon as possible.

learn to block the noise of the outside world so that you can take every step of your life in your own rhythm.

Don't worry about temporary gains and losses

Hemingway said: "as long as you don't care about gains and losses, there is nothing that cannot be overcome in life."

Jia Pingwa told a story in an interview.

in 1997, a French translator named an Polish suddenly came to him and offered to buy the French copyright of "waste Capital" for $10,000.

at that time, the novel was controversial, he received a lot of criticism, and he was at the lowest point in his life.

so as soon as he heard this condition, Jia Pingwa readily agreed and quickly signed the contract.

before long, a friend who knew French came to visit, read the contract and said, "Lao Jia, you have been deceived."

it turns out that the contract says 10,000 francs instead of 10,000 US dollars, which is four or five times the difference.

Jia Pingwa was so angry that he immediately decided to fly to Paris to file a lawsuit.

A friend hurriedly grabbed him and said, "you are going to file a lawsuit now. Can you speak French?" Do you have access to a lawyer? "

hearing this, Jia Pingwa suddenly became silent.

soon, he left the matter behind.

but unexpectedly, a few months later, an explosive news came back to China:

the French version of the abandoned Capital won the Femina Prize for Literature, one of the three major French literary awards.

with this award, the domestic literary world began to re-evaluate the "abandoned capital" and finally affirmed its value.

afterwards, Jia Pingwa had all sorts of tastes in his mind, and he did not expect that he gave up some interests but turned his life around.

I recall that Yu Guangzhong wrote in the sad Song of Zhouzi:

"A broken old white sail leaks half the breeze, but attracts two or three seagulls."

Life is less penny-pinching, avoid falling into the whirlpool of gains and losses, in order to be more comfortable and calm.

as Zhuangzi said: misfortune is where good fortune depends, and happiness is where misfortune lies.

Don't pay too much attention to temporary gains and losses, enlarge the pattern and relax your mind, and the road ahead will suddenly open up.

Don't worry about past injuries

in the movie Angel Love Beauty, there is a middle-aged landlady who often sighs and weeps at a picture alone.

the picture shows her husband, who died in a plane crash more than a decade ago.

from an outsider's point of view, she still thinks that she and her husband are deeply in love with each other.

but in fact, she doesn't have love for her husband, but a deep hatred.

it turns out that before her husband died, he lived out of town, fell in love with another woman, and insisted on divorcing her.

just as he was flying back to go through the divorce formalities, he was hit by a plane crash.

the husband is gone, but the damage he has caused, like a thorn, goes deep into her heart.

she is sad every day, she can't sleep all night, and there is no peace in her life.

cartoonist Jimmy said:

"if you dwell on one thing for a long time, you will be annoyed, painful, epiglottic, tired, hurt, and heartbroken."

in the end, you don't have a problem with things, but with yourself.

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those unforgettable things are clumps of thorns in your memory, which make you miserable all the time.

Don't dwell on past grievances and forgive others for their injuries, but you are letting yourself go.

there was an entrepreneur who once revealed something that had been buried for many years.

when he was a child, a distant uncle, who was a teacher, often took him to the podium to punish him and asked his classmates to humiliate him.

for many years since then, he has held a grudge and made a list of hatred, putting his uncle first.

even after his uncle died, he still gritted his teeth every time he thought about the past.

until once when he was driving, he saw a phantom of his uncle and stepped on the accelerator and almost had a car accident.

it was only then that he realized how unworthy it was for a living man to be tortured by the dead.

he said frankly: "that day, there was a feeling that I was recovering from a serious illness."

Zhou Guoping once said:

"people cannot control their own destiny, but they can control their own attitude towards fate and calmly bear the inevitable experiences that fall on their own heads."

blindly immerse yourself in the injuries of the past, you will only sink yourself into the mud of hatred.

for old accounts, instead of chewing them over and over again, learn to let go and forget all about them.

get out of the obsession in your heart and get rid of the burden in order to free yourself and live a good life at the moment.

I have heard a sentence:

"an important sign of maturity is to find that there are fewer and fewer things that can affect you."

the world is so complicated that it cares about everything and is doomed to drag itself down.

learn to keep things simple, look down on people and things, so that you can move forward leisurely.

from now on, you might as well look at the world with a normal mind and live a life with insensitivity.

, may you and I be free from external things, follow our inner thoughts, and live our lives in the way we want.

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