Your tone is what you look like inside.
Your tone is what you look like inside.
Learn to control your tone and speak well, and you will benefit from it in the end.


if everyone's heart is the four seasons of reincarnation, then the tone is the most accurate thermometer.

if everyone's life is a moving stage play, the tone is the most appropriate background sound.

people live in the world, good or bad luck in life, all depends on your tone.

many misunderstandings stem from inappropriate tone

as the old saying goes, "it is easy to cut the body with a sharp blade, but it is hard to get rid of evil words."

between people, how many misunderstandings come from inappropriate tone; how many relationships, die of hurtful words.

as the saying goes, "the speaker is unintentional, the listener is intentional."

vicious people, do not pay attention to the tone of speech, no matter what good words, make people sound like a knife, deeply poked in the heart.

A small town suffered a fatal disease, which killed many people.

Chen Kang, a famous doctor, could not bear to watch so many people suffer, so he went around to see people and saved lives.

he saw a man who staggered and dressed in rags, moaning constantly, looking very miserable.

without thinking much, Chen Kang stopped him and shouted, "Hello!" You come here! Let me show you! "

the man listened, stopped, glared and said, "

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even if I die of illness, I will not endure your insult and accept your pity!

I don't need you to save!


in an instant, Chen Kang realized that his tone was inappropriate, which led to a misunderstanding.

he hastened to explain, but the man firmly refused to accept Chen Kang's treatment and eventually lost his life.

speech wounds are all hidden wounds.

obviously well-intentioned, but with a gun and a stick in your mouth, no matter how good your original intentions are, they sound arrogant and defiant to each other.

you know: if the tone is different, the results are often very different.

inappropriate tone, cold words, light is unpleasant, heavy is hard to calm down.

gentle tone and warm words can show respect and consideration to others and gain more favor and trust.

No one likes a cold tone. No matter to family or friends, we should learn to change tough to soft, and change orders to negotiation. this is really good talk.

your tone is what you look like on the inside

in the eighth chapter of the moral Sutra, it is said: "the heart is kind and benevolent."

words are the voice of the heart, the words see the person, and the heart is kind, so that the kind words can be spoken.

your tone is good or bad, which represents the truest look in your heart.

in dealing with the world, you must have peace of mind and a soft tone in order to make others feel at ease, reassure yourself, reap goodwill, and increase happiness.

when Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, was in the second grade, he should have been replaced with a more honorable sedan chair to show his identity, but he always kept a low profile and still sat in the previous sedan chair.

one day, on the way to court, his sedan chair collided with another official's sedan chair. The other party's men were so angry that they pulled him out of the sedan chair and slapped him in the face.

said viciously, "motherfucker, don't get out of the way when you meet us!"

Zeng Guofan was so surprised that he thought he had collided with the prince and aristocrat, so he hurriedly apologized.

unexpectedly, the man in the sedan chair knelt in front of him and shouted, "I beg your pardon for bumping into an adult!"

but Zeng Guofan didn't say anything about it. He just smiled and comforted and said, "Don't blame you. Don't worry about it. I won't care about it."

later, this official treated Zeng Guofan respectfully and praised him for being generous and trustworthy.

people often say, "language can best expose a person. As long as you speak, I can understand you."

indeed, the tone is a true portrayal of your inner world.

those who are kind-hearted have a warm and soft tone, while those who are arrogant and arrogant have an arrogant and overbearing tone.

those who are rich in their hearts have a calm and determined tone, while those who are poor in their hearts complain of being grumpy.

people who are really wise and reasonable know how to be cautious in their words and deeds and control their tone of voice.

your tone of voice is your luck

the fifth chapter of Tao Te Ching says: "Heaven and earth are not benevolent, and all things are ruminant dogs."

Heaven and earth treat all beings equally, but everyone's luck is very different.

in fact, your luck in life depends on the tone of your voice to others.

A good tone makes people like bathing in the warm sun, which makes you get twice the result with half the effort, and good luck comes naturally.

in ancient times, in order to mourn the death of his beloved concubine, a king decided to bury her in the manner of his wife.

this was strongly opposed by the courtiers, who remonstrated with death, but the king did not waver.

when the courtiers sighed their helplessness, Li Da, his subject, suddenly burst into tears.

the king was surprised and asked, "Why are you crying?"

Li Da wiped her tears and replied, "in such a big country as ours, what can't be done? you should be buried in the etiquette of your wife. It is not excessive, but also somewhat unclassy."

Please bury the king according to the highest etiquette, so that everyone will know your power. "

when the ministers heard this, there was a sudden uproar.

but the king was silent, and it took a long timeHe said, "it was my improper consideration to bury my concubine, so I gave it up."

Li Da is well aware of the king's character, and if he is tough, it will only backfire and express implicitly, which not only gives the king face, but also works in one fell swoop.

later, the king recognized Li Da very much, and he also became the king's right-hand man.

there is a saying in Daojing: "the most gentle in the world, the strongest in the world."

speak and do things in a gentle and kind tone, which is more powerful than pressure.

too tough, often make people disgusted, but also put themselves in a difficult situation, bad luck.

soft words, please the hearts of the people, often for you to reap the good luck of seeing the mountains and building bridges with water.

language is easy to package, but tone is difficult to disguise.

speak gently and sincerely, and good luck will naturally be closer to you.

some people say, "if you speak in a good tone, you will be lucky when something happens."

although the language is subtle, it has the power to hit the hearts of the people. it not only hides your attitude towards the world, but also affects the luck of your whole life.

communicate with your family, and the relationship is naturally harmonious and friendly.

chat with friends, be sincere, and have a natural, harmonious and friendly relationship.

communicate with strangers with kindness and respect, and naturally there are dignitaries who are willing to help.

learn to control your tone and speak well, and you will benefit from it in the end.

, we are willing to walk on the road of life, we can all use a gentle tone to exchange hearts with each other and usher in our own good luck.

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