Your life is whatever your work attitude is.
Your life is whatever your work attitude is.
Dream must be fulfilled by yourself; life must be fulfilled by yourself.



American oil magnate Rockefeller once said:

"if you regard work as a pleasure, life is heaven; if you regard work as an obligation, life is hell."

A person who regards work as a person who sells time and fish in troubled waters all his life is a bell-ringing monk and a silent screw.

people who regard work as spiritual practice are always making progress and ploughing deeply, not only enjoying the fun of work, but also achieving achievements that others cannot achieve.

the biggest waste of life, dawdling away at work

in psychology, there is a law of slow horses.

two horses each pulled a van, one horse walked hard, and the other followed slowly.

the owner was worried, so he moved some of the goods pulled by the slow horse to the fast horse's car.

slow horse is very happy, walking more slowly, but also secretly complacent, deserve fast horse is tired, look how comfortable I am.

later, the owner moved all the goods pulled by the slow horse to the car of the fast horse and sent the slow horse to the slaughterhouse.

the Law of slow Horse tells us: if you have no value, you are not far from elimination.

Da Lin works in a design company. When he was chatting with his colleagues, he found that all the employees who joined the company with him had raised their wages, but not with him.

Obayashi was very suffocated and felt that the company was too unfair to him.

he went to the leader of the company to complain about his grievances, but a sentence from the leader left him speechless:

"others are trying to improve themselves, and the results of the design are recognized by many big clients. Compared with them, what achievements have you made in the past few years?"

it turns out that Da Lin has been fooling around at work, but his ability is still standing still.

when he usually goes to work, Da Lin has nothing to do and goes to the toilet to smoke, swipes his cell phone in front of the computer, and when the time is up, he clocks in directly and never works overtime.

sometimes, when he needs to work overtime urgently to change his picture, he always finds an excuse. He is either in trouble at home or in ill health.

made the leader so angry that he said a few words, and he still felt that the leader was against him and said unconvincingly:

"how dare you ask me to work overtime for that little salary?"

in view of Da Lin's work attitude, the leader is also unwilling to assign him important work, only let him be responsible for some unimportant things, he is also complacent with the ease of work.

Kazuo Inamori, a famous entrepreneur, said:

"A person's attitude towards work determines the direction of his life."

some people muddle along with their work and spend another day "fooling around" after work.

some people are conscientious, conscientious and responsible for their work, constantly accumulate experience, improve their working ability, and broaden their horizons.

when the opportunity comes, it can soar into the sky and achieve a leap in life.

the greatest consciousness in life is not to dawdle along at work.

it is better to take the initiative than to follow orders passively

Carnegie once said, "unless he is asked to do it, he who will never take the initiative is doomed to accomplish nothing."

people who follow orders passively will only put themselves in a passive position.

only by taking the initiative can we achieve more long-term development.

when Mao Yong was recruited to Microsoft, his job was to do word.

he tried to communicate with the headquarters in the United States, but the answer he got was: "everything has to be done by yourself."

through his own exploration and efforts, he finally accomplished the task of the company.

later, Mao Yonggang became the desktop application manager of Microsoft China R & D Center.

only by giving full play to your subjective initiative can you realize more possibilities in life.

in the movie Queen in Prada, Andy's dream is to be a newspaper reporter.

but she didn't find an internship, so she had no choice but to work as an assistant editor in a fashion magazine.

she doesn't like the job of an assistant very much, and she can't accept the sarcasm of Miranda, her immediate boss.

she complains to her colleagues that her job is difficult, her boss is difficult to serve, and she is very aggrieved.

her colleague said to her disgruntled:

"be realistic, you're not trying at all, you're just complaining. A lot of people love this job, and you are forced to, you have to wake up. "

this sentence woke Andy up, and she began to take her assistant's work seriously.

she not only succeeded in slimming down, but also took the initiative to learn to match fashion clothes. From then on, there was a qualitative leap in aesthetics, which stunned the whole magazine.

she tries her best to cooperate with her boss's work. A phone call from Miranda, she is on call to meet all the requirements of her boss.

she keeps learning, blurting out the names of many fashion brands and designers, and even reminding Miranda of things she didn't even think of.

from accepting the task passively at the beginning to receiving it activelyAccepted and devoted to her work, Andy grew up rapidly and soon became the first assistant. She was appreciated by the harsh Miranda and took her to a fashion show in Paris.

Dreams must be fulfilled on their own; life must be fulfilled on their own.

pattern says:

"the benefits of taking the initiative may not be apparent in a day or two, but if you stick to it for a long time, people who take the initiative will be able to distance themselves from others."

passively obey orders, muddle through every day, there will only be the confusion of "drawing a sword and looking around me at a loss".

only by taking the initiative and actively striving for everything, can life "raise the cloud sail high and march forward bravely in the sea".

ignite yourself before you can glow

Liu run, former director of strategic cooperation at Microsoft, once said:

"how to judge whether a person has a chance to succeed? See if he can ignite spontaneously, ignite himself, full of passion. "

A person's life is a journey of continuous efforts and continuous growth.

only by igniting yourself and glowing passionately can you make your life shine.

when writer Yang Xiaomi first graduated from university, he worked as a course salesman for a training institution in a third-tier small town.

her professional ability is very strong. She not only has a good understanding of course offers and institutional advantages, but also carefully studies the important and difficult points of different exams to understand the real needs of students.

in order to improve the signing rate, she always pays attention to the signing information announced in the company group and takes the initiative to ask her colleagues for advice on the experience of making orders.

later, even though her performance was good, she made 100 serious phone calls a day and invited parents to school, while other colleagues only called a few times a month.

the most impressive thing is that the company is required to write a work summary every week.

many colleagues regard this as a job, writing more than 1000 words at a time, while she writes more than 5000 words in earnest.

it is this "burning oneself" work style and strong execution that makes her grow rapidly, from a basic salary of 800 to a monthly income of more than 10,000, but also become the sales of the campus Top1, nicknamed "big single killer".

No one's success is waiting, everything is the result of their own efforts.

some people say:

"Life is a gold mine that can be mined and exploited, but people are always given different returns because of their different degrees of diligence."

if you want to achieve something, you must be a self-burning person.

strive to burn yourself up, never be satisfied with the status quo, and enthusiastically go to work and live in order to accept greater challenges and pursue a better self.

Inamori Kazuo said: "people who are really good have one thing in common, that is, people who are self-combustible."

they will never dawdle along at work, nor will they passively follow orders, but take the initiative to strive for it and maximize their energy.

spontaneous combustion is a rare excellent quality of a person.

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We live in an era that is moving forward at an unprecedented rate, and the challenges to everyone are constantly escalating.

if there is no spontaneous combustion, the road of life will be dark.

only when you ignite yourself and pursue a brighter life, will you have the harvest of "blowing all the sand to gold".

, may we all be "self-combustible" people, try our best to burn ourselves, and shine the counterattack road of life.