Your attitude towards your parents determines your luck in life.
Your attitude towards your parents determines your luck in life.
Be kind to your parents for the rest of your life, and every day will be smooth and healthy.



there is a saying in the Book of filial piety:

"the nature of heaven and earth, man is precious; the journey of man is nothing more than filial piety."

means that among all things in heaven and earth, human beings are the most honorable; there is nothing more important than filial piety.

I deeply think that a person's attitude towards his parents is his most real character.

those who do not know how to be filial to their parents will have a lot of difficulties in life; those who know how to be filial to their parents will have a happy and happy life.

respect your parents and start with a pleasant face

on the Internet, I saw someone talking about the role change between himself and his parents:

when I was a child, my parents were days.

in my heart, they are like mountains standing behind me. Where they are, I am full of sense of security.

as I grew up, I found that the two mountains were no longer majestic.

when I was a child, my parents took the trouble to teach me thousands of times what I couldn't do.

but some time ago, when my father asked me to teach him how to post in moments, I impatiently said to him, "how many times have I taught you? why can't you?"

I already regretted it when I said it, and I thought what was waiting for me must be my father's reprimand.

this scene is so familiar that it seems to be the epitome of many parent-child relationships in life.

Zhou Guoping once said:

"it is instinct to be critical of those who are close to you, but it is a kind of upbringing to overcome your instinct and not to be critical of those who are close to you."

when we were young, we were full of curiosity about the world, always holding hands with our parents and asking questions.

Today, we are grown up, our parents are getting older, and their ability to accept new things is weakening.

as children, we should be patient and help them understand this ever-changing world and let them keep up with the pace of social change.

Don't always tease them with "no time", don't always use "busy" to get rid of them.

giving more patience to your parents and being kind to them is filial piety.

understand parents and accept their imperfections

in the TV series "Happy Family", there is such a clip:

Fang Tian recalled that after his marriage, he was determined to sever ties with his family. He roared angrily and reprimanded his father:

"do you know how many people in the hospital are worse than me? Just because they have a background, they can make progress by relying on their parents, and my father is only a noodle boss, so I can only put up with it. "

in the face of his accusation, the father burst into tears with guilt and bowed deeply to him: "Dad is incompetent, I am sorry to you."

in real life, many people will blame their unsuccess on their parents' incompetence, feeling that their parents have dragged them down and can't let them prosper.

but they forget that they have been subservient to the world in order to make their children better off, just to try their best to give you what they think is the best.

after all, there are only a few parents who are well-dressed and well-fed.

all over the world, there are more ordinary parents who do ordinary jobs, but they have spared no effort to feed their children and wear jackets.

as parents, they have devoted almost all their lives to us without seeking anything in return. Why should we criticize them?

learn to put aside the harsh criteria for your parents, learn to accept their imperfections, be more tolerant, more understanding, and a little more distressed.

the saddest thing in the world is that parents always show them their temper when they are around. When they reach their parents' age, they know that they are not easy, but they regret it.

only by being kind to your parents can you be blessed.

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in "my daughter", Gao Yalin said something very poignant:

parents are a wall between us and death. "

I didn't know what it meant at first, but I was deeply sad when I thought about it.

for parents, children are their own favorite, their own flesh and blood, for the sake of their children, all parents in the world can be tit-for-tat with life.

my young father, who is also a recalcitrant young man, has his own dream and love.

A young mother, she is also a little girl who likes to wear skirts, afraid of mice, afraid of the dark, timid and beautiful.

they hide all their hobbies and dreams for the sake of their children.

our present years are quiet, poetic and distant, aren't we just stepping on their shoulders?

now that parents are old, please be more patient and caring when getting along with them. Don't disrelish them for nagging or clumsy.

as the saying goes, "filial piety, the more filial piety, the more obedient."

for each of us, our parents are our own greatest Futian, and filial piety to our parents is to accumulate good fortune.

those who are kind to their parents deserve the greatest blessing in the world and deserve to be blessed.

looking back on the past, every time we get sick, every time we get injured, what we worry about most is always our parents.

they are the people in the world who love us most and love us the most.

as children, we should forgive our parents' mistakes, accept their imperfections and be grateful for their kindness.

, be kind to your parents for the rest of your life, and you will be in good health every day.