You don't want to throw anything away, how can you talk about the quality of life?
You don't want to throw anything away, how can you talk about the quality of life?
Abstinence, know how to choose, in the noisy world, experience their own wind and moon.


in 1907, Professor James retired from Harvard University, along with his good friend physicist Carlson.

one day, the two made a bet. James said to Carlson, "I will let you have a bird."

Carlson disagreed: "I don't believe it!" I never thought about keeping a bird. "

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later, on Carson's birthday, James gave him a delicate birdcage.

whenever a guest comes to Carlson's house and sees an empty birdcage, he almost always asks, "Professor, when did your bird die?"

Carlson patiently explained at first: "I've never had a bird."

Carlson was so annoyed with so many questions that he bought a bird.

this is the famous "birdcage effect" in psychology:

if a person owns a cage, there is a good chance that he will buy another bird instead of throwing it away.

in the end, people become captives of cages.

in life, the "birdcage effect" is not uncommon.

We are always in constant pursuit, and finally we are captured by matter, and our lives are overwhelmed.

once read the story of a netizen on Zhihu.

the netizen's mother is a hoarder. She is reluctant to lose any of the shoddy headphones given in the lottery, lace pull bags with happy candy, out-of-season sweaters and old magazines that have not been flipped through for more than a decade.

she tried to clean up some useless things many times, but she was always stopped by her mother.

she was very helpless and just wanted to escape quickly, but she never thought that after she went to college, her bedroom was also occupied.

originally belonged to her quiet and warm bedroom, but later filled with yellowed white T-shirts and cheap scarves, it turned into a grocery store.

there are too many things hoarded at home, which not only makes the environment messy, but also brings a lot of trouble to life.

once, she needed her passport number to do business in another place. she asked her mother to help find it. Her mother rummaged through the cabinets for more than half an hour, and finally said angrily, "I didn't find it."

because she was in a hurry, she said a few words to her mother, and the two finally broke up in discord.

she said that every time she went home, it was like going into a garbage dump. as soon as she asked her mother to clean up, the two would quarrel again.

there may be many people, like this mother, who always think that throwing nothing is a kind of frugality, so more and more things are piled up, and the space is getting smaller and smaller.

when the living space is squeezed to the point where there is no breathing space, worry and anxiety come naturally.

the ancient Greek philosopher Epicotta once said:

"one's happiness in life should come from minimizing dependence on foreign things."

while we are in possession of an object, we are actually being possessed by it.

if you are always held back by useless things, then happiness is always out of reach.

likes the saying that people who want everything will get nothing in the end.

one day, several students encouraged Socrates to take a stroll in the lively market.

the student said, "there are countless new things in the bazaar. You will come back with a full load when you go there."

when Socrates came back, the students couldn't wait for Socrates to share the harvest, but Socrates opened his empty hand and said:

"the biggest gain of my trip is to find that there are so many things in this world that I don't need."

most of the time, we are unhappy, not because we get too little, but because we want too much.

the richness of life requires constant subtraction to find the true direction of the heart in the blank.

writer Kuang Kuan moved to Dali from Beijing with her husband at the age of 35.

when the two were going to give away the extra items, she couldn't help feeling:

"I spent so much time and money buying a lot of things I didn't need."

after arriving in Dali, there were no dazzling shops, and the material demand was reduced to a minimum.

Bread, jam and yogurt are delivered regularly by the neighbor's workshop, so they gradually lose the desire to shop.

Kuang Kuan said, I remember looking at the expensive and beautiful goods in the window under the streetlights of the busiest neighborhoods in the city. What rose in my heart was the desire for possession, the frustration that I could not get, and that I had to work hard to get its ambition one day.

but when you really stare at a clear moon, you will feel that everything you have is a constraint.

people have a moderate demand in this life, but if they go too far, it will lead to disaster.

material abundance is not the same as the abundance of life. Only by learning to control your desires can you keep your happiness in the numerous and complicated world.

only by knowing how to be content and keep a clear heart, can you experience the purest beauty of life.

once read a topic on the Internet: what are the principles of life that take you a long time to understand?

someone replied:

"once lost in superficial material desires, indulging in comparison and showing off.

it was not until I walked more roads and read a lot of books that I really understood that the world is my own and has nothing to do with others. "

when Qian Zhongshu was teaching at Tsinghua University, there was little furniture except a table and a sofa with white cloth cushions.

for him, people live in the world, everything outside is not important, only internal knowledge, spiritual prosperity, is the foundation of the world.

A favorite sentence: "only when everything comes back to simplicity can people have a chance to think about their own lives."

Lin Hejing, a poet of the Song Dynasty, lived in seclusion at the foot of Gushan all the year round and made a simple living by selling plums. Usually or drive a flat boat to come and go freely, or lean on the old plum tree, watching the white crane dance, live a free and easy and satisfied life.

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, who does not have a TV at home, has a bright floor, often wears only a few clothes and eats simple meals, but has built his own novel empire.

in fact, the degree of material requirements of a person precisely reflects the abundance of his soul.

people who are really thorough are not burdened by external things.

Life is not a superficial carnival, but a spiritual practice.

the best way to live in the second half of life is to live in the present with a pure heart and live with a free heart.

only by returning from complexity to simplicity and making our hearts pure again, can we give meaning to life from a higher level.

Tagore has a classic poem:

one night, I burned all my memories.

my dream has been transparent since then;

one morning, I threw away all yesterday,

my footsteps have been light ever since.

the more a person puts down, the easier it is to be happy, and the less burdened he is, the closer he is to the source of happiness.

minimalism is not about being ascetic, but about refusing to be slaves to desire.

abstinence, know how to choose, in the noisy world, experience their own clear wind and bright moon.

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