You always have to go through all the hardships alone.
You always have to go through all the hardships alone.
Behind the bitterness and hardship is the flower of life.

Confucian style


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No one wants to endure hardship when he is alive, so he tries his best to avoid it.

Yu Qiuyu said: "in order to avoid suffering, people have to compete, struggle, struggle, dream, fear, and always add to the suffering."

bitterness is an almost inescapable fate.

since this is the case, you might as well face the bitterness of life and learn to find some harvest and fun in it.

it takes hard work to be willing to come.

where there is bitterness, there is sweetness in life; when there is bitterness, there is wisdom in life.

the body is not bitter, the blessing is not rich

Li Xiaohua said: "if you don't suffer now, you will suffer in the future, and you will suffer in old age."

bitterness is the stepping stone of life.

it takes sweat and effort to learn knowledge and hone skills, and hardship is indispensable.

the writer Ba Jin memorized the whole "Ancient prose" in order to improve his writing level.

Tong Di Zhou, a biologist, was studying abroad at that time. In order to catch up, he borrowed a lamp outside the toilet every night to study.

Genius is always in the minority, and most people are as ordinary as you and me.

being diligent and willing to bear hardships is the only way to advance in life.

Wang Yangming said in "dogma shows all the students in the Dragon Field":


my travelers do not value intelligence and success, but diligence and modesty.


those who learn from me should not regard cleverness as high, but should put diligence and modesty first.

No matter how talented people are, if they are not willing to work hard and bear hardships, they can only accomplish nothing.

Zeng Guofan in the Qing Dynasty was so stupid when he was young.

A scholar took the exam seven times and was named and scolded by the examiner.

but he has a stubborn spirit, willing to bear hardships and work hard, not twice, twice, not three times.

with amazing perseverance, I was admitted to Jinshi and won a different future for myself.

Feng Jicai said, "bitterness is the honey of life."

all the gains of life are under this heavy bitter word.

you must endure hardship in the first half of life.

can bear hardships in order to taste the sweetness below.

it's like planting seeds in spring, enduring the summer heat, watering, weeding and fertilizing.

in autumn, you can have a harvest.

when you are young, try to accumulate, learn and struggle.

when you are old, you can lie quietly in the yard and enjoy the peace and calmness of the years.

the heart is not bitter, the wisdom is not open

writer Cao Juren said:


pain makes us ponder, clarify our feelings, exercise our will, and make us have a better understanding of life, society and the world.


people think because of pain, and life has wisdom because of thinking.

if you eat the hardships of the body, it is to enjoy the blessings of the future.

then suffering is the key to wisdom in life.

Wang Yangming has been determined to be a saint since he was a child.

in order to make things known, he made bamboo in the yard for three days and three nights so that he fell ill, but the "reason" he asked for was still nowhere to be seen.

until he offended Liu Jin and was exiled to a remote dragon farm.

his political career is hopeless and his life is at stake.

in the most desperate edge of life, in the caves of Longchang and in the sarcophagus, those books that have been read come back to life one after another.

the teachings of the ancient saints and sages officially became his nourishment at this moment.

Wang Yangming was consecrated at the site, the first person in the 500 years before and after he became a man.

if the heart does not die, the Tao will not live.

all those who are thoroughly enlightened have been hopeless;

all wise and wise people have fallen into the abyss.

when Zeng Guofan was deposed by Emperor Xianfeng and paid all his exploits to the east, he studied hard at home, realizing the truth of sharing light and dust.

then he went out of the mountain for the second time, like a fish in water, doing meritorious deeds.

Zhen Shiyin in A Dream of Red Mansions was able to break the world situation and complete the annotation of "good Song" only after her daughter was lost, her home was on fire, and her money was gone.

Zhou Guoping said: "people think because of pain."

if suffering is the ladder of life's progress, then pain is the catalyst of life.

to endure hardships is for a better life in the future, and to experience hardships is to understand your heart and better cope with the impermanence of fate and life.

Life is bitter after all, and you can't avoid it.

the only good thing is that life never suffers in vain.

behind the bitterness and hardship is the flower of life.