Yang Liping's dance partner jumped to her death! Only 44 years old, leaving two children and his wife, the reason for his death was …...
Yang Liping's dance partner jumped to her death! Only 44 years old, leaving two children and his wife, the reason for his death was …...
May all depressed patients be loved, saved, live well, and there will be light ahead.

this October, we lost another excellent dancer.

on October 18, Yang Liping's partner, Wang Di, a dancer who became famous with the Love of the Finch.

jumped from a 39-story building and left the world.

he is only 44 years old and so young.

when she heard the news, Yang Liping mourned her former excellent and tacit partner in moments.

she wrote: "how I wish you could give me another number, and then we'll make an appointment to dance" Finch Love "in heaven."

in the public video, Yang Liping, dressed in black, looks haggard and says with heartache:

"I seem to see him like a peacock, with a long tail, flying from the 39 floor to the sky. I think at that moment his heart was flying, but his body."

many people may not be familiar with Wang Di, but when it comes to the works he participated in, everyone must be listening to thunder.

his peacock dance is light and smart, warm and devoted, which complements Yang Liping's performance.

he is also a national first-class dancer. He has appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala four times and won many dance awards such as "Lotus Award" and "Peach and Plum Cup".

the cause of death was depression.

looking back on Wang Di's past, we can see that the causes of those depression have already laid the groundwork.

lonely children

if time goes back to Wang Di's childhood, it must be unhappy.

he once talked about his growing up.

because his parents were busy at work, he was sent to kindergarten when he was about two and a half years old.

this is supposed to be the age when they are loved and accompanied by their parents, but because their parents are busy, they spend less time with their parents and spend very little time with their parents, and there are only a handful of love from their parents.

seeing that he was in primary school, he started his collective life again.

he seems to be used to self-learning and self-growth every day.

after that, he left home and practiced his dancing skills with his teacher.

the dance studio at school night has seen how hard he has worked and how much sweat he has shed to practice dancing.

from childhood to adulthood, his time with his parents is numbered, and teenagers grow up alone.

Professor Li Meijin once said:

"before the age of 3 is the key period for children to establish emotional connections. before the age of 3, children are completely dependent on others. Parents must raise them themselves to make their children feel safe."

if the one-to-one relationship is not resolved at this time, children will have psychological problems when they grow up.

Wang Di's childhood, the serious absence of the role of his parents, led to his extreme lack of love experience, but some time, the lack can no longer be made up for.

although he behaves normally and is the kind of child who doesn't let people worry about it, it doesn't mean he doesn't need love.

sometimes, the more this kind of child does not need to worry about, the bigger the gap in the heart, the more ferocious the final counter-attack.

testifies to the saying that lucky people use childhood to cure life, and unfortunate people use life to cure childhood.

people who want to be perfect

the second cause of depression, Wang Di is a very self-demanding person.

there is nothing wrong with being strict, but the way he treats himself is almost harsh.

when he was a student, he spent every weekend in the practice room in order to do well in the basic skills of dancing.

sharpen your posture and improve your dancing skills.

after becoming a dancer, his work pressure is much higher than that of ordinary people. he not only has high requirements for physique, but also often has heavy training.

after the great success of "Love of the Finch", Wang Di said in an interview:

"to jump out of the peacock's spirituality, you must achieve selflessness on the stage, forget that you are in the studio, forget everything around you, and think of yourself as a peacock."

to think of yourself as a peacock means to have the posture of a peacock and imitate the essence of a peacock.

in order to achieve his best on the stage, Wang Di will start to control his diet a month before he takes the stage.

not only eat little, but also mostly vegetables.

it usually takes several hours to rehearse, which requires a lot of physical strength, and he is a person who demands perfection for himself.

his long-term physical attrition and high-pressure mental state gradually caused problems in his health and psychology.

his state did not change as a result of the subsequent adjustment of his work, but became deeper and deeper.

he must have tried to save himself from depression for many years, and he actively participated in the treatment.

in order to recuperate his body, he gradually shifted his work from the front of the stage to behind the scenes.

in September, he was still working as a behind-the-scenes choreographer for the performance show "Dream looking for Xi Shi".

next month, his concert "listening to porcelain" as chief director is about to begin rehearsal.

everything is normal, there is no warning, and everything even starts to change for the better.

but no one thought, he suddenlyAnd chose to leave.

maybe he really made it for a long time, maybe he really can't save himself.

some people say:

"all the pain and anxiety after growing up can be traced back to the experiences of childhood."

Children whose childhood needs are well met can build trust in the world and believe that the world loves and accepts them.

Children who are not properly satisfied would rather lock themselves in their inner world than get in touch with the outside world.

for Wang Di, the lack of close links and love nourishment from his parents when he was young, these gaps left by childhood, we thought that they would disappear when we grew up.

therefore, even though Wang Di later made great achievements and had his own wife and children, probably in the truest heart, he has never been able to heal himself.

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just because we started an unhappy childhood doesn't mean we have to let it go and be at the mercy of fate.

if you are not well loved, then you should love and heal yourself when you grow up.

fill the gap in your heart little by little, love yourself, love the people around you, and be loved by the people around you.

build trust in people and trust in the world a little bit.

dispel the haze of life and bring back the original sunshine and rain, so that life will enter a virtuous circle.

but Wang Di's later experience determined that he could not do this.

as a talented dancer, he has hellish standards for himself.

and the way he honed himself was almost self-inflicted.

with long-term malnutrition, intensive training, and a high-pressure working environment, his mental world is on the verge of collapse in an invisible corner.

he brought us exquisite performances, but he himself fell into an abyss that could not save himself.

Genius needs to pay a price. They often have to bear more setbacks than ordinary people can bear, and their spirits also have to undergo unimaginable hammering and rubbing.

so we often say that most of us are lucky to be born ordinary.

Happy lives are all alike, and unhappy lives are unhappy in their own way.

through those unfortunate destinies, when they come to their childhood, they will find that there was an energy battery here, either rusty or fragmented.

the raw material of the energy battery is an emotion called love, which makes people feel happy, plump and bright.

as long as a person keeps his energy battery full in his childhood, it will continue to emit energy for the rest of his life.

but not everyone can store their batteries full.

those children who are not fully charged will have all kinds of problems when they grow up.

according to the statistics of the World Health Organization, about 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression, and more than 50 million people have been diagnosed with depression in China.

and these unfortunate people who suffer from depression will continue to heal themselves for the rest of their lives.

when we constantly unravel the origin of depression, we will find that it has something to do with childhood, parents, and love.

all adults used to be children, and all children will grow into adults.

We can't decide what kind of parents we have, but we can decide what kind of parents we are.

heal yourself before you become a parent;

Love yourself and satisfy yourself. On the barren land, loosen the soil, fertilize, water, plant trees, grow upward in the sun, and live vigorously.

when you become a parent, love your child well;

give children enough love, trust and companionship to make them believe that they are worthy of being loved and that the world is trustworthy.

when they accumulate enough energy, even if they encounter major setbacks in the future, they will believe that they can cope with it and deal with it with a positive attitude.

Childhood is so important that it hides the password for future customs clearance;

Love is so important that it is the source of happiness in all life.

if we cannot change the past, but we can rewrite the future.

Life is a life. I hope we can end the cycle of scarcity and taking, give love, harvest love, and find the richness and fulfillment of life.

if there are people with depression around you, please be kind to them.

sometimes you don't know which word, which smile, which look, just make them look forward to the world and pull them out of the darkness.

the world is hard, but it's worth living!

, may all depressed patients be loved, saved, live well, and there will be light ahead.

"the 44-year-old famous dancer jumped to his death and danced with Yang Liping in the Spring Festival Gala. ".

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