"would you like to marry your current husband in your next life?" I interviewed 100 married people and found an amazing rule.
"would you like to marry your current husband in your next life?" I interviewed 100 married people and found an amazing rule.
When you live to be a better yourself, the beauty of the world will be with you.


on the Internet, someone has done a survey:

"if you had a next life, would you still be willing to marry your current husband?"

all the messages in the message area are heartbreaking.

A large number of women express regret and hope that they will never meet again if they have an afterlife.

according to an authoritative survey conducted by an organization, 20.6% of women in China often regret getting married, and 56% of women sometimes regret getting married.

but in fact, no one will rush to divorce at the beginning, who is not looking forward to a pair of people, white heads will not be separated.

it's just that in the ring of time, the palpitating heart quietly fades away in the firewood, rice, oil and salt, and is replaced by the disgust of looking at each other.

is it possible that the end of marriage cannot escape the fate of disappointment and regret in the end?

to this end, I looked at the answers given by hundreds of married women and selected the most representative of them to find out with you.

@ Xiao Yaqi: encounter widowed marriage

"the child is already 3 years old, and the husband knows nothing about the baby.

do not know where to get the vaccine, do not know what medicine to take for a cold and fever, diapers will not be divided before and after, play with the child for ten minutes, is his limit.

when you get home and go to bed, you either browse on Douyin or watch the live broadcast.

when the child knocked and cried, he would blindly blame me for not keeping an eye on the child, but after scolding, he continued to lie down with peace of mind.

the sentence he says most to his children is probably'

go to your mother


I do the work alone, I take the baby alone, and I carry it all by myself.

what is the meaning of marriage?

I'm lucky to find someone to protect myself from the wind and rain. He can bring me less wind and rain.

if there were no children, I would certainly leave without looking back.

the world is so big, just don't let me meet him again in my next life. "

think of a heartbreaking sentence:

"the loneliest is not the single woman, but the woman who has a family but no one to rely on, and who has a husband but depends on her own.

No one cares when they are upset, no one comforts them when they are aggrieved, and what's worse, they can't go as freely as single women. "

I'm talking about a girl like Yaqi.

Marriage is like a huge cage for them.

before marriage, they can feed the whole family alone, but after marriage, they still have to take care of their husbands and children.

making money with the left hand and dragging the baby with the right hand, no longer the stature and chic of the past.

I want to break free, but I don't want to give up my child; I want to continue, but I feel sorry for myself.

and the man called husband seems to be a cameo in the play of marriage.

@ Jing: sister, he is a nice man in the eyes of others, but I am the only one who works hard to support

"I have been with him for 16 years. I have never received a gift from him, nor have I heard him say a soft word to me.

others say that he is nice. Indeed, he is also kind to outsiders, but the bad parts seem to be left to me.

all these years, he never felt that he had done anything wrong, because I was the one who did it.

has a contradiction with my mother-in-law, that is, I am not filial; the child is disobedient, I do not teach well; he does not want to go home, I am not gentle enough.

even if I suffered a great grievance, he would not give me a trace of comfort, not even a distressed look.

I really feel like a failure, living in a loveless, speechless marriage.

I really have nothing but the child I bought with my life.

even the tears ran dry, and the reason why I didn't get divorced was because there were parents above and children below.

if there is an afterlife, I would rather die alone than marry him again. "

they are always kind to outsiders, but they point the emotional trigger at the closest people around them.

but in the sea of life, apart from ourselves, the one who can accompany us for the longest time is the partner around us.

and every perfunctory, indifferent, accusation will erode the feelings between husband and wife a little bit.

outsiders still seem to be calm, and only those who are in it know that there is already a lot of devastation under the calm.

the saddest thing in marriage is:

once upon a time, the woman who was full of you and wanted to marry you, couldn't wait to get away from you after years of marriage.

Women are probably emotional, come because of love, and give up because they can't feel love.

@ Little girl who is lost: hope to meet him earlier in her next life

"of course I'll still marry him. I can't talk very well, but let me say a few things."

at the beginning of the year, my work was not going well and I was so depressed that I often didn't speak at home.

when I was having dinner one day, my husband suddenly took out a small card and handed it to me with his crooked words and some comforting words.

a little warm and a little creepy, I looked up at him and wanted to say a few words of thanks.

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No, but he suddenly became serious: 'you can't kiss me now, you have oil on your mouth.'

all of a sudden, I laughed.

last year, IBeing cheated out of a sum of money is almost my savings for a whole year.

We are both ordinary people, and this sum of money is not a small amount. I feel very guilty and dare not talk to him all the time.

but when he knew, he hugged me and said:

'it's all right. You can make more money without money. I'm glad people are all right. If this money can buy you a lifetime of caution and avoid being cheated, it won't lose money.'

, apart from accompanying me to the police and reviewing the process of being cheated, he never mentioned this matter, let alone affected his attitude towards me and interfered with any of my consumption.

when he gave birth to the baby, he accompanied him all the way.

I was in terrible pain, so he kept holding my hand, but I was so upset that I kept losing my temper at him: 'get your hands off me, it's so hot!'

he hurriedly took his hand away, but he dared not take it too far away and could only hold on to my clothes.

the long labor process was finally over. As soon as I looked up, I saw him smiling at me with tears in his eyes.

later I asked him if I was ugly when I had a baby, and he said foolishly, 'not ugly, very brave.'

there are countless moments like this. I feel so lucky that I can meet him in my life. "

did you find out? Someone gives a completely different answer to the same question.

there are people who repent and wish to start all over again and never meet again.

some people enjoy it, only disrelish that one life is not long-term enough, and hope to get married again in the afterlife.

I have heard a saying: "the leaves are never yellow in one day, and the hearts of the people do not cool in one day."

sometimes it's not the tribulations that break the marriage.

but countless moments when there is no place to complain and there is no one to help, exhausted their love and let their feelings wear out.

and those women who have no regrets are not because their marriage is perfect.

it's just their partner who melts affection into the details of life.

or turn romantic words into unadorned concern, or turn the love of passionate love into a sense of responsibility to the family.

so even if there are occasional disappointments, it still makes people feel that marriage can be expected.

nowadays, more and more people are afraid of marriage and childbearing, and want to regard marriage as a scourge.

it seems that once you enter the marriage, you will fall into an irrevocable place.

there is a good saying: "from the beginning to the end, it is not the marriage that goes wrong, but the person in the marriage."

Don't be afraid of marriage just because you will meet bad people, but keep your eyes open and pay more attention to your choices.

Don't treat marriage as a joke, and don't act rashly at any time.

the coincidence of the three values, the habits of life, the parents of both parties, pile by piece may all become the obstacles in the marriage.

Don't be carried away by passion, marry slowly, think twice before you act, and your true feelings can stand the filter of time.

the more consideration you have before marriage, the more security you will have after marriage.

running with heart is the only antidote to marriage.

Love is romantic, but marriage is the collision of countless real moments.

there has never been a perfect marriage and partner. The only shortcut to happiness is to manage it with your heart.

understanding more, caring less; tolerating more, blaming less, and going back and forth is the best way to grow love in this world.

Don't regard marriage as the only one, to be a better person.

the reason why there are so many unhappy marriages is largely due to the fact that marriage is used as a life-saving straw.

Life is muddy, and everything will not be all right just because you are married.

the premise of happiness has always been the ability to be happy.

Don't forget to improve yourself, both before and after marriage.

when you live to be a better yourself, all the good things in the world will be with you.

, may every woman meet a loved one, love freely in marriage, and have no regrets about meeting each other in this life.

can also live independently and sober, have the courage to love happily when someone loves, and live a poetic life on their own when they are unaccompanied.