Women who never post on WeChat moments on Wechat are not low-key. Nine times out of ten, they are these three kinds of people.
Women who never post on WeChat moments on Wechat are not low-key. Nine times out of ten, they are these three kinds of people.
People who have seen a larger world tend to be more modest.


there are countless ways to play in moments.

some people use it to complain, some use it to post beautiful photos, some forward to like, and some people become WeChat businessmen.

on Zhihu, there is a hot question: "what is the mentality of people who do not post moments?"


the most popular answer is: "because all the moments have sent it to people who care about it in private."


if you pay attention to it, you will find that the lives of people who do not post in moments, especially women, are not as blank as those in their moments.

they tend to live in these three ways.

have your own ideas and quietly live your own life

this kind of women are strong and secure in heart, do not pursue to show "who I am" to the outside world, do not argue with anyone, and disdain to argue with anyone.

as a famous saying goes:

"We were so eager for outside recognition that we finally knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others."

in their eyes: life is for themselves. All experiences, good or bad, should only be kept in the fundus and heart.

bitterness and joys are willing to taste sweet and sour.

Faye Wong is a real sober person who knows what she wants, is not afraid of gossip, is not swayed by other people's emotions, is magnanimous to be herself, and lives her true self.

Faye Wong's first husband was Dou Wei, and the two were married with children. Later, when Dou Wei had an affair, Faye Wong said nothing and left without looking back.

Faye Wong's second husband, Li Yapeng, ended his ten-year marriage peacefully because his soul could not match. "this is the end of the marriage between husband and wife," Wong said. "I'm fine, and you take care."

when someone asked about Faye Wong's marriage, Faye Wong said: "the men I like are all good men." they can afford it and let it go, without a word of resentment, magnanimous and free and easy.

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse, 10 years younger, fell in love again, and many people scolded Faye Wong for eating tender grass, divorced twice, and the mother of two children, still so unruly, unscrupulous and unfit to be a mother.

Faye Wong replied: "how I live is my own business. It's not up to you whether I deserve to be a mother or not."

people in this life, do not live in the eyes of others, do not care about the evaluation of others, be kind to themselves, live their own life, this life is not in vain.

likes to be quiet, but doesn't like to join in the fun

the writer Yi Shu once said:

"everything should be quiet: come quietly, go quietly, work hard quietly, harvest quietly, don't make any noise."

the depth of the water is silent, and a man is silent.

most of the time, he pretends to be enthusiastic, flatters others and wrongs himself; being cold is really comfortable.

when Zhang ailing worked at the Center for Chinese Studies at the University of California, her leader was Chen Shiyi, a gregarious person.

Zhang ailing doesn't like to talk to people, so Chen Shih-hsiung often invites her to parties.

once, Chen Shifu pointed to several friends and said,'We are like a big family.

after several times, Zhang ailing politely refused to go. As a result, Chen Shifu dismissed Zhang ailing on the grounds that her research report was not good.

many years later, Xia Zhiqing, who is familiar with the situation, said that because Zhang ailing moved less, she was the least likely to please people, and suffered a lot of losses.

is not favored by the leaders, but Zhang ailing has gained the love and appreciation of countless people.

it is precisely by refusing to socialize that it is possible to settle down and write so many good works.

apathy is different from introversion, the latter is shy, while the former is a confident choice, silent.

instead of wearing an empty smile and socializing for the sake of socializing, it is better to silently enhance your connotation, enrich your spiritual world, and make yourself stronger.

plant the sycamore tree and attract the Phoenix. As long as you become better and better, you will meet a bosom friend who is suitable for you.

Real life, outside of moments

Cai Kangyong said:

"We would like to congratulate those who do not post on moments, devote most of their efforts to real life, and congratulate them on finding the focus of life."

the life presented in moments is embellished. When you travel around, you can't find the antidote to inner loneliness, and you can't live the life you want.

colleague Xiaoxiao is a master of life.

Xiaoxiao is famous for her love of flowers. every weekend, she walks around the flower market around the city with a map, as comfortable as traveling, and her eyes often laugh into a line.

Xiaoxiao always buys flowers for the office and home next week, and sometimes brings a bouquet for me.

once went to the flower market with her, it was a very pleasant experience. She will pick up all kinds of flowers carefully and try to make a beautiful and interesting match by herself.

if you only look at her circle of friends, you can't find such an interesting side.

it seems that, in her eyes, the world is full of funny things.

just a simple conversation, you can easily feel that she is as smart and alive as a flower.

Real life is outside of moments. If you want to live in glory, you must first discover the essence of life.

devote yourself to "useless things" such as every plant and tree, a book and a tea, so as to reflect the most authentic face of life, turn it into spiritual nutrients, and nourish life.

I quite agree with one sentence:

"A person's life can be dull, boring, stagnant, or a fulfilling, wonderful, colorful adventure."

people who live in moments may not have a wonderful life.

Life is not necessarily bad for people who disappear from their moments.

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those who never post moments, to some extent, pursue inner peace, a clean circle and the essence of life.

indifference to the world is to leave enthusiasm to more worthy people and things.

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