Why should people be kind? this is the best answer.
Why should people be kind? this is the best answer.
What you give, you will gain.



one rainy afternoon, an old woman walked into a department store in Philadelphia.

most of the counter staff are busy with their own business, and no one pays any attention to her.

A young man came over and asked if there was anything he could do for her.

the old woman said that she didn't buy anything, but just took shelter here from the rain.

the young man said nothing, but turned to bring a chair for her, let the old man sit comfortably, and went to do something else.

A few months later, the store received a letter asking the young man to go to Scotland to receive an order for the interior decoration of the whole castle.

the person who wrote this letter is the old woman, the mother of Andrew Carnegie, the American steel magnate.

the young man later became a partner in the department store because of his outstanding performance.

as the saying goes: a gift of roses leaves a fragrance in the hand.

Life is an interaction in return.

what you give, you get.

there was once a rich man in Taiwan named Wang Yung-ching.

when he was young, his family was poor, so he opened a small rice shop in a remote alley.

Wang Yung-ching's rice shop has few customers and can hardly make any money because of its location.

but he found a phenomenon.

at that time, many rice shops sold rice mixed with chaff, sand and pebbles, and people had to pick and choose by themselves after buying it back, which was very troublesome.

anyway, business was sluggish and he was idle, so he and his two brothers picked out the sand and pebbles from the rice bit by bit.

did not expect such a small move, so that their own rice than other rice, cleaner, better quality, so well received by customers.

the business of rice shops has become more and more prosperous ever since.

Sinology master Zeng Shiqiang said:

"if you have someone else in your heart, they will have you in their heart." We seem to be doing others a favor, but in the end we are all doing ourselves a favor. "

Life is like an echo wall. It responds to what you shout.

it is considerate and convenient for others on trivial matters, which is considerate and kind-hearted from the bottom of one's heart.

when you are considerate to others, others will repay you with the deepest kindness.

A little boy started selling in order to raise his tuition.

one day he was so exhausted that he had only a dime in his pocket and not enough to buy a piece of bread.

in order to finish the task, he had to knock on the door of a wealthy family to see if he could get a bite to eat.

it is a beautiful little girl who opens the door. After the boy explained why he had come, the little girl brought him a large glass of milk.

after drinking the milk, he asked, "how much should I pay you?"

the little girl said, "you don't have to pay a penny. My mother says she should help others often and should not expect anything in return."

years later, the girl contracted a rare and strange disease and spent almost all the money in the family.

after several twists and turns, the girl's life was in danger and was transferred to a big city for treatment.

at this moment, the little boy was already famous and made great achievements in the medical profession.

he is the famous Dr. Howard Kelly.

Dr. Howard recognized the girl from the medical record, so he took out what he had learned all his life, worked out the best treatment plan for the girl, operated on him himself, and paid all the medical bills in advance.

after the operation, when the nurse handed the medical bill to the girl, she was stunned.

Looking for impeccable short white lace wedding dress to flaunt your sensuous curves? Immediately after buying, you get a peace of mind.

the notice reads: medical expenses, a large glass of milk.

as the saying goes, when you receive the kindness of dripping water, you should return it with a spring.

as the saying goes, those who love to return, and those who are blessed come back.

your kindness, in fact, is to build a warm bridge with love in your spare time, benefit yourself and others when you are busy, and your merit is boundless.

my friend Wanyu shared a story with her mother-in-law.

she said that her mother-in-law seldom came to their house, and her husband alone could not invite her unless she asked for an invitation.

once, she asked her husband, "Mom can come if she wants to. Why do I have to ask for it every time?"

husband said:

"you don't know, our grandmother used to come to our house without saying hello. After she came here, she was still nosy and often quarreled with my mother. Dad was very helpless in the middle, so there was mud on both sides, and my mother was very angry."

when I heard what my husband said, Wan Yu understood, and paid some respect to her mother-in-law.

what makes her admire more is that every time her mother-in-law comes to their house, she gives priority to her everywhere, listens to her arrangement, and seldom says anything, but there is always a smile on her face.

when cooking, my mother-in-law knew that Wanyu was a vegetarian and didn't like meat, so she opened a small kitchen for her and made all kinds of vegetarian meals.

once my husband said, "you don't have to be so troublesome. Wanyu is easy to talk about."

the mother-in-law smiled and glared at her husband:

"nonsense, who doesn't like delicious food? Mom has plenty of time. Wan Yu likes to eat. I don't want to bother. She eats happily so that I can stay at ease. "

when Wan Yu heard her mother-in-law's words in the bedroom, a warm current flowed all over her body.

it is said that when a wife becomes a woman, she will let her wife suffer from her own again.Sin.

but not all mothers-in-law are like this. there are always some knowledgeable mothers-in-law who treat their wives as their own daughters.

kindness is that I have been in the rain, so I want to hold an umbrella for you.

do not do to others what you do not want to do to others, this is a kind of compassion, is the great realm of life.

teacher Jia Pingwa said, "goodness may not be rewarded, but it can give people comfort."

kindness is to think of others in trivial matters and to be convenient to others.

kindness, even when you are sitting, don't let others stand still and share joys and sorrows.

kindness means that you have experienced bitterness, so try to give sweetness to others.

this is for the sake of others, is heart-to-heart, is the simplest and most simple kind of good.

it is not easy for anyone to live.

if there is nothing we can do about big things and can't help others, then at least we can do something for others in small things.

even if it's just a chair for someone else.

when there is love in the heart, the world is warm. If there is light in the fundus, you and I are not afraid of the dark.

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