Whether two people are suitable or not will be known by having a meal.
Whether two people are suitable or not will be known by having a meal.
The sense of etiquette in life is to eat every meal with your heart.

how to judge whether two people are suitable or not?

some people say that the easiest way is to have dinner with him.

because in the process of eating, it is most likely to expose a person's details in all aspects.

like this sentence:

"you can see the character when you eat, and the values at the table."

indeed, it is really important for two people to live together.

after all, the so-called long stream of water begins with three meals and four seasons.

my friend went out to meet his blind date last month.

in order to show her sincerity, she specially went to perm her hair and wore a new skirt.

in order to make a good impression, she went out half an hour early.

she hated others being late most in her life, and the boys stepped on her lightning spot the first time they met.

she deducted points from the boy on the spot.

when ordering, out of courtesy, she handed the menu to the boy to see what he wanted to eat first.

the boy thought he was letting him make up his mind and ordered all the food.

and he ordered all the things he liked, but she couldn't or didn't like them.

such as animal offal, brain and chicken heart, she has not eaten these since she was a child.

but he didn't care and ate in front of her.

in the middle of eating, she picked up food for her with chopsticks that had just been picked up by herself.

when I went back after this meal, my friend was full of anger.

she said:

"when I usually chat with him on Wechat, I can't see that he is such a person at all.

I thought he was quite gentlemanly, or at least he knew it was best not to be late for an appointment with a girl.

but when I saw him like that at the dinner table, all the beautiful filters for him were instantly broken. "

A meal can tell a person's moral self-cultivation.

especially his attitude to the waiter when ordering, his words and demeanor at dinner.

and the method of payment after the meal.

more importantly, the whole process of your performance.

the nature of a person can be reflected between his words and deeds.

what you eat is not the most important thing. What matters is the sense of experience brought to you by the people you eat with.

A person who can eat well, after eating this time, you want to make an appointment with him next time.

people who can't eat, after eating once, you don't want to see him again.

I eat rice and watch vegetables, but I actually taste people.

Lin Qingxuan said in "the Flavor of the World is Qinghuan"

"Romance is to take time to eat slowly and take time to drink tea.

take time to walk slowly, take time to grow old. "

these romances are for life.

the most romantic thing for love is:

with the person you like, from three meals a day to gray hair.

spend the rest of your life hand in hand in one vegetable and one meal.

like a blogger I follow on Weibo, she and her boyfriend met at dinner.

We got together again because we ate together.

after establishing the relationship, the most common topic they talked about was "what to eat".

the girl's excellent performance at work was praised by the leader, and she asked her boyfriend out to have a good meal to celebrate after work.

my boyfriend is in a bad mood and will go out of town for a long time next month.

in order to comfort him, the girl bought a bunch of his favorite dishes and went home for two to eat hot pot.

whether you eat at home or out, you don't have to worry about ordering mandarin duck pot or clear soup pot because one party can't eat it.

she doesn't eat celery and he doesn't eat parsley in a home-cooked stir-fry.

so every time they cook for themselves, they don't buy these two dishes.

from the first meal to the present, their tastes match each other perfectly.

every time they eat, they don't play with their mobile phones by themselves.

but share their experiences and feelings of the day with each other.

have a good time with every meal.

the sense of ritual in life is to eat every meal with your heart.

and loved ones in ordinary days, seriously feel the warmth of fireworks.

as said in Fu Lei's Letters:

"you will find that the so-called quiet years are just the bowl of hot soup at home and the lamp that is always on for you."


what I want all my life, but warmth and beloved.

the heaviest thing in life, but to eat and be loved.

you and I are both ordinary people, so we don't care about the universe or human beings.

as long as you care about food and vegetables and your sweetheart, it's enough.

if you can, you must find someone who can eat when you fall in love.

he knows that you don't eat spring onions, ginger and garlic, and you don't use these ingredients when cooking.

you know whether he is spicy or not, so every time you pack up food for him outside, you have to ask your boss to put more chili peppers.

occasionally I am greedy at night and want something to eat.

although he is reluctant, he is also sleepy with you.Go out to the roadside stalls.

in the twilight years of the future, sit by the fire and recall the past.

you will all be amazed and unwittingly accompany each other for the rest of your lives.

, love is actually very simple.

I just want to have a lot of meals with the person I like.

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