Whether husband and wife are really in love, it is clear at a glance at the three places in the family.
Whether husband and wife are really in love, it is clear at a glance at the three places in the family.
May you meet a good companion who knows the cold and the warm in this long world of mortals.


some people say, "the best witness of marriage is not an oath or a ring, but a home."

Home is the place where husband and wife have the most intersection.

it is like a large life recorder, recording everything about marriage.

although he has never spoken, it is the truest mirror of marriage.

it is clear at a glance whether a couple is really in love by looking at these three places at home.


reflects the temperature of marriage

I have heard a saying: "the temperature of the kitchen best reflects the temperature of marriage."

one porridge and one meal is common, but it is also the most soothing.

in the crash of those pots and pans, feelings are also approaching imperceptibly in the time of three meals and four seasons.

the kitchen, which has no smell of fireworks, seems quiet, but it alienates lovers day by day.

emotional mentor

@ Zhou Xiaopeng

once shared such a story:

she had a classmate who married a rich and beautiful wife.

two people are typical talent and beauty, and they seem to be very sweet in love after several years of marriage.

until once, Zhou Xiaopeng was invited to be a guest in their villa.

as soon as she entered the door, she felt that the decoration was magnificent and exquisite in both furniture and accessories.

Zhou Xiaopeng couldn't help asking, "how does your family clean up the kitchen?" Why is it so clean? "

the male classmate smiled awkwardly and replied, "I socialize a lot and usually eat out." As for her, she either ordered takeout or went out to eat. "

No, more than a year later, the two really divorced.

in the comments section, there is a message that has received a lot of likes: "Marriage requires love and food."

Yes, how can a family without smoke and fire support a lifetime of love?

when those romantic passions fade, who is not busy with his own work, each has his own run?

being able to sit together and have a meal is the most valuable romance in the ordinary.

think of a video I brushed before.

A woman surnamed Wang in Baoding, Hebei Province, filmed her husband scrubbing the floor in the kitchen.

Ms. Wang said that she is usually in charge of cooking in their family, while her husband is in charge of cleaning up the aftermath.

it's just an ordinary life scene, but it can't stop the overflowing of happiness.

do not underestimate the small world of the kitchen, it can make marriage fall into the real world, but also give birth to joy in ordinary days.

you don't have to fire every day, but don't forget to add some fireworks to it once in a while. You wash the vegetables and I'll wash the dishes; you cook and I'll make soup.

those household chores, one person does is a burden, two people do is to share, when the kitchen becomes steaming hot, the feelings will become warmer and warmer.


hide the details of getting along

on the Internet, there was a topic called "when did you make up your mind to divorce?"

among them, netizens

@ know

posts are impressive.

she and her husband fell in love for three years before they got married. Her husband is nice, but his living habits are a little bad.

every time I take a bath, I like to throw off my clothes everywhere, even close-fitting clothes.

and leave after washing, often making the bathroom a mess, waiting for netizens to clean up the aftermath.

netizens have also said many times that although he has agreed verbally, he will continue to teach again and again next time.

once, a netizen had severe dysmenorrhea and thought that there were two pieces of clothes that needed to be washed by hand in the bathroom, so he asked her husband to help him wash them while he was taking a bath.

my husband says "good" in his mouth, but he hasn't moved.

because he was not feeling well, netizens went to sleep. When he woke up, her husband was already taking a bath and playing games.

when netizens entered the bathroom, they found that it was still a mess: underwear and socks were thrown all over the floor, toothpaste foam glued to the mirror, and the two clothes to be washed by hand were still soaked in the basin intact.

some people say that netizens make a mountain out of a molehill, but who knows how many times she has been disappointed and sad in that little bathroom?

A glass of water at 100 degrees never gets cold in an instant.

disappointment and unlove are accumulated, and the person who wants to turn around and leave has already been wandering and struggling in the wind for a long time.

have seen such a video:

A man in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, takes the initiative to clean up his long hair on the ground every time his wife takes a bath because his wife has lost her hair badly.

and never complained, just blamed shampoo, how to make my wife lose so much hair?

it is also a trivial matter, but it is the envy of everyone.

the bathroom is only an inch of space, but it hides too much sincerity and friendship.

Marriage life is not a movie, it doesn't need so much earth-shaking.

maybe it's just to squeeze toothpaste for your partner in the morning, wipe off the water stains on the mirror, or even just for each other's convenience, the toilet seat that takes the initiative is the most moving sense of ritual in love.

less blame and more tolerance in the details of life; less complaining and more understanding is the recipe for long-term love between husband and wife.


witness the relationship between husband and wife

there is a popular joke on the Internet:

"it is said that the furthest distance in the world is not the distance between life and death, but the couple sleeping in the same bedroom while playing with their phones behind their backs."

sounds like a joke, but I don't know how many couples are really portrayed?

living like a neighbor in what is supposed to be the most intimate bedroom.

although I still sleep in the same bed, my heart seems to be across the Pacific Ocean.

you swipe your mobile phone, I play my games, no longer communicate with each other, and seldom disturb each other.

when it is so cold, the feeling fades away; when it is far away, the family breaks up.

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Silence is the old enemy of marriage. Happy marriages are always heard in the bedroom.

I remember that in the variety show "my daughter", there is a scene that I still remember.

Jiao Junyan asked Papi Jiang that she and her husband Lao Hu were so busy that they were like roommates. How do they maintain their relationship?

Papi replied that no matter how busy they were at work, they would set aside half an hour to chat or even longer before going to bed every day.

chatting is not an important thing, such as what interesting things happened today, what stupid things the cats at home have done, and so on.

Jiao Junyan left only one sentence after listening:


then the happiness of your marriage depends not only on luck, but also on the wisdom of management.


the so-called happiness: about in the bedroom that belongs to two people, there are endless family members and endless daily sharing, one is willing to listen, the other is willing to respond attentively.

whether the warm time in the bedroom is a bedtime hug or a gentle good night, communication and interaction is the best nourishment for marriage.

I agree with that sentence:

"the hospital wall has heard more prayers than the church; the parting station has witnessed more sincere feelings than the wedding hall."

some places are born full of answers.

like home, it is not only a place for our bodies to rest, but also a haven for our emotions to stop.

the smell of fireworks in the kitchen is the most warm, sharing the housework in order to support the trivial daily life of firewood, rice, oil and salt.

the details and details in the bathroom are evidence that husband and wife care about and love each other.

the laughter and laughter in the bedroom is the best glue for feelings, which can wash away the tiredness and dirt from the heart of the lover.

, may you meet a good companion who knows the cold and warm in this long world of mortals.

accompany you three meals and four seasons, and you have endless topics, always hold you in the palm of your hand, in that place called home, write traces of your love.