When you reach middle age, top your saving capacity.
When you reach middle age, top your saving capacity.
He who does not prepare for tomorrow will never have a future.


Yang Lan said: "A happy life will not fall from the sky. We must learn to invest and save before we can have enough capital to support the future."

when people reach middle age, they bear heavy responsibilities.

your savings are your strength against wind and rain and the strength to turn against the wind.

A person's top vision begins with the top of these five savings capabilities.

save money

"the world is in a panic, just a few taels of broken silver, but this broken silver can solve all kinds of panic in the world."

the collapse of adults begins with lack of money.

if you have an illness, you will know that there is nothing you can do about it; in an accident, you will feel the empty helplessness in the bag.

Mr. Hu has been a professor at Peking University for many years, and his monthly salary plus contribution is very generous.

however, Mr. Hu spends a lot of money and likes to play cards. His clothes are all made by foreign countries. He is also very generous in times of emergency. He has no savings for a long time.

he was dismissive of the advice of the people around him.

there was a heart attack, but he couldn't even pay for his medical expenses, so he had to borrow money everywhere.

Oscar Wilde said:

"when I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in the world, but now that I'm old, I know it's true."

money is not only respectable and dignified, but also an umbrella for accidents.

you can be autonomous in life only if you are self-sufficient in money.

from now on, with reasonable planning, non-overdraft and abstinence, every penny you save will be the strength to fight against life.

savings health

there is such a thing in this world that you can get it without spending a penny, but it is hard to buy when you lose it.

when you have it, you don't feel like you have everything, but when you lose it, you find that you have lost everything.

this is health.

Bacon said: "A man can do many stupid things in his life, but the stupidest thing is to ignore health."


Li Xiaoyi, a well-known self-media writer, once thought that happiness is "having": money, car, house, and career.

when I was 40 years old, I suddenly fell ill due to overwork and realized that happiness was "nothing": carefree, carefree, disease-free and disaster-free.

Health is 1, wealth, status, fame and wealth are all the last 0, once you lose your health, no matter how much you have is nothing.

the biggest mistake in life is to trade health for possessions.

when people reach middle age, as the backbone of a family, only if you have a good body, can you give your children a secure future, give your lover a warm heart to rely on, give the elderly careful care, and give yourself a comfortable tomorrow.

as Bai Yansong said:

"Health is a person's greatest wealth, and saving health is the most affordable and wise investment.


Life is not easy, keep the spirit full, only then can withstand the difficulties of the world.

Life is long, with a healthy body, everything is possible later.

saving ability

what is true stability?

the real stability is not that you have food in a unit, but that you have food wherever you go.

in life, too many people always think that when people reach middle age, the overall situation has been decided, so they start the bad mode.

as everyone knows, times are unpredictable, and the moment you stop learning is the beginning of being eliminated.

keep learning, close the coffin and stop.

Yang Jiang began to learn Spanish by herself in her 40s, gnawing out the translation of Don Quixote.

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Feng Tang, who is in his 30s, has gone from medical cross-border finance and writing to an all-around king in many fields.

Mr. Yu Guangyuan, an economist, began to learn to use computers at the age of 86, set up his own website and published hundreds of works.

Middle age is never the end, but a new starting point; age is never the limit, and there is no limit to growth.

only by constantly updating and evolving yourself can you always remain absolutely competitive in the industry and see a wider world.

especially at the moment, if you are more diligent, you will have more chips; if you have more skills, you will have more choices.

every Jedi counterattack in life is a superimposed effect of knowledge.

from now on, to get out of your comfort zone and empower yourself is to pave the way for the future.

saving feelings

when people reach a certain point, they will understand that family is the last harbor.

when you are young, you may think that success is being able to dominate the wind and rain outside, and the more you find out later, the greatest success is actually having a good home.

some time ago, an old man who was ragged and covered with dirt went to the program "Let Love go Home". When he revealed his identity, everyone was surprised that he was the chairman of Hong Kong Sheng Longfa Company.

once worth more than 100 million yuan, he was out drinking all day, his children grew up, his wife got sick, he was indifferent, and even found a "soul mate."

after the fiasco of business, all the so-called friends who usually surrounded him disappeared, and he was homeless.

Cai Kangyong said: "feelings are like accounts. They are not saved at ordinary times, but they are naturally stretched at critical moments.""

there is no indifference in this world for no reason, but I am disappointed again and again after being chilled.

only when you ask for warmth on weekdays, can you help each other in the future.

the friends at the wine table talk to each other again, and in the end, the only one who stays by your bedside is your wife.

No matter how lively the dinner outside is, the only one standing behind you is your family.

saving kindness


people to middle age, perhaps life is too rough to make people numb, maybe the reality is too cold to make people cold, but also do not let the heart indifferent.

this world is always secretly rewarding good people.

an old woman's car broke down on the side of the road, and the cars passed by, but there was no intention to stop, until a middle-aged man stopped voluntarily and helped the old woman fix the car.

the old woman was so grateful that she gave him a sum of money in return, but the poor man refused to say: we all have times like this.

then the old woman went to a restaurant and saw a pregnant woman running back and forth, so she gave her the money, leaving the same message: we all have times like this.

when she returned home in the evening, the pregnant woman happily told the man about all this luck and suddenly found that the kind-hearted man was the lady the man had helped in the morning.

you see, it's so amazing that the candy you give away finally comes back to your own hand.

Life is an echo, and all the blessings in this world are the goodness you have accumulated.


every seed of kindness you inadvertently plant will one day grow into a tree that shades you.

to save well is to save good luck.

Carnegie said: he who does not prepare for tomorrow will never have a future.

Life is a piggy bank, and every coin you put in will be the egg you harvest at some point.

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