When you reach middle age, the less things you do, the better your life will be.
When you reach middle age, the less things you do, the better your life will be.
May the second half of your life, not trapped in the heart, free and casual, chic and magnanimous.




writer Liang Wendao once said:

"every young man believes that he can fly, and when a middle-aged man flaps his wings, there are still heavy weights hanging from both wings.



when I was young, I was fond of doing addition, only willing to harvest but not willing to give up. I wanted to take the lead in everything, full of fame and profit.

when people reach middle age, their declining bodies are not as energetic as they used to be, pressing us to slow down and forcing us to learn to choose.

only by giving up unnecessary, unnecessary and unimportant, can we have less trouble and be more beautiful.

when the water is full, it overflows, and when the moon gains, it loses. When people reach middle age, the less the four things, the better their life.

stay up late less, get healthy

musician Park Shu has always kept a low profile, but in the last episode of "Summer in the Band", Park Shu showed his "wayward" side: because "going home to sleep in the middle of the recording" was a hot search.

it turned out that when the program was recorded at 11:00 in the evening, Park Shu suddenly got up and said apologetically, "I'm old. I have to go home and go to bed."

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the staff around him also revealed that he never stayed up late and kept going to bed before 12:00 every day.

netizens left messages one after another and finally understood why the 48-year-old Pu Shu was in good shape.

as Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth:

"all living things are bound to be conditioned by sleep. Without a good sleep as the foundation, all ideals and aspirations are like castles in the air. "

when we were young, in order to make a living, we kept adding, filling the gap in time, and exchanging health for fame and fortune.

getting older, the body gradually sounded the alarm, only to realize that the world is flesh and blood, how can there be an iron wall.

the founder of Doctor Chunyu, Zhang Rui, died at the age of 44 because he stayed up late for a long time and suffered a sudden myocardial infarction.

in an interview with the World of bloggers, Zhang Rui admitted that he was really anxious and that he often could not eat well or sleep well because he was worried about a broken capital chain.

when the pressure is greatest, Zhang Rui often emails at two or three o'clock in the morning to discuss the business model, and then goes to the investment site early in the morning to explain his vision to investors. His mental and physical fatigue also makes his sideburns white.

writer Chen Ami once said: "staying up late will not solve any problems, but will make pessimism run rampant late at night."

staying up late is never the solution to the problem, but the chief culprit that destroys the state of mind and mood and a ticking time bomb that harms your health.

even if life is riddled with holes and troubles follow you, you can't let sleep give way to emotions and let health pay for your career.

computers need to be restarted, cars need to be maintained, and we, flesh and blood, also need to have a good rest and maintain enough energy in order to better upgrade and win.

less entertainment, less cleanliness

Mo Yan told a story in listening to the Universe singing.

after I gained some fame in writing novels before, I always had endless drinks and banquets every time I returned to my hometown.

his mother advised him again and again not to hurt his health. But every time he went to the table, he could not lose face and could not resist the persuasion of others.

Mo Yan feels that when others toast him, he is giving him face, and if he does not drink, he is sorry to his friend.

if you refute the other party's face, you are afraid that the other person will feel famous and look down on your friends.

until once, he drank too much and was sent directly to the hospital, where he was rescued for a long time.

so for a long time Mo Yan chose to thank the guests behind closed doors and stopped going to those banquets. Slowly fewer people invited him to drink, and he himself was happy and at ease.

in the face of meaningless entertainment, invitations from relatives and friends, do not hinder mouth shame, do not be trapped in the face of affection, learn to refuse, is the key to solving the problem.

in life, interpersonal communication is inevitable, but there is no need to build a besieged city and trap yourself.

there is a question on Zhihu, "what exactly does entertainment bring you?"

Zhihu user

@ Yu Xiang meatball

shared such a story.

her cousin was busy doing business in the early years. Although he made a lot of friends and socialized every day, he seldom spent time with his family.

A few years ago, his business failed, and his friends shunned him and didn't answer his phone calls.

later, with the help of his family, he made a comeback, but he was no longer keen on socializing, and he went home after business, which didn't miss anything.

he says that he prefers the simple family life to the seemingly lively social life.

as the writer Bai Luomei said: "in this noisy world, we all need a suitable place to put our souls."

if you devote yourself to wine and table entertainment, you might as well join the study, a pot of tea, three or two books, laugh at the wind blowing flowers, and listen to the rain beating on the windowsill.

accumulating contacts is like building high-rise buildings. When fame and wealth are gained, high-rise buildings rise from the ground. Once they lose power, tall buildings turn to ashes in a twinkling of an eye.

when you are rich and charming when you are young, it is most difficult to be clean when you are old. In the twinkling of an eye, half of your life is over. Family members sit idle and the lights are amiable, which is the joy of life.

the less you complain, the better the luck

once read a short story: when a writer was on a business trip, he took a very distinctive taxi.

No sooner had he sat down than the driver handed him a card that read: "in Harmony Friends"In a good atmosphere, I will deliver you to your destination with the fastest, safest and most economical service. "

the writer was surprised and began to talk to the driver.

then the driver asked, "would you like something to drink?"

the writer said, "do you have anything to drink in your car?"

the driver smiled and said, "Yes." I have coffee and various drinks, as well as newspapers. "

the driver poured a cup of hot coffee to the writer in the thermos cup, and then handed him a card with programs from several newspapers and radio stations, such as time magazine.

then the driver said, I didn't provide such a comprehensive service at first, and I complained as much as everyone else.

it turns out later that complaining is of no use but to make things worse.

from then on I stopped complaining and decided to try to change.

later, I served every passenger with a friendly smile, calmly faced with traffic jams and bad weather, and my income continued to grow.

if you want to take my car now, you have to make a reservation by phone in advance.

Roman Roland wrote in his book:

"only by turning the mood of complaining into the strength of progress is the guarantee of success."

people's life, ups and downs are learning, yin and sun are all articles, perfection is the plot of fairy tales, joys and sorrows is the truth of life.

as the saying goes, "what you sow, what you get."

sow the cause of complaint and get the result of negative decadence, which becomes a disaster on the way forward, making the originally smooth and open road full of difficulties and thorns.

complain less, the state of mind will be good, maintain a positive state, talent will not be easily hit by difficulties.

the marathon of life is the most test of mentality in the middle of the way. Only by keeping the clouds open can you see the moon, and only by putting aside your complaints can you see good luck.

worry less and be at ease

the broadcast of the TV series "Little willing" resonated with many people, and many viewers in the barrage said they "saw their own shadow in the role of Tian Yulan."

Tian Yulan is a strong woman in the play. she takes care of all aspects of her life.

on the job, she is non-stop, worrying about her performance and the business on the floor. she has to speculate on the leader's mind and improve her relationship with her colleagues.

for her son's study, she inquired around for information and tried her best to put her son in the best cram school.

in life, she never puts a fake hand on her son's clothing, food, housing and transportation, and even the father of the child is worried about it. She often runs at both ends of the company.

the life of the middle-aged is like a silent war, with a job in front and a family behind, besieged on all sides.

every time I see Tian Yulan, it is like seeing a perpetual motion machine that never stops for 24 hours. She has a career, a family and interpersonal relationships in her life.

she worries about everyone, always thinking that everything is perfect, but forgetting that everything has a limit.

excessive worry, let her become negative, she began to blame the unfair fate, complaining that life is not easy, she pinned all her hopes on her son, and finally forced her son to the brink of collapse.

the troubles in life will not be reduced by half a point because of anything. Excessive worry is just a cocoon in the end.

worry about things happen all the time, limited energy teaches people to choose, can not cover everything, then avoid the light and be important.

try to subtract from life, subtract unimportant, unnecessary, unnecessary worries, and be more free for the rest of your life.

in the first half of my life, I worried about everything for my children, for life, and watched my hair turn gray.

for the rest of my life, let go of your worries and add to your freedom for yourself, for your health and for your freedom.

when one reaches middle age, a thousand sails are over, and the journey is more than halfway.

understand life, see through the gains and losses, do everything to add, it is better to relax and choose freely.

abandon junk happiness, learn to be strict with yourself, and stay up late less in order to gain good health.

give up ineffective social interaction, get used to being alone efficiently and socialize less, and you will get peace of mind.

only by blocking negative messages, receiving positive emotions and complaining less can you get the favor of the god of good luck.

stop self-consumption, learn to choose freely, and worry less is the magic weapon of living freely.

, may the second half of your life be free, casual, unrestrained and magnanimous.