When you reach middle age, if you still keep a high profile on four things, then the pain will come.
When you reach middle age, if you still keep a high profile on four things, then the pain will come.
I hope every middle-aged person can walk calmly, keep a low profile on the road of life, and suffer less.

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writer Chi Li wrote in her book till dripping Water becomes a Pearl:

"Life wakes up at this age, or


. "

the so-called "Zhi Chun" is when people reach middle age.

when we were young, we showed our edge and only wanted to run forward.

after entering middle age, there are people who are old and young, and they can't help it.

We are like Wukong wearing a hoop spell, no longer wreaking havoc in Heaven, no longer wayward, but can only carry heavy loads.

Middle-aged you and I, if we still keep a high profile on these four things, then the pain will come.

show off your wealth in high profile

scholar Yu Dan once said:

"Today's middle age, nine times out of ten, is full of makeup, from hair to clothes, make-up to spell out or boil out of the talent, as well as the spirit to stand on their own role."

Middle age is an awkward age.

the gap between people of the same age is gradually widening, some people are no longer worried about making money, while others are still running around for firewood, rice, oil and salt.

as a result, the trend of keeping up with the comparisons became popular.

in order to make others think highly of themselves, many people deliberately show off their wealth to show their money and ability, and package themselves as successful people.

Lu, a man, is one of them.

Lu has always wanted to drive a luxury car, but his family is in general, so he can only look at the car and sigh.

later, Lu changed his mind and thought, "if I can't afford a luxury car, I can pretend I can afford it!"

so he spent 150 yuan to buy a card that showed that he had a luxury car worth more than 1 million yuan.

Lu changed and became a boss with deep pockets and deep pockets.

but the good times will not last long,

stealing chicken is not worth eating rice.

people like Lu who like to show off their wealth are often psychologically poor.

when they show off their wealth in high profile, they spend money to show it to others.

this kind of behavior is not only unable to win the respect of others, but also easy to cause resentment and unnecessary trouble.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "customers do not leave goods, wealth does not show white."

putting aside the edges and corners and keeping a low profile is the best way for middle-aged people to live.

show your love in a high profile

my friend Sister Li is a "show of love madness". She will "sprinkle dog food" in the circle of friends every once in a while to show how good her husband is.

when her husband rarely cooks the next time, she will send: "Wow, I have to bask in my husband's hand-cooked meal!"

when she travels with her husband, she will send several messages a day, with more or less the same content, such as "Thank you husband", "it's a honeymoon everywhere with you" and so on.

I didn't see her for some time. Only after a chat did I know that she and her husband had divorced quietly.

how high-profile Sister Li was, how embarrassed she is now.

in fact, there is nothing wrong with Xiuen Love itself, but showing too often and in a high profile is a bit like acting.

once your feelings go up in smoke, there is only a place of chicken feathers left around you.

some people say, "if you show love, you will die quickly."

this sounds a little extreme, but it has some truth.

because expectations determine the length of a relationship, when we only show the good side of the relationship, we expect too much of the relationship.

if you don't handle this expectation well, you won't be able to face the flaws and contradictions in the relationship, and the psychological gap will grow with each passing day, and the two are doomed to fail for long.

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the feelings of middle-aged people are no longer as romantic as they were when they were young, and countless trivialities of life are coming.

therefore, it is more touching than you and me to show your love in a high profile and nourish the silent company of all things.

emotion is a very personal thing, such as fish drinking water, cold and warm self-knowledge.

We don't have to prove to anyone how happy we are, we just need to feel it with our heart and give each other enough sense of security.

show your baby in a high profile

sharing a baby is a standard match for almost every parent.

the child's first baby tooth and first step make parents so happy that they can't help but want to share it.

but did you know that the usual simple behavior of tanning children is likely to become a guide for criminals?

once watched a test program in which a man pretended to be a parent acquaintance and easily took his child away with his mother's photos.

first of all, the man accurately called the child's name and asked the child, "is your mother's name Wen Li?"

hearing this, the child let his guard down.

then the man showed the child some pictures and told the child that he was a classmate with her mother.

in fact, these photos are from mom's social platform.

when the mother saw this, there were tears in her eyes and she was annoyed that she was usually too careless.

the original intention of many parents to post their children is to record their children's growth, but the inadvertently leaked information will bring danger to their children.

as written in the book "Please think twice":

"Children's data may attract the attention of illegal, criminal or other malicious adults and become the target of their activities."

the occurrence of these dangerous events is all around us.

as a parent, if you really love your child, don't show your baby on the social platform in a high profile, and don't let those with ulterior motives take advantage of it.

if you must bask in the sun, remember to do a good risk check.

do not post pictures with personal information such as school name, class name, name, age, birthday, address, etc., and do not post the child's action track, let alone the child's positive face.

in short, the lower the profile, the safer it is.

vent in a high profile

some time ago, Sister Lan, a colleague, lost the opportunity for promotion because of a circle of friends.

one night, Sister Lan had a quarrel with the supplier. She was so jammed that she posted a complaint on moments.

Sister Lan was very careful when she released it, deliberately blocking all leaders, colleagues and clients.

unexpectedly, this moments was brushed by a reporter.

the reporter was reporting on the company, so he took a screenshot to check with others in the company.

after the matter spread, Sister Lan was quickly marginalized, and the promotion promise given to her by the leader came to nothing.

the hair circle is good for a moment, but it is a crematorium afterwards.

complaining not only won't solve the problem, it may also make things worse.

as an adult, who doesn't have a bad time? Who is not aggrieved at the bottom of his heart?

however, no matter how angry, busy or tired you are, don't vent your feelings publicly, let alone complain in your moments.

when people reach middle age, they are long past the age that needs to be coaxed.

it doesn't help to vent in a high profile, but it's the ability to control your emotions.

as a saying on the Internet: "the real grievance is smiling on the face and crying in the heart." There is nowhere to sue, no one to sue, can not sue, dare not sue, have to be bored in the days. "

if you post a moments in anger, even if you delete it calmly afterwards, you may be screenshot, giving people the impression that you are not professional enough.

Adult collapse is silent.

We can only stumble forward and pick up the pieces at the same time.

once read a sentence:

"the greatest sorrow of middle-aged people is not mediocrity, but because they are not reconciled to mediocrity and cannot live comfortably, they have no choice but to rush to greasy on the road of bragging and filling holes."

many middle-aged people are high-profile and ostentatious everywhere, just trying to hide their inner fragility with an inexplicable sense of superiority.

as everyone knows, the stronger the person is, the more he knows how to hide his foolishness, and the less he needs to rely on external things to prove himself.

those who are really good, do not fight, do not rob, do not show off, but bring their own aura of winning without struggle.

people move forward from being young and frivolous to keeping a low profile when they reach middle age. This is not a sign of complacency or mediocrity, but another kind of maturity and rationality.

the world goes with the running water, in exchange for a floating dream.

I hope that every middle-aged person can walk calmly, keep a low profile on the road of life and suffer less.


: Lin