When you reach middle age and look young, you are used to it.
When you reach middle age and look young, you are used to it.
While being comfortable with others, you can also let yourself live calmly and make the world full of love and warmth.

Aristotle said:

"time crushes all things, everything grows old because of the power of time, and is forgotten in the passage of time."

I think so.

years are ruthless, no one can resist the invasion of time, and no matter how beautiful the face is, it will decay with the passage of time.

however, life is particularly partial to some women, although they have reached middle age, their mental state and face seem to be like young girls, shining.

everlasting youth is every woman's lifelong dream. What on earth affects the speed at which we grow old?

here are 5 good habits that will make you age more slowly and see how many you have?

have a healthy diet

Today's food is dazzling and a great test for everyone.

if you don't control it, you will go further and further on the road to beauty.

some girls, in the face of fragrant snacks and delicious carbonated drinks, cannot resist the temptation and enjoy the excitement and satisfaction brought by the taste buds.

some girls pay attention to balanced nutrition, eat a light diet and lead a light life.

as the saying goes, there are gains and losses, behind all wayward actions are marked with a price, and finally it is yourself who pays the bill.

indulge yourself in roadside stalls and allow junk food to replace meals.

A full meal after a hungry meal will only increase the burden on the spleen and stomach and make the body slowly collapse.

on the other hand, girls who eat a healthy diet not only focus on what they eat, but also follow the time they eat.

so compared with their peers, their faces are clear and refined, and they always look very young.

therefore, if you want to be beautiful, you have to hold back your greediness, control your mouth, and don't eat what you shouldn't eat, so that aging will come later.

Love sports

I have heard a sentence:

"exercise is the most natural maintenance secret."

this, in the blogger

@ Persian cat girl dancing with her daughter

is reflected incisively and vividly.

although she is over 40, her face looks like a young girl.

she works out every day. Age is just a number for her, and she is in better shape than her 20-year-old daughter.

it can be seen that the change brought about by exercise is not only physical youth, but also mental pleasure.

as a foreign study shows:

physical exercise can promote the secretion of endorphins, which can keep people cheerful and optimistic and make them look younger.

Women who do not like exercise have loose skin and a lot of fat.

A woman who exercises for a long time has a tight figure, shiny and elastic skin and clear eyes.

exercise not only brings a youthful attitude, but also highlights a kind of self-discipline.

Women who exercise often bring their own hard energy. If they are sure of fitness, they will finish it even if they don't move.

such a woman, beauty will stay on the body for more time.

every time I step out and drip sweat, I open my arms to embrace the young.

Women can not give up sports at any time, even if the years are ruthless, it is also reluctant to imbue women who love sports.

rules of life

some time ago, just in time for the hit of "incense like crumbs", my cousin wandered in the plot every night with the joys and sorrows of the protagonist, and when she was hungry, she ordered takeout and ate Haisai.

it was the wee hours of the morning without paying attention, but I couldn't sleep.

the irregularity of her work and rest weighed heavily on her body and affected her mental state.

it also made her re-examine her life.

an irregular life, like a headless fly, is not only a mess, but also a negative one.

I have heard a sentence:

"the importance of forming habits lies in daily precipitation."

this is true.

if you look at those "sleeping beauties", they all know how to get a prime-time beauty sleep every night.

there are also some women who find their own frequency of life, do things in a planned way, and get things done efficiently.

in this way, the body will be in a state of vitality, and life will produce positive energy.

when good habits are formed, although life seems boring, the sense of achievement from the heart will make people feel refreshed and refreshed.

only by living a regular life can you take the road of life calmly.


We often say that each other comes from the heart.

if you think about it, it is true.

A person's appearance is not only related to age, but also to his or her state of mind.

in life, it is often seen that some women will haggle over small things because of a little bit of sesame.

because of a mistake, they are sensitive and vulnerable, delusional and depressed.

in the long run, if the spirit is depressed and negative energy is entangled, the body will become unhealthy and the mind will get sick.

it is difficult to see her youth and spirit.

if you keep an optimistic attitude, complain less and care less.

then, the whole body will be full of positive energy, and people will become in high spirits.

as Byron said:

"optimistic people stay young forever."

the greatest wisdom of a woman is to be open-minded and know how to understand herself.

A woman with an optimistic attitude faces everything around her with a positive attitude, always thinking for the best and full of vitality.

it warms the heart, makes people feel like a spring breeze, and makes people look young.

A woman with a bad mentality is moody, always looks bitter, her body will get worse, her immunity will be poor, and she will often get sick.

compared with his peers, he is always the oldest one.

your state of mind is how old you are.

if you are optimistic, you can live freely and easily and laugh wantonly.

pay attention to maintenance

I quite agree with one sentence:

"maintenance and non-maintenance, the difference is a whole life."

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maintenance can make women lose their age and win youth.

years are pig-killing knives, which can be turned into plastic surgery knives only through careful maintenance.

if the machine is not maintained, it will rust, and only by wiping it regularly can it last forever.

Women will look old if they are not maintained, and only maintenance can make the florescence longer.

but in life, there are always some women who have the cheapest face in the best years of youth.

I would like to ask, if you don't love yourself, who can expect to be nicer to you?

grow old quickly.

A woman who knows how to maintain, will eat and tonify, apply a mask, do a massage, never stay up late, cook a bowl of red jujube and Tremella soup, her complexion is ruddy and shiny, and her skin is tight.

Life is fair, and life will give you back where your efforts are.

Love yourself before you can love others better. Maintenance is a woman's best responsibility for herself.

every woman deserves to be cared for. Don't neglect to take care of yourself just because you are old. Be patient with your face and figure so that you can grow old slowly.

the world likes beautiful things and always turns its attention to women who are pleasing to the eye, good-looking and young.

do not realize that behind the youth, there is unknown self-discipline and persistence.

pay attention to a healthy diet, diligent exercise, have an optimistic attitude, regular life, pay attention to maintenance, is a compulsory course for every young woman in her life.

May you have these five good habits, pay attention to yourself, accept yourself, and stay young forever.