When you can't make it, please recite these six sentences.
When you can't make it, please recite these six sentences.
May we all move forward calmly without fear of wind and rain.


I have read a classic saying:

"there is no ship without injury on the sea."

but unfortunately, under the constant baptism of the tide, not every ship can last until the day when the lighthouse is seen.

Life is like a ship, it will also pass through rapids and wade through dangerous shoals.

when you feel like you're not going to make it, take a look at these six sentences.

be bold in life, you don't have that many audiences

writer Junichi Watanabe once said:

"if you always feel that there are countless pairs of eyes staring at you in your life.

it is true that other people's eyes are caged, but we have no reason to be imprisoned by it.

the most important thing in life is to find yourself.

Eliot, in the novel catch the fallen leaves, once lost himself.

in order to curry favor with his brother, he deliberately lost the game;

to reassure his parents, he chose a stable job that he didn't like.

in order to satisfy his boss, he tampered with the company's accounts against his conscience.

looking back on his life, he drifted with the tide like fallen leaves, without his own direction.

in fact, in the film of life, we are both the protagonists and the audience.

from beginning to end, you just need to be responsible for your own lens.

because what you really need to please is not others, but yourself.

take your time, it is also a kind of sincerity

have you found that modern people are "in a hurry"?

in a hurry to graduate, to work, to fall in love, to make money.

it seems that if you slow down, you will be abandoned by the world.

read a thought-provoking short story:

A disciple asked Master, with his own qualifications, how long will it take to become a first-class swordsman?

Master replied, "Ten years."

the disciple asked again:

"Ten years is too long. What if I practice harder?"

Master said, "that will take 20 years."

after listening to Master's words, the disciple was very unreconciled and added: "what if I make use of the time I spent last night, day and night, and never stop?"

unexpectedly, Master replied:

"then you won't be a first-rate swordsman in your life."

later, he listened to master's advice, guarded against arrogance and rashness, studied attentively, and slowly honed one trick and one style.

has become a generation.

indulging in fame and wealth and haste for success will only be counterproductive.

behind taking your time is to let nature take its course.

like a passage on the Internet very much:

"I want an answer too badly. I want a magnificent degree, a moment of erudition, a high spirits, and a golden glow to go to the person I like."

but reality tells me that if you act in haste, you will lose.

he asked me to wait, to stand the lengthening timeline, to deliver enough effort to pile up in the dreary, obscure time.

is willing to deliver everything'I want'to me bit by bit. "

Yes, growth is not a matter of haste, life will eventually give us the answer.

if you really want something, the more you need to settle down and slow down.

everyone's rhythm is different,

you don't have to envy other people's lives

Tagore has a poem "delusions":

"this bank of the river sighs to itself-I believe that all joy is on the other side.

the other case of the river sighed: alas, maybe happiness is on the other side. "

most of the time, we often do not know that when we envy others, we also become the scenery in the eyes of others.

even the most ordinary people must have something to envy.

Is it exciting and surprising to find a beautiful royal blue homecoming dresses for your event? Pick the best design for you; royal blue homecoming dresses is bringing uniqueness in your wardrobe.

you don't have to envy those who walk high, let alone despise those who walk behind.

in your own rhythm, live your life well, and you will live up to it.

never worry about something that hasn't happened yet

there is a question on Zhihu: "what is the source of pain in life?"

below, a high praise replied:

"think too much."

it's true that most of the troubles in life come from thinking too much, especially when you start to get anxious before things happen.

once a psychologist found a group of people to do an experiment.

ask them to write down all their "troubles" in the next seven days and put them into the "annoyance box".

after a while, psychologists ask them to open the "annoyance box".

it turns out that almost 90% of the things that have bothered them in the past have not happened.

people who are really good never worry about the future.

because they understand that the future is hidden in the present and look down on the gains and losses.

seize the present and the desired future will come as expected.

good people are hard to meet, but good people can expect

have you ever heard the story of the loneliest whale?

Whales rely on sound to find their own kind.But it is different from the average whale's sound frequency of 15-20 hertz.

the vocal frequency of Alice is 52 hertz, twice as high as that of normal whales.

so to other whales, Alice looks like a mute.

some people say that in this world, many people are Alice. Even if they are in a crowd, they still can't get the response they want, so they can only walk alone.

but we have to admit a reality: high mountains and flowing rivers, bosom friends are hard to find.

it's not easy to find someone who knows you understand you.

when no one understands the expression, when no one listens to it, it is better to spend your time on yourself than trying to please and feel sorry for yourself.

"if you are in full bloom, butterflies will come."

when you become a better yourself, butterflies will come to you.

the meaning of life is not success, but experience

do you still remember the "Uncle Fugui" who has a realistic version of "living" experience in "Tan on Traffic"?

Ten years ago, his parents died and his wife and children died young.

lived for most of his life, with nothing to grow and nothing to accomplish.

only his mentally retarded brother and an old dog accompany him.

it is a painful experience for everyone, but my uncle is calm and optimistic.

when Officer Tan asked him why he was still so happy, he only said three words: "look forward."

Uncle is old and makes a living by picking up waste, so he is not very rich.

but he said he was satisfied because he was married and had children, his daughter was almost five years old, and his family was happy.

and my mentally retarded brother is still alive.

some people say that the life of "Uncle Fugui" seems to be a life full of ups and downs, but his life is still worth it.

because the meaning of life is not success, but experience.

everyone has been exposed to the sun and heavy rain in his life.

for better or worse, it is life.

what we have to do is to accept calmly and live out our own splendor as far as we can.

there is a sentence in "Island Bookstore":

"there is the most difficult year in everyone's life, which makes life beautiful and vast."

Life will not be plain sailing, in the face of the difficulties of life, everyone will not be able to survive.

but the tears that flow in the middle of the night and the broken hearts when no one is there will nourish our courage to continue sailing in the future.

, may we all move forward calmly without fear of wind and rain.

there are books and trees,

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