When you are old, you must have a suite in your hometown.
When you are old, you must have a suite in your hometown.
Only when you know where you come from can you know where you are going.


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everyone will walk thousands of ways in his life, but there is only one way-- the way home.

No matter how far you go, the heart is always tied to the home in the depths of memory.

Home, where life begins. All one's life is on the way home.

after being away from home for many years, I realized that a foreign land is just a journey, and my hometown is my home.

when people are old, they must have a suite in their hometown, because that is the real home.

there is a suite in my hometown, but there is a way out in life

there is a short clip in A Dream of Red Mansions. Qin Keqing entrusted a dream to Wang Xifeng to remind Sister Feng:

the Jia mansion has been illustrious for a hundred years and has been rich for three generations. Youdao is "prosperity leads to decline, but when the moon expires, it loses money." it is necessary to heighten our vigilance and figure out a way out, so that the tree will not fall apart.

what way out?

Qin Keqing said, "if you buy more houses and fields near your ancestral tombs today, even if you fall, future generations can also go back to their hometown to study and cultivate fields, and there is a way out, and the incense of your ancestors can be inherited forever."

Yes, there are suites in my hometown, and there is a way out in life, as far as reality is concerned, both ancient and modern times.

when I was young, when I was away from home, I thought I could go very far and take root on the other side of the world.

but once I encounter strong winds and heavy rain, I understand that the sense of security in my heart is still lingering in that place called hometown.

No matter how far away from home, as long as the home house is still there, there will be a way out in life. If you are tired, tired and want to go home, you will always have a settled home.

the house in my hometown does not need to be too big or luxurious, as long as it is enough to protect the safety of the family and the quiet years.

it is easy to live a simple and ordinary life, whether it is plain food, ups and downs.

there is a suite in my hometown, so I need a clean one

as I get older, I gradually understand that what I miss most is not the lights and drinks of the city, but the simple and innocent life.

most of the time, if you do what you like quietly, even if you simply empty yourself, you can get a peace of mind and return to the truth of the soul.

more than a hundred years ago, the painter Paul Cezanne made an amazing life choice.

in 1895, Cezanne, 56, after 15 years of obscurity in the field of painting, was finally recognized by the world.

he chose to stay away from the influx of popularity and walk alone on the path of his hometown with an easel on his back every day.

Cezanne said: "Solitude is the most suitable thing for me." When I am alone, at least no one can rule me. "

for the rest of his life, he melted loneliness into his life, washed away the lead, and used his time to freely record mountains, villages and woods, creating a magnificent picture of post-impressionism.

go back to your hometown, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you don't have to face the cold steel and concrete, enjoy the peace, and get the precipitation of wisdom, and find the happiness that belongs to the real life.

in the house of my hometown, the walls of the courtyard are fenced, covered with flowers and plants, full of natural atmosphere, and birds linger in my ears.

return to a kind of real serenity and happiness, get rid of the false fame and gain of the outside world, move towards open-minded, indifferent, let the years return to Jinghao, more than a Tao Yuanming-style pastoral joy.

there is a suite in my hometown and a home in my life

there is a poem saying: "the root of the tree is still a thousand feet high, how far the pedestrian is from his hometown." If you are interested in going back, the old house in the mountains can be white-headed. "

hometown is the eternal concern in my heart.

No matter how far we go, no matter how far we go, we can't get out of our concern for it.

No matter where you make a living, your hometown is the everlasting shore that the wanderer's dream haunts.

as long as the hometown house is still there, there is still a sustenance, there is a nostalgia, more willing to go back when old, will also find a way to go back.

when I was born and grew up there, how could I not miss it, how could I not be sentimentally attached to it?

left his hometown for decades, experienced too much wind and rain outside, several ups and downs, went back to his hometown to have a rest.

back to the place where life starts, it is also the final destination of the soul.

hometown is the source of everyone's life. Only when you know where you come from can you know where you are going.

when you are old, you must have a suite in your hometown.

when we are on the run, it is the warmest way to retreat; when we are alone and wandering, it is the gentlest way to rely on; when we are old, it is the warmest destination.