When dealing with people, learn to shut up and never say these four words.
When dealing with people, learn to shut up and never say these four words.
Learn to keep your mouth shut in order to live a good life.


as the old saying goes, "the mouth can spit roses as well as thistles."

what a person says, is the presentation of his heart, will affect his relationship with the world and others.

if you can think more about each other's feelings and convey some warmth and concern before speaking, you will make true friends, gain good popularity, and your life will get better and better.

learn to keep your mouth shut in order to live a good life.

when dealing with people, never say the following four words.

Don't gossip

my former colleague is an articulate person who likes to express his views very much.

the company recruited a post-90s girl who was beautifully dressed. She would complain privately: looking at her mature appearance, she probably had a lot of boyfriends.

when a veteran employee is entrusted with an important task and is strict in managing the team, she will laugh behind her: after working for a few more years, there is nothing to drag.

someone advised her to say a few words less. after all, no one knows the truth, and it's hard to be perfect in everything. If she really misunderstands each other, it's a rumor.

she didn't care, thinking that she had only said a few words, which could not be regarded as spreading a rumor.

later, she was forced to leave her job and posted a message on moments:

Cheng Ye's mouth is the same as that of defeat, and then he has to control his desire to express himself.

"Zengguang Xian Wen" said: "those who say right and wrong must be right and wrong."

for those who like to gossip behind their backs, the fundamental reason is that they lack due respect and recognition for others.

their own lives are unsatisfactory and boring, so they gossip everywhere and always measure others with critical and critical rulers, and they can't see that others are better than themselves.

little do you know that if you talk too much, you can easily become the center of right and wrong, which is looked down upon by others and is unwilling to keep company with them.

sit still and often think about your own mistakes and gossip about others.

not gossiping behind your back is a kind of wisdom and a kind of self-cultivation.

We can't know the whole picture of things, nor can we know all a person's experiences, so it's etiquette to keep respect and silence at the right time.

Don't talk big

Last night before I went to bed, I read the story "the Lion who talks big" with my children.

in a forest, there is a lion who especially likes to talk big. He thinks he is tall, big and amazing: "I am the most glorious Hercules in the world, and I am the king of beasts!"

at this time, a gadfly flew over and bit it. The lion was furious: "how dare you attack me?" Look, I won't beat you to a pulp! "

next, the lion scratched with its claws, hit with its tail and bit with its mouth, but it did not succeed after working for most of the day, and the gadfly drank a lot of blood.

saw this, clutching his stomach and laughing.

the lion was furious and accused the spider of laughing at himself and thinking that the other party was incompetent.

the spider unhurriedly weaves a big and thin web, waits for the gadfly to fly, and finally catches the gadfly easily.

seeing this, the lion finally put down his pride and apologized to the spider: "I was wrong. I shouldn't look down on you. I won't brag anymore."

in fact, many people in life behave like this lion.

"it's on me. In less than three days, I can take care of it for you in half a day!"

"I know so-and-so, as long as I ask him to make sure the contract is signed."

they like to talk too big and too full, leaving no room for manoeuvre. In the end, they are the only ones who are embarrassed.

A person who likes to talk big is often insulated from the word "reliable".

they can not correctly understand themselves and blindly exaggerate their abilities, nor can they reasonably help others and live up to each other's expectations again and again.

like one sentence in particular:

"full rice always bows its head, and only empty rice husks look up to the sky."

be modest, maintain an empty cup mentality, and refuse to boast of yourself in order to attract more excellent people to approach.

do things calmly, do it when it comes to it, and never brag about yourself, so as to promote more promises to be fulfilled properly.

Don't say cruel words

in the movie "three Billboards", a mother's act of doing justice for her daughter has aroused the respect of many people.

however, the psychological motivation behind his behavior is tearful.

the mother is grumpy and often expresses herself harshly, and has great problems in communicating with her two children.

once, she had an argument with her adolescent daughter over a trifle, and her daughter angrily expressed her grievance: "I wish I had been hit on the road."

and the mother showed no weakness and said something harsher than her daughter: "I hope you can get what you want, too."

unexpectedly, one word became a success.

after her daughter went out, something really happened. Since then, the mother has made a series of actions in order to avenge her daughter.

for the mother, her heart was always filled with remorse and grief.

if you hadn't said that cruel word in the first place, would your daughter not have had an accident?

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if you give your daughter more care before, is it now?Can you feel less pain every day?

one of the mistakes we often make is to say the harshest words to the people we are closest to.

because we were convinced that they would not leave and that they would not care, we opened our mouths and stabbed each other with the knife of language, making each other uncomfortable again and again.

do not realize that even if a broken heart forms a scab, it will leave a scar.

slowly, when a heart gets cold, it is difficult to keep warm.

wait until you need it and yearn for a hug and support, only to find that you have already lost the other person and regret it.

Don't say anything because you're angry, and don't talk about it on the basis of a good relationship. When you calm down, it's too late to regret.

No complaints

two days ago, my best friend deleted an old classmate's Wechat.

that classmate's circle of friends is full of negative news. Today he scolds Zhang San, tomorrow he blames Li Si, and the day after tomorrow he complains about his mother-in-law and husband.

in a word, nothing goes well and looks bad across the screen.

BFF said that life was already very difficult. I have tried my best to touch a little sweetness in a large area of bitterness. But this classmate complained all day long, which made her even more upset, so she simply deleted it.

Yes, living in this world, everyone has their own difficulties, and everyone is carrying a heavy load.

at the end of the day, I wanted to find some happiness and pleasure and relax for a while on the social platform.

if you raise your eyes with complaints and negative energy, it doesn't seem to help you except to add to your troubles.

calm down and think that complaining can never solve the problem, either take action to change the status quo, or bear it bravely and silently swallow the bitterness into your stomach.

as long as you are more open-minded and open-minded, you will understand that the difficulties are temporary and the troubles will be solved slowly.

instead of complaining and complaining, it is better to spend this time practicing and changing yourself. as a result, you will have less and less trouble and feel more and more comfortable.

Cai Kangyong said:


speaking is something that you can make progress by using your own attention. And to put it well, we gain the most, of course, ourselves.


it took half a lifetime to understand that only when a person can speak well and keep his mouth shut can he keep his fortune and future.

No gossip, a little more respect and understanding, you can release more charm.

Don't talk big, be more reliable and sincere, you will be able to make more good relationships.

Don't say cruel words, more care and warmth, you can get more true feelings.

Don't complain, more hope and sunshine, you can attract more positive energy.

, may we all say more warm words and be warm people for the rest of our lives.