When adults break off diplomatic relations, they are all quiet.
When adults break off diplomatic relations, they are all quiet.
No noise, no publicity, just quietly withdraw from their lives.



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"the adult farewell ceremony is very simple. I didn't reply to your last message, and you tacitly didn't send it again.


just disappeared into each other's lives as if they had never known each other before.

it seems that the feelings of adults are fragile and cannot stand the test of time and space.

when I was a child, students who thought they had a good time would be friends for life, but only when one party transferred to another school, their relationship began to get rusty, and when they met again, they didn't even bother to say hello.

later, I thought that the brothers who talked about everything could treat each other with all their hearts for the rest of their lives, but they just went their separate ways, and when they met again, they could not squeeze out other words except to talk about what was once young and frivolous.

some relationships end with either a big fight or a big cry, or at least the ending is spectacular.

but there are many losses, no contradictions, no dissatisfaction, just because there is no longer a common scene and picture, once colorful emotional fetters, unwittingly, secretly faded by time.

the way adults end a relationship is not bickering and collapse, but silent alienation.

there was no farewell with great fanfare, and there was no heartbreaking plea for retention.

just in the tacit understanding, from talking about everything to being relatively speechless, from being inseparable to being apart from each other.

No noise, no publicity, just quietly withdraw from their lives.

when adults break off diplomatic relations, they are all quiet.

maybe it's because our time and energy are limited, so we can't take care of those distant relationships.

maybe it is because their own circles are gradually different, so there is no way to be forced into each other's lives.

perhaps it is because the values of the two sides are slowly changing, and there is no way to go on like-minded.

Lu Xun and Lean Tu were childhood playmates. In that year, the moon was bright, the leap earth had a silver ring, pinched a steel fork in his hand, and stabbed hard at a horse.

at that time, the leap soil was lively and clever, full of love for life, catching birds and fish, picking up shellfish, and constantly describing interesting things in the countryside to "Brother Xun". He was a teenager like a kaleidoscope.

when Lu Xun returned to his hometown where he had been away for 20 years and saw the leap earth again, the other side respectfully said "his Lordship" so that he could not speak.

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as in "through the window together", Ren Yifan was afraid of losing Lu Qiaochuan and Zhong Bai, so he went to the library to study behind closed doors.

because he understands that even if two people used to be close to each other, as the gap between them becomes wider and wider, they may eventually become strangers.

when the environment of two people changes, there will often be differences of opinion, and it is difficult to be friends and girlfriends.

she tells you how to catch a man's heart. You just feel bored and think about how to improve yourself.

she complains to you about her bad work. What do you think is the use of complaining? you might as well keep your feet on the ground and make achievements.

only when we resonate on the same frequency can we support each other. If the cognition is not on the same level, one party will stand still and do not want to make progress, and each other will only drift away from each other.

you know, good friends are not won by hard work, but met on the road of running.

once people get older, it is estimated that they will not maintain the relationship that makes them tired. First, it is not necessary, and second, they do not have the time.

one day you will understand that anything related to the final acquaintance is just an acquaintance, everyone is only a phased companionship, those you can not let go of people and things, the years will gently uncover for you.

after screening, time will keep the right person by your side.

between people, if there is no common topic, no sympathetic cognition, no same height, it is only in vain to huddle together


it is better to withdraw from each other's lives tacitly and quietly. This is the most respectable farewell for adults.

it's nice to have memories, but you can't live with everything on your back.

things have their own roles, and when things do their job, we bid farewell to them with gratitude, so that we can end things one by one.

occasionally I have an old friend who shares the current situation with me and misses the past. When I feel strong, I will cry, and I am really grateful to the other person for warming my former youth.

but I can't go back. I can only redouble my efforts and wish each other a better life.

when we are together, we listen to the wind and watch the snow, open our arms and hug each other. At this moment, we use it to play songs.

smile if you are far away, wave your right hand to wish her well, happy or sad, still water after all.

some people are drifting away, forgetting in the rivers and lakes with you, while others come slowly and fall in love with you.