What kind of person should I find for marriage? that's the best answer I've ever seen.
What kind of person should I find for marriage? that's the best answer I've ever seen.
The rest of your life is long, and you can choose the way you like.

there is a saying:

"Marriage is actually a lifestyle choice."

I think so.

what kind of person you find to marry means what kind of life you will live in the future.

A failed marriage may not affect the whole life.

but it will more or less frustrate your hope and enthusiasm for life.

may even stifle your enthusiasm for the future.

so, what conditions do you need to have to be suitable for marriage?

these three points are the best answers I have ever heard.


writer Su Qin once said:

"Don't just be infatuated with love, character is more important than that.

Love is temporary, character is eternal.

when love fades away, the relationship between two people is maintained by kindness. "

indeed, character is the mirror of intimacy.

especially for marriage, a person's character will determine the success or failure of a marriage.

A person with good character knows how to control his emotions.

I won't vent my anger on you even at the worst of times.

even if he has a quarrel, he won't slam the door and leave you alone.

but calm down and comfort you, give you steps, and be soft for you.

he never pretends to be kind to you.

it is not when you are happy that you obey you in every way, and then say bad words to you when you are unhappy.

but in the details, you can see his heart.

makes you suspicious of marriage and the whole world.

he will be kind to you only when he is in a good mood.

once you are in a bad mood, you will be snubbed, ignored and perfunctory.

every time there is a contradiction, when there is a dispute, he will never reflect on himself, but put all the mistakes on you.

when faced with a choice in life, he will only give priority to himself.

you think he is the only one, but he thinks you are a dispensable replacement.

in "do you know", Minglan said:

"to be with others, we ultimately rely on the lowest point of that character."

therefore, if you want to get married, you still have to find a person with a qualified character.

after all, character is the support of marriage.

it determines how far you can go together.

sense of responsibility

some people say:

"at the end of marriage, it's all about a man's pattern and sense of responsibility."

indeed, behind a happy family is the contribution of a responsible man.

sense of responsibility is the key to maintaining a long and stable marriage.

not long ago, my friend Wei Wei gave birth to a second child.

Wei Wei returned to work soon after her first month, and it was her husband who brought up the child.

in order to take care of the children, he is willing to take a back seat.

gave up all his work and stayed at home for six years.

once suffered from depression as a result of staying at home for a long time.

was even called a soft rice man by people who didn't know the truth.

but every time he mentioned it, he said he had no regrets.

instead of feeling aggrieved for himself, he felt sorry for Viv.

because he feels that women have sacrificed their best prime time in their careers in order to have children.

compared with her sacrifice, his contribution is actually negligible.

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moreover, this is his responsibility and his due duty.

Marriage has never been as invincible as we thought.

all the happiness that seems to be quiet over the years is just someone carrying a heavy load.

only by learning to take responsibility can marriage last forever.

as the saying goes:

"Love is a need, while love is a responsibility."

have a chat

Nietzsche said:

"Love life is like a long conversation. Only those who can always have something to say can really come to the end. "

A good relationship really needs someone who can chat at any time.

like Zhao Youting and Gao Yuanyuan, they were originally very quiet people.

but after meeting each other, there is always a lot to say.

Zhao Youting once said on the program that they all talk a lot at home.

and both of them love to talk, and no one is perfunctory.

what do you have for breakfast today, at home or out for dinner?

it's time to mop the bedroom floor and wash the living room curtains.

the sewer in the kitchen is a little clogged and needs to be repaired.

parents' short stories are all talking materials, and they are all conditioners to promote feelings.

in marriage, not afraid of two people talking too much, afraid that there is nothing to say.

as Sanmao said, no matter how hard life is, the environment is simple.

nor can we omit the part where husband and wife talk nonsense and love talk together.

because only in this way can marriage have vigor and vitality.

only two people who can talk to each other can get close.

understand each other and communicate with each other.

in this worldThe most romantic thing is to grow old with the people you can talk to.

there is no standard answer to what kind of person to marry.

but what is certain is that the person you can spend the rest of your life with must love you very much.

be kind to you and can afford to entrust you for life.

as Fu Seoul said:

"marriage is a choice.

the most valuable thing is not that we have chosen each other among the many choices.

but no matter how long it takes, we will still choose each other among the many choices. "

the so-called love is nothing but long-term guardianship and company.

the so-called marriage is nothing but inseparable and unforgettable in trivial time.

, the rest of your life is long, and you can choose the way you like.