What happened to the wife who cried until she fainted at the funeral of Luo Jing, a former CCTV host, and remarried a wealthy businessman seven years later?
What happened to the wife who cried until she fainted at the funeral of Luo Jing, a former CCTV host, and remarried a wealthy businessman seven years later?
Life is changeable, may we all cherish the people in front of us.

in Beijing Wanfo overseas Chinese Mausoleum, there is a special graveyard:

the "mouth" stone tablet is designed, surrounded by green pines and cypresses, and a microphone engraved on the tombstone interprets his extraordinary life.

Luojing Cemetery

I believe everyone still remembers Luo Jing.

he is a famous labor model hosted by CCTV. Over the past 26 years, he has hosted "News Network" nearly 3000 times, creating a miracle of zero error.

I remember that at 7 o'clock every night, every household watched "News Network" in front of the TV to learn about the political affairs of the day.

and in front of the screen, the word is correct and round, dignified and steady image, loved by hundreds of millions of viewers across the country.

the name Luo Jing has been irreplaceable in the hearts of generations of people.

everything seemed to be going well in his life, but a sudden serious illness made him die at the age of 48.

Luo Jing, who doesn't like the appearance of mountains and dew all his life, still leaves us with endless sorrow and regret.

now 13 years later, what is the status quo of his wife and children?

Luo Jing was born in Beijing in 1961. When he was young, he was introverted and shy.

in 1979, Luo Jing, who was still in his second year of high school, had simple ideas about the future, as long as he could be admitted to a university.

however, an accidental opportunity changed Luo Jing's life, and even Luo Jing himself would not have thought that he would one day be engaged in broadcasting and hosting this industry.

this year, Luo Jing's classmates came to see Luo Jing, hoping that he could accompany him to the Beijing Broadcasting Institute.

as a result, his classmate failed the list because he could not speak clearly. When the interviewer saw Luo Jing's talent, he suggested that he should also try it on stage.

unexpectedly, as soon as Luo Jing, with a handsome face, leisurely face and clear voice, appeared on the stage, he lit up the invigilator's eyes.

in this way, unprepared Luo Jing was chosen by the interviewer and was successfully admitted to Beijing Broadcasting Institute.

photos of Luo Jing when he was young

when Luo Jing first took the entrance examination, his professional score was just 60 points. However, with the spirit of studying hard, Luo Jing was among the best in the graduation examination, and his broadcasting level was regarded as the "benchmark" of the broadcasting class.

on the road to dreams, maybe you have to stand on tiptoe to get closer to the sun.

because of Luo Jing's extraordinary talent when he graduated, he was soon favored by CCTV.

in 1983, Luo Jing was chosen by CCTV and Shanghai TV at the same time after graduation. finally, he chose CCTV and worked as an announcer of "News Network".

Luo Jing's rich and steady voice, coupled with his kind and easygoing face, soon gained a foothold in the TV station and gradually became one of the most senior male broadcasters in the News broadcast.

every night, we can see Luo Jing broadcasting the news to hundreds of millions of viewers on time, and his familiar voice is engraved with the brand of the times.

in a short period of two years, the humble and gentle Luo Jing soon became a famous mouth of CCTV, and was called the "broadcast Big three" with his predecessors Zhao Zhongxiang and Song Shixiong.

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at this time, Luo Jing is widely recognized in CCTV, and his career is smooth. At the same time, the love that belongs to him is also coming quietly.

once, Luo Jing went to visit his university teacher. It was with his teacher that he met a girl and later became the love of his life.

it turns out that the girl's name is Liu Jihong, who is 5 years younger than Luo Jing and is Luo Jing's classmate sister.

when he met Liu Jihong for the first time, Luo Jing was deeply attracted.

, Luo Jing always struggled with how to tell her what he thought. Fortunately, the teacher saw the thoughts of the young man and woman, and under the teacher's match, the two young people slowly came together.

in June 1988, Luo Jing got married hand in hand with Liu Jihong.

because Luo Jing's work is special and highly stressful, Luo Jing does not spend much time with his new wife after marriage.

but Liu Jihong never complains about this. She appreciates her husband's love of work, always running the family silently behind Luo Jing and being a dedicated woman behind a successful man.

it was not until the seventh year of marriage that Luo Jing was 34 and Liu Jihong 29 years old because of his busy work.

Luo Jing also personally named his son Luo Shutong, from one of Luo Jing's favorite poems: Shutong in a loud voice, not from the autumn wind.

Luo Jing's family of three

Liu Jihong takes good care of the house up and down, which makes Luo Jing, as her husband, feel guilty and moved.

at the same time, Luo Jing's career is even more prosperous.

in 1996, News broadcast was broadcast live for the first time, and Luo Jing and his partner Li Ruiying were the first to be assigned to the live broadcast task.

Luo Jing, who has more than 10 years of work experience, won the task of live broadcast in one fell swoop, and did a very good job.

in a word, "no mistakes" in work has become Luo Jing's lifelong pursuit.

and the price of being hard on his work is that his body is often too heavy to bear, and he has long been tired and ill.

that day, Luo Jing went to work at work as usual, but he always felt uncomfortable. He went to the hospital and found that he had symptoms of lymphoma.

later, after repeated examination, it was finally confirmed as lymphoma.

when his wife heard the bad news, she suddenly panicked, and her defense line disintegrated in an instant. In the face of her young children and elderly parents-in-law, Liu Jihong did not know how to face the current difficulties.

A week after the cancer was detected, Luo Jing decided to let his wife hide it from everyone.

because the Olympic Games are in two weeks' time, he will be the torchbearer of the Olympic Games.

on August 31, after completing the regular broadcast of "News broadcast", Luo Jing asked for leave to go to the hospital for treatment.

this is the first time that Luo Jing has submitted his leave note in his 25-year career.

I didn't know Luo Jing was ill at that time. Li Xiuping once joked that he was almost about to retire. Unexpectedly, the word became a joke, and it became Luo Jing's last broadcast that day.

in the face of illness, he has always been positive and optimistic, and even thought that one day he would return to his glowing stage again.

but God did not favor him. Luo Jing died of illness on June 5, 2009 at the age of 48.

he failed to overcome the disease after all.

at Luo Jing's memorial service, tens of thousands of fans saw Luo Jing off, the crowd of people refused to leave, and his wife, Liu Jihong, also cried so many times that she fainted.

Liu Jihong covered her face and cried at Luo Jing's funeral

Yang Weiguang, former director of CCTV, said sadly: "his departure is the biggest loss in our station."

when recalling Luo Jing, Lang Yongchun said:

"teacher Luo Jing's professional ability sets a benchmark for us. In the leadership position, he treats the younger generation with meticulous care and love, teaches us his experience, and is very modest to everyone."

A year after his death, he was posthumously awarded the "Golden microphone" award, which is the highest honor in the host world.

remember in retrospect and pass on in remembrance.

after 13 years, we still can't forget Luo Jing and forget this face.

after Luo Jing left, Liu Jihong, indulging in great grief, dared not watch TV. Sometimes he sat quietly waiting for Luo Jing to come back, sitting all night, but never waiting for a loved one.

as the pillar of the family, Luo Jing has always been the support of Liu Jihong. When the dependence is suddenly gone, everything has changed, and the wound in his heart is ready to be covered.

No matter how long time goes by, the pain will not be healed, but the days need to go on.

in the years when Luo Jinggang died, Liu Jihong raised her children alone and took care of her parents-in-law, which only she understood.

once, when talking about her son in the program, Liu Jihong said with relief:

"now Luo Shutong is becoming more and more like his father in terms of behavior and style."

but widows and orphans still need a more secure support after all.

later, friends and family around Liu Jihong advised Liu Jihong to remarry. Liu Jihong, who had been in love with Luo Jing for 21 years, disagreed. Later, Luo Jing's family often advised Liu Jihong.

Liu Jihong finally agreed to remarry. She met a wealthy businessman in 2016. Because of her low-key life, there is not much news about this wealthy businessman.

but it was later reported that after Liu Jihong married a wealthy businessman, the mother and son were well taken care of and their lives slowly got back on track.

although he has suffered great criticism, life is changeable, which makes Liu Jihong have to make this choice.

after that, Liu Jihong made no positive response or excuse, but managed her own life attentively and never appeared in the public eye again.

in 2018, a photo of Luo Shutong was exposed on the Internet. He was chubby and gentle. He had already grown up.

under the meticulous care of my mother, she loves basketball very much and is also very excellent in her studies. First, she went to the United States to study, and later, after her studies were successful, she had a stable and decent job in China.

everyone who lives hard should bravely move from redemption to light.

Liu Jihong, who is no longer addicted to grief, may still be riddled with holes in her heart, but Liu Jihong chooses to keep it in her heart forever.

in fact, no one knows better than her what is meant by "self-knowledge of cold or warm drinking water".

I believe that in Luo Jing in heaven, it will be very gratifying and moved to see his wife and children regain their happiness and stability.

and Luo Jing's spirit, to this day, has been carried on and passed on from generation to generation of CCTV people.

the dead are gone, life is like a destiny, and those who are alive will go on.

Life is changeable. May we all cherish the people in front of us.