What happened to the pregnant woman who was pushed off a cliff by her husband in 2019?
What happened to the pregnant woman who was pushed off a cliff by her husband in 2019?
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have you heard the name "Wang Nuanhuan"?

you may not know who Wang Nuanhuan is, but you must know about the "Chinese pregnant woman falling off a cliff in Thailand" that caused a sensation in Asia in 2019.

at that time, Wang Nuanhuan, who was more than three months pregnant, followed her husband on a trip to Thailand.

she never dreamed that her normally gentle and considerate husband would push her off a cliff.

fortunately, God has mercy, she doesn't deserve to die.

when his life was in danger, he was saved by a kind-hearted tourist and survived.

Why would her husband, who was once gentle and considerate, do something to her?

how is she, who lives again after a lapse of three years?

Wang Nuanhuan, formerly known as Wang Ling, was born in Nanjing in 1987.

both parents are ordinary workers, and there is a little sister in the family.

although the family is ordinary, the family atmosphere is good and the family is happy.

she majored in tourism management at university. after graduation, she found a related job in China.

, she was sent to Thailand to develop her business.

after a long time, after accumulating some contacts and resources, I came up with the idea of quitting and starting a business.

do it if you want. Wang Nuanhuan, 27, went to Bangkok with all his savings.

in the past few years since she started her business, she often sleeps only three or four hours and has almost no social interaction except work.

hard work pays off.

gradually, Wang Nuanhuan owned his first hostel and expanded other business sectors.

she also set up a company in her hometown of Nanjing, which is worth tens of millions in just a few years.

the 30-year-old Wang is warm and warm in his career, but he is emotionally blank.

in the face of her family's urging for marriage, she focused her attention on marriage.

in a foreign country, Lin Dong (a pseudonym) intruded into her life under such circumstances.

in May 2017, they met at a party of friends.

among the crowd, Lin Dong fixed his eyes on Wang Nuanhuan.

ask for her Wechat to express admiration and affection.

when Wang Nuanhuan saw that Lin Dong was handsome and had a fitness figure, he thought he was a very self-disciplined man, so he added a friend.

next, Lin Dong's pursuit is positive and enthusiastic.

he often chatted with her, and after only a week of acquaintance, he wrote a thousand-word essay to express his love.

"after I know you, I don't just like you. I want to fall in love with you. I want to marry you and grow old with you."

Wang Nuanhuan, who is preoccupied with her career and has no love experience, is no match for this kind of man. This remark made her fall completely.

in this way, the two established a romantic relationship.

Lin Dong in Wang Nuanhuan's eyes is gentle, loyal, self-disciplined and reliable, so perfect that he hardly looks like a real person.

after falling in love, Lin Dong creates romance from time to time, no matter what she says, the other person can answer.

the one that impressed Wang most was the night when they said goodbye.

Lin Dong didn't go back, but sat in front of her house all night.

Wang Nuanhuan, who woke up, was surprised and asked, "Why don't you go back?"

Lin Dong said gently and affectionately: because I want to see you early.

"you are the most special and kind girl I have ever met. Let's get married."

at this moment, Wang Nuanhuan felt that he had found the right person.

she agreed to each other's proposal.

after Wang Nuanhuan's parents met Lin Dong, they disapproved of the marriage.

because Lin Dong has been in prison and has had a marriage.

their daughter is smart and excellent, why look for such a man with all his flaws?

Lin Dong did not hide Wang Nuanhuan from the matter of being in prison.

Lin Dong said: he was young and frivolous at that time, and he was involved by his brother out of loyalty.

Wang Nuanhuan believed it, so he didn't think it was a big problem.

when the parents saw that their daughter had made up her mind, they had no choice but to say yes.

in this way, two people who have only known each other for two months have entered the hall of marriage.

Wang Nuanhuan was filled with joy and felt that if two people worked hard together, the small family would certainly get better and better.

however, this is not the case after marriage.

after marriage, Lin Dong has completely changed his face.

he is no longer self-disciplined or kind to her, spending her money playing games in bed every day, or going out drinking and singing with friends.

once, when the two were eating out, Wang Nuanhuan accidentally fell down the stairs.

at that time, Lin Dong was playing games on his seat. When he heard the noise, he just looked up and moved his eyes back to the mobile phone screen.

my wife is not as important as a game.

seeing such a husband, Wang Nuanhuan felt a little cold in his heart.

but what chills her heart even more is still to come.

two months after marriage, Lin Dong said he would go abroad for a period of time, but refused to say why.

later I learned that it was because gambling owed more than NT $1 million in debt that I fled abroad because I couldn't live with it.

Wang Nuanhuan chose to fill in this account for him.

on November 19, 2018, the persistent Lin Dong secretly took 5 million of her company's account.Gambling.

it was at this time that Wang Nuanhuan knew that Lin Dong was not in prison for his brother at all. He was in prison for theft and robbery.

after the story was exposed, Lin Dong knelt in front of Wang Nuanuan and burst into tears, saying that he took the money to make up for his regrets because he was young in prison and did not enjoy life properly.

"wife, please forgive me this time, and I will never gamble again."

Wang Nuanhuan's parents have a problem with this. They feel that Lin Dong doesn't really like his daughter.

"daughter, if you really can't, just divorce him. I think Lin Dong married you because of your money."

Wang's heart wavered. On the one hand, he felt that his parents had a point, on the other hand, he felt that his husband was really pitiful.

at this juncture, she is pregnant.

Wang Nuanhuan completely stopped the idea of divorce and decided to give Lin Dong another chance to live a good life in the future.

she proved to be too naive.

once naive, the price paid is more tragic than most people can imagine.

04:30, June 9, 2019.

Wang Nuanhuan was called up by Lin Dong.

Lin Dong said that life should be ceremonial and wanted to take her to see the sunrise.

Wang Nuanhuan is very happy.

he is no longer out of home at night, no longer gambling, and he has returned to the way she was before marriage, gentle and considerate and caring.

it was 05:30 in the morning. Wang Nuanen looked up and the first ray of sunlight came into her eyes. Everything here was incredibly beautiful and dreamy.

before Wang Nuanhuan realized it, there was a vicious voice in his ear: go to hell!

she was pushed off a cliff by her husband!

is completely different from the slow motion shown in TV dramas. When Wang Nuanhuan realizes it, people fall directly off the cliff.

she was conscious, and the pain in her body kept her eyes from opening.

incomprehension and resentment filled her brain, and at this moment, she felt that she was going to die.

"I don't know how much evil a person has to do to die in this way. I can't even go back to my roots."

what happens next, everyone knows.

when a lost tourist was looking for a way out, he happened to see Wang Nuanwarm lying at the bottom of the cliff and hurriedly called the paramedics.

when Wang Nuanhuan, lying in a hospital bed, opened her eyes again, she was frightened by the scene in front of her.

the husband who pushed her off the cliff stood in front of the hospital bed and stared at her.

Lin Dong threatened to let her die in the hospital if she dared to tell the story.

Wang Nuanhuan, who calmed down, realized that she was in an inferior position and chose to be silent in order to protect herself.

on the second day of admission, despite the opposition of the hospital, Lin Dong took off the mask on Wang's face and the equipment on his body, and tried to take her out of the hospital by force.

"she is my wife, and I have the right to decide her life or death."

in order to survive, Wang Nuanhuan had to show weakness and finally let her wait for a chance.

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when Lin Dong went to buy breakfast that day, Wang Nuanhuan took the opportunity to tell the doctor the whole story, and the doctor immediately called the police.

finally, the police arrested Lin Dong for murder and handed him over to the court.

in the first instance, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and paid civil compensation of 5.89 million baht (about 1.275 million yuan).

Wang Nuanhuan is acceptable to this result, because it is very difficult for Thailand to impose the death penalty.

the reason why the court changed its verdict was that no tools such as ropes and knives were found, and the judge of second instance held that it did not constitute premeditated murder.

"I can't take it. My whole family can't stand it."

she was rescued, but her various organs were damaged to varying degrees.

all the kneecaps are shattered, the hip is shattered, the arch of the foot is broken, the thigh bone cannot be connected completely, the arm is damaged, the right eyelid is bruised, and the eyeball is almost lost.

nearly 90 anastomotic nails were inserted into the whole body, and many places were fixed by steel plates. It took him nearly 10 days to get back from the ghost gate.

what pains her most is that the child who is more than four months old has to be induced into labor because of the heavy use of drugs in the treatment.

Wang Nuanhuan said: I will continue to appeal and fight until I win.

"from beginning to end, the defendant refused to plead guilty. According to Thai law, refusing to plead guilty should be given a heavy sentence as an example."

the name Wang Nuanhuan is a new name she gave herself when she returned home.

this is because she felt too much kindness after the accident, and she wanted to pass it on to more people.

due to a serious comminuted fracture of his right leg, Wang Nuanhuan now has two legs of different lengths and can only live in a wheelchair most of the time.

my mother was so distressed that she burst into tears, but Wang Nuanuan comforted her with a smile: it doesn't matter, I'm only one year old now.

when I saw her on the Internet a while ago, I found that she had no grievances on her face and a quiet smile.

she said, "God wants me to live in a desperate situation. I must want me to do something."

she wants to do some public welfare projects for the disabled, not only for herself, but also for others.

she also hopes that she can live as a warning sign to bring warning to more people.

in fact, many coincidences in the world are premeditated for a long time.

Why does Lin Dong know so much about Wang Nuanhuan?

this is because he first found an acquaintance to get Wang Nuanhuan's identity information and finished reading her circle of friends for three years.

as the old saying goes, there is nothing to be gallant about, either adultery or theft.

deliberate approach, only because of his fancy to Wang Nuanhuan's assets.

there is an old saying that is true: "you may not like a man whose parents like him, but a man whose parents do not like him must not marry him."

because they have crossed more bridges than you have, and they are the least likely to hurt you in the world.

even if you disagree, it should at least be used as a reference standard.

they are particularly eloquent and are good at changing their views and persuading each other to achieve their goals.

after the use of verbal or physical violence, they will show the face of a victim, and people who are too kind are often unable to bear it. In this way, they can achieve the goal of escaping punishment and responsibility.

never try to change a person, let alone make excuses for them.

Wang Nuanhuan is the best example. Some people may ask why she has come this far now that she is financially independent.

Economic independence does not represent personality independence, only personality independence can be regarded as true independence.

there is no love for no reason. The more comfortable it is, the easier it is to get lost and make you miserable.

keep a clear head, see others clearly, but also see yourself.

I hope that all kind girls can be treated gently by life.