Wang Yan, a rich and powerful family, was forced to sell his house, and 1.5 billion luxury houses were gone. I'm sorry. She doesn't need sympathy.
Wang Yan, a rich and powerful family, was forced to sell his house, and 1.5 billion luxury houses were gone. I'm sorry. She doesn't need sympathy.
Each stage has a choice of each stage, and every step in life will not be in vain.


"Qingge" Wang Yan is on the hot search again.

some time ago, the media revealed that her top mansion in Beijing had been auctioned.

the starting price is 1.12 billion yuan, but no one is bidding.

this building has appeared in Wang Yan's video many times, and the Imperial Palace can be seen outside the window.

there must be a reason for selling such a good house.

soon some netizens picked it out, and Wang Yan's husband, Wang Zhicai, owed 69 million yuan in debt.

it has also been found that Qingge, which has always been a non-cannibalist, has also begun to broadcast live with goods.

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for a while, there was a lot of news that Wang Yan's dream was broken.

some people ridicule her, and this is the end of being vain and taking shortcuts.

it is a pity that more people, but it is a pity that she gave up her bright future and plunged into the depths of the rich and powerful.

especially in the rumors outside, her marriage life is full of bitterness.

the mother-in-law makes things difficult, the children don't respect, the husband doesn't love enough, and he doesn't have the right to say.

Marriage, after all, is like drinking water, cold and warm.

the rich family is a label that she can't take off.

even if she is in love with the moon in the mirror, it doesn't mean that she depreciated after the bubble burst.

the value of women can never be simply defined by marriage.

well-known actor VS rich family

what the public feels sorry for Wang Yan is that she could have made a breakthrough in her career.

she has no shortage of talents and opportunities for fame.

she has had great talent for dancing since she was a child.

at the age of 10, he was selected by the Beijing Dance Academy, and at the age of 14, he won the third prize in the Classical Dance Group.

after graduating from university, she was assigned to the railway art troupe.

opportunity comes to you automatically.

1992 plum blossom branding is looking for some actors who can dance.

Wang Yan was chosen and got a speaking role, so she easily stepped into the show business.

the following year, she starred for the first time as a heroine in the movie "Warriors and pretty Girls in the Hot River."

in front of her eyes slowly unfolds, is a magnanimous star path.

until 1995, a man named Wang Zhicai came into her life.

she is a well-known real estate tycoon, 27 years older, had a marriage and a son.

under the fierce pursuit of Wang Zhicai, the two soon got together.

in 1997, the couple married, and Wang Yan, 22, married into a wealthy family.

Family has been her focus ever since.

in order to take care of her sick mother-in-law, she voluntarily gave up the invitation to "return the pearl".

but fate has always been partial to her.

in 1998, filming of "returning Pearl Geer II" began, and the crew invited Wang Yan again.

with the role of "Qinger", she became popular all over the country.

to this day, Qinger is still the white moonlight in everyone's hearts, no one can replace it.

, Wang Yan also starred in many classic TV dramas.

for example, there are "Qinghe unrequited Love", "Outer History of Wulin", "Young Zhang Sanfeng" and so on.

if she stays in the circle, her career will be in its heyday.

in the end, Wang Yan chose another path and returned to her family.

after giving birth to her son Ball, she slowly faded out of the entertainment industry and rarely appeared on the screen.

the gossip media are also keen to report her luxurious life in a wealthy family.

Wang Yanhuo has become the popular imagination of a happy marriage and a rich family.

when she showed up again, the rich filter was completely broken.

in 2013, when asked about her relationship by the media, she choked up and said:

"in these more than ten years of marriage, there are happiness, sadness and suffering, and the feelings of ten years are very complicated."

the more direct evidence is the belittling of her son in his words on the program.

in 2019, Wang Yan hugged and cried with Lafayette on the show "ace to trump".

netizens also interpreted this as that she was crying about her own marriage.

in the past two years, Wang Zhicai has frequently exposed the debt crisis, which has pushed Wang Yan to the forefront of the storm.

some people see jokes, while others judge on this basis that marrying into a wealthy family will not come to a good end.

only ignore the independence of women themselves.

the choice of life

there is never a difference between right and wrong

I have seen a netizen say:

"Wang Yan's rich marriage buried her youth and career with her."

seems to get more than it does now, but everyone wants something different.

Wang Yan has said many times in an interview that she does not have much ambition in her career.

in fact, her character has long been revealed.

when she was a student, she refused an invitation from a school in the United States.

in this world, people should be allowed to be ambitious as well as be allowed to go out.Some people are comfortable in a corner.

moreover, who didn't risk his life for love when he was young?

Wang Yan was too young when she met Wang Zhicai, the age when she had a strong desire for love.

at that time, Wang Zhicai was also really kind to her.

take good care of her when she is in hospital, and any holiday will be given to her.

Wang Yan felt that the other party could be entrusted for a lifetime, so she got married early despite her parents' opposition.

later, she retired from the entertainment industry in order to take better care of her son.

what seems to be a passive life is actually her active choice.

like every stay-at-home mother, Wang Yan once doubted herself.

in 2010, he said in an interview that women must have a job, which is a sign of value.

three years later, in a talk show, she said that her energy was focused on her son.

work or family? Can you do both?

this is the common entanglement of many mothers, regardless of identity and status.

Wang Yan chose to accompany her wholeheartedly, and the effect of education was remarkable.

the son, who once called her a pig's head, made an affectionate confession to Wang Yan on the program when he grew up:

"I know that my mother gave up a lot for me. Now that I am grown up, I can take care of myself. In the future, my mother will have more time to do what she wants to do and must be happy every day."

Mom, thank you for your dedication and companionship to me over the past 12 years. I will be a man to make you proud. "

We often say that educating good children is the most important career in parents' lives.

how does it fall to stay-at-home mothers, but it is worthless?

whether it is choosing a career or choosing marriage and family, there is no difference between right or wrong, good or bad.

each has its own gain and loss.

truly independent women are responsible for their own choices and can rebuild themselves at any time.

Women's lives

is a free-flowing river

in the past two years, Wang Yan has gradually returned to the entertainment industry.

participated in a lot of TV dramas, and she joked that she had experienced jiao opera for the first time.

in addition, she also brings goods live, which is very active.

some netizens left a message saying:

"Qingge finally woke up that women still have to have a career."

Wang Yan replied: "always awake."

I believe it.

Marriage does not mean losing herself. Wang Yan has always maintained her subjectivity.

after her son grows up, she actually keeps a certain pace of work every month.

she never gives up her career, but she just reduces her investment in it.

it's just that the public always likes to read stories about the downfall of rich and powerful families.

seeing 48-year-old Wang Yan appear on the show, she automatically brings her own imagination:

the dream of the rich and powerful family is broken, and it is sad to pay the debt for her husband.

Wang Yan doesn't need sympathy from others.

A wealthy marriage is just a symbol, not a yardstick of female value.

for a long time, we have been too used to a narrative: women are supposed to be the products of marriage.

some time ago, Lin Chi-ling, who had given birth to a child, came back to promote her new book.

all people care about is her marital status and whether she will have a second child or not.

the judgment of women's value is so thin that there are only two yardsticks: marriage and children.

and there are double standards between men and women.

when women marry into rich families, they are greedy for vanity, while men are capable of climbing into rich families.

Women who marry love are the brains of love, while men choose love and are good men.

as women, most of them will pay more for their families actively or passively.

but this does not mean that their territory is only an inch of family in their lifetime.

writer Lawrence once said:

"A woman has to live her own life, otherwise she will regret not having lived.

Women are a flowing life, a river completely different from the river of men's life.

every river flows in its own direction and does not have to break through its own boundaries.

the relationship between a man and a woman is that two rivers flow side by side, sometimes they may converge, then separate and move on. "

Marriage is not the only possibility in women's lives.

you can enjoy the joy and dedication of being a mother, and you can also pursue a career you like.

each stage has a choice of each stage, and every step in life will not be in vain.

even if the dream of a rich family will turn out to be a dream, Wang Yan should not be ridiculed.

whose life will not lose a game?

as long as you don't lose yourself, have a clear head and have the power of awakening in your heart.

, may you be true to your heart and choose the life you want.

Wang Yan, a rich and powerful family, was forced to sell his house. Sorry, she doesn't need sympathy

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