Walk with people with clean souls.
Walk with people with clean souls.
In life, you need a little more appearance than diesel, rice, oil and salt.


has always liked a sentence:

"cleanliness is not only the purest background of life, but also the most beautiful blank of time."

in the earthly world for many years, most people are inevitably tainted by vulgarity and lust for profit.

but clean people always remain naive and gentle at heart.

from the inside out, they all exude a kind of purity after years of practice, which is fascinating.

cleanliness is the spiritual appearance of a person who has been fragrant for a long time.

walking with clean people, you will gradually move away from impetuosity and grievances, and your heart will feel full of healing.

and those whose words and deeds are clean, cultivate the mind

have seen such a short story:

an old professor took his assistant to buy a book and finally picked a minority picture album.

did not expect that when the bookstall owner saw it, he said:

"you don't have a good eye! This book is actually mediocre. Why don't you take a look at the Mustard seed Garden painting on my side? "

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the old professor looked at the painting of Mustard seed Garden, shook his head, smiled and said:

"I'd better get that one back.


this makes the bookstall owner a little unhappy. He mutters that the old professor specializes in cheap books and doesn't know the goods at all.

the assistant listened angrily and said a few words to the boss, but was added by the boss.

seeing the matter getting bigger and bigger, the old professor hurriedly pulled his assistant and left the bookstore.

on the way back, the assistant was aggrieved and asked the old professor:

"the boss has obviously gone so far, why aren't you angry?"

the old professor replied:

"there's nothing to be angry about. He's just a bookstall owner. Of course, he only knows how to measure the value of books with money."

but we know that the value of books cannot be equated with money.

instead of expecting people at different levels to understand you, do your own thing. "

the old professor's words made his assistant feel ashamed, and he became more cautious in his words and deeds.

as the old saying goes, "the mouth can spit roses as well as thistles."

very often, a person's pattern and character are reflected in the way he speaks.

people with small patterns will haggle over trifles, but intensify contradictions;

people with a large pattern can always resolve the storm with a broader mind.

when people get along with others, they will inevitably encounter friction.

speaking well is not only a respect for each other's position, but also a protection of your own energy.

when people get along with people who talk to each other, their minds will gradually broaden, and their hearts will return to purity and freedom.

and people with clean character, cultivate morality

I remember that in the book I read before, there was a character that was impressive.

he is the beloved Miriam.

in the writings of Hugo, Miriam "did all his good deeds".

A restaurant that receives visitors is transformed by him into a ward for patients;

the salary saved was used by him to help the people.

once Jean Valjean came to sleep, and Miriam did not hesitate to invite him to dinner and set up a guest room for him.

however, Jean Valjean, without repentance, stole the silver candlestick of Miriam's house in the middle of the night.

Jean Valjean brought sorrow to Miliai, but Miliai was not angry.

he said that Jean Valjean did not steal the silver candlestick, but gave it to him himself.

when others left, Miriam said to Jean Valjean:


you no longer belong to the evil side, but to the good side.


Miriam's words brought great shock to Jean Valjean.

from then on, he stopped doing petty theft, but like


similarly, be kind-hearted and do good deeds.

Balzac once said:

"the only thing that does not grow old is the heart. People with a good heart are simple and simple. "

when you are with a pure person at the bottom of your heart, your mood will change quietly.

used not to believe in love, but now it becomes soft because of being loved;

I used to hate giving, but now I get warmth from giving.

it is a great blessing in a lifetime to meet a man of clean conduct.

they teach you to do compassionate things and to be virtuous.

and the love and kindness you have released will one day be returned to you.

and people with clean temperament, self-cultivation

writer Annie Baby once said that she likes women like plants.

their temperament is elegant, they are independent, and when they enter the crowd, the air will also change.

as opposed to a plant woman, it is an "animal woman".

they have a strong desire to perform, ambitious, gorgeous and spicy.

but their affectation and vulgarity will only make people feel more and more boring.

in contrast, plant-type women, their temperament is like green tea, in time fermentation, produce a curl of fragrance.

once, Annie Baby met a "plant woman" in a cafe.

she has a thin face, gentle eyes, a black sweater, a gray scarf, and no extra decorations all over her body.

especially when talking and laughing, a woman's eyebrows and eyes bend into a natural arc, which makes people look very comfortable.

even the man next to him lamented: what a beautiful thing it would be if my wife smiled like this.

think of what the poet Gu Cheng said:

"A person should be himself and live cleanly."

A vegetative woman has a generous manner and is not affected.

in their hearts, they do not have too much desire to pull, so they live truly and thoroughly.

getting close to them is also getting close to the souls of pure freedom.

nowadays, there are too many temptations in society.

it is precisely because they want too much that many people open their teeth and claws, indulge in fame and wealth, and indulge in lust.

Clean people know how to stick to their heart, make the choices they want to make, and love the ones they want to love.

as written in Caigen Tan:

"in the world in the clouds, everything is quiet, everything goes with fate, and everything is at ease with circumstances."

people, the simpler they are, the lighter they are.

Mu Xin once said: "in life, you need a little higher appearance than diesel, rice, oil and salt."

I think the appearance of my husband means cleanliness.

after the experience of the world, he still keeps his original heart.

after watching the flow of material desires, I still have a pure temperament.

their goodness and beauty on the road of life will eventually converge into stars, clean up filth and illuminate people's souls.

May we all be pure people for the rest of our lives, do things cleanly, be innocent, and live a good life in our own persistence.

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