Two and a half years after Kobe Bryant's death, his wife posted a high-profile kiss photo: sorry, don't wait!
Two and a half years after Kobe Bryant's death, his wife posted a high-profile kiss photo: sorry, don't wait!
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there is a question: "A very loving couple, one side dies, what will the other do next is the most perfect ending in your heart?"

A highly liked answer is:

"if it is a novel, I hope he will no longer marry a wife. When his hair is grey, he will still hold her picture and review her face every day."

if it is a reality, I hope he can forget it, and then grow old with others, full of children and grandchildren, and have a place to depend on. "

time steals time, but not glory and yearning, and the fall of this NBA superstar still makes it hard for many fans to let go.

and the every move of Kobe Bryant's widow Vanessa has been watched by everyone all the time.

recently, Vanessa posted a photo with Kobe & GIGI on the social platform and wrote:

"it's all for you! I love you! Justice to Kobe GIGI! "

it turns out that this is because the verdict of Kobe Bryant's plane crash photo was leaked.

Vanessa won the case and had to pay her $16 million in compensation.

it is reported that Vanessa cried quietly when the verdict was read.

but when netizens saw the figure of "16 million US dollars", Vanessa was pushed to the forefront again.

many people posted some glaring comments below.

when I saw these remarks, I really stood up for Vanessa.

she doesn't need these compensation at all, she just wants to do justice for her husband and daughter.

moreover, Vanessa has decided to donate all the US $16 million in compensation won to the Mamba and Mambachita Sports Foundation.

in fact, Vanessa has been in a storm of public opinion since Kobe Bryant died.

her every move is infinitely magnified, and the slightest carelessness may lead to accusations.

recently, an intimate photo of Vanessa went viral on the Internet.

the photo is in an indoor room, the light is dim.

Vanessa was beautifully dressed and kissed by a man.

her mouth also made the action of kissing, suspected to respond to the man's kiss.

this is not the first time Vanessa has been criticized by the outside world.

it was found out by foreign media that Vanessa attended the party.

she is dressed in white, elegant, proud and charming.

Vanessa sat down with her little daughter in her arms, while a man put his arms around her and kissed her hair.

and Vanessa closed her eyes and smiled.

has been deeply involved in the scandal for many times, and everyone is "aggrieved" for Kobe Bryant.

their logic is simple and rough: how can you accept kisses without the love of your life? Aren't you in pain? How can you laugh?

there is nothing more desperate than losing a loved one.

No one knows the pain of losing a loved one better than Vanessa.

on Aug. 24, Vanessa posted an intimate photo of Kobe Bryant on a social platform.

she said, "Happy birthday, baby, I miss you so much."

it is sad to lose a loved one forever, but life goes on.

Vanessa missed every moment in the more than two years since Bryant's death, but she gradually came out of the haze and began to embrace life again.

but Keyboard Man won't let her go.

now Vanessa is facing a moral kidnapping: you can no longer have happiness.

We believe that Bryant's story will last forever.

but Vanessa is only 39 years old and she is less than halfway through her life.

A reporter once asked Vanessa, "will you consider restarting a relationship in the future?"

she said: "maybe, but Kobe will never be forgotten, his position is irreplaceable."

but for this kind of prediction, some netizens always jump out and object:

"if you are so good with Kobe, don't marry again for the rest of your life. Only in this way can you deserve him."

compared with the pain that Kobe Bryant's death brought to Vanessa, invisible moral kidnapping is the shackles that cannot be freed.

do you still remember Wu Jiafang, who carried his wife home on a motorcycle?

with painstaking efforts, he drove his motorcycle to tie his dead wife's body behind him and transported it back to his hometown for burial.

because of this scene, he got the title: the most affectionate husband in China.

however, the good times do not last long.

only half a year later, the praise disappeared and he was greeted by crusades.

because he remarried.

the sound of a scourge-like crusade made him escape from Shenzhen to his hometown of Mianzhu.

some people say that they remarried after only half a year, which is a little cruel to their deceased wife.

is it cruel? A little bit. But that's human nature.

Li Yinhe once said: "people can love again and again, but it's only a matter of time."

people are gone, and those who are alive must go on.

start a new life, maybe half a year, maybe two years, or twenty years later.

but the most important thing is that I mean it every time I miss it..

and we, as others, have no right to interfere, let alone stand on the moral high point and judge everything in front of others.

Titanic is a romantic film that many people have seen.

Jack and Ruth met and fell in love on a cruise ship.

as a result, the cruise ship was hit by an iceberg, and Jack chose to face death in order to save Ruth.

at the end of his life, Jack said to Ruth, "you have to live, have a lot of children, and watch them grow up, and you will enjoy your twilight years."

this beautiful and desolate love has touched the hearts of many people.

although Jack wants Ruth to live well, get married and have children.

but how many people still think that Ruth's final marriage is the only regret of this love.

she didn't remember Jack all her life and stay for him all her life, as we expected.

there is no one but yearns for the affection and beauty of a pair of people all their lives.

but in reality, life is always full of regrets.

if there is an accident, between life and death, who does not want the living to rekindle hope and live a happy life.

because the people who love you always want you to be happy, even if the person next to you is not me.

Cai Shaofen made such a speech in the variety show "my favorite Women".

she said that after becoming a mother, she was very afraid of death.

so every time before taking a plane, she would give a serious account to her husband Zhang Jin.

"if I have something to do, you must take good care of your two daughters. It's okay if you want to get married again, find a woman who is nice to them. "

she added lightly: "if I had left first, he would have found someone else."

after listening to Cai Shaofen, Zhong Liti shouted, "it's impossible." How come, he loves you so much. "

to this, Cai Shaofen's answer is: "forget it, be realistic."

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this is human nature, but it is also a real world.

it is human instinct to pursue happiness, and the pain caused by old love will eventually be healed by time.

everyone has the right to bid farewell to the past and start a new life.

the dead are long gone, and the living are like Sifu.

to recover from grief and start a new life is also the best comfort to the dead.

Vanessa has been with Bryant since she was 17, and she has witnessed the glory of Bryant's entire career.

they have lived with each other for 20 years, and the relationship between them is really hard to give up.

but I believe that Kobe Bryant is alive, and I hope Vanessa will be happy for the rest of her life.

"I love someone very much, and I hope she will be happy in the future!"



, the rest of life is short, don't let regret be too long.

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