Truly far-sighted parents will not let their daughters marry into these four families for a simple reason.
Truly far-sighted parents will not let their daughters marry into these four families for a simple reason.
Marriage is a lifetime thing, choice is always more important than hard work!


it is said that in a woman's life, there are two opportunities to change her fate: the first time she is reincarnated by her parents, she has no choice; the second time she marries, she can choose by herself.

for women, it is often very happy to marry a person with a good family and good conduct, on the other hand, if you follow a person with a bad family and unreliable person, the rest of your life will probably be very painful.

as far as parents are concerned, they all hope that their daughter can marry the right person and be happy all her life.

therefore, women should be cautious in getting married, and truly far-sighted parents will warn their daughters not to marry into these four families.

families prone to violence

Xu Zheng and Liu Xiaojie attracted a lot of attention during the popularity of the TV series Xiaomin Home.

after falling in love for a year, Liu Xiaojie took Xu Zheng to meet his parents.

the mother did not like Xu Zheng's narrow-mindedness and frivolous appearance, and politely told her daughter, while Liu Xiaojie paid no attention to it and insisted on getting a certificate from the other side.

, Xu Zheng's paranoia, irritability and violent tendency gradually revealed. Xu Zheng's parents have always been aware of it, but they completely connived at him and even became his helpers.

Xu Zhengqiang forced Xiaojie to keep his distance from other men, even put her under house arrest in the name of love and beat her.

later began to apologize and begged her for forgiveness with honeyed words.

at first, Liu Xiaojie could comfort herself that it was because the other person loved her too much, but in the face of Xu Zheng's repeated violence, she could no longer deceive herself.

if you really love someone, you won't be violent to her, and the promise to apologize after that is even more an excuse.

domestic violence has always been zero and countless.

A man with a tendency to domestic violence, even if you only answer back, or a place does not agree with him, he may mercilessly resort to violence against you.

in this relationship, there is no equal respect, let alone love.

in this regard, although some women are resentful in their hearts, they cannot beat or escape, so they can only swallow their anger and spend every day in panic and worry.

therefore, in heterosexual intercourse, once men are found to be prone to domestic violence, they should stop their losses in time in order to avoid endless trouble.

families whose parents are too strong

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growing up environment is very important to everyone.

if the parents of a family are very strong, the children educated in this way tend to become cowardly or equally overbearing and overbearing.

the former is commonly known as "mama's boy", while the latter is male chauvinism, either way, is not a good husband.

A few days ago, I watched an issue of love defense, which was about the family conflicts caused by the man's mother being too strong.

the female guest mentioned that over the past few years of marriage, the main problem was that her mother-in-law was two-faced and often arranged her behind her back.

and the husband is always on the side of his mother-in-law, without considering her feelings.

after reading, you can understand why a woman can't marry a family whose parents are too strong.

in a sentence by emotion expert Tu Lei:

"what is really infuriating is that the man can not take it for granted.


when you have a conflict with your mother-in-law, he will always side with his mother, no matter what is right or wrong.

you are under the same roof, but like an outsider, no one cares what you think and is even criticized.

to live with a man in such a family, you have to endure all kinds of dislike in addition to babysitting for his family.

Marriage is for happiness, but you have no say at home and are forced to be obedient. How can you be happy?

families with complex family relationships

in reality, most marriages require the woman to join the man's family and integrate into each other's life.

therefore, how the man's original family is, it is very important for the woman.

just like a father said to his daughter on the Internet:

"if you plan to get married one day, don't just look at the other person, but also look at his family." If his family relationship is so complicated that people can't feel the warm atmosphere, it's not worth marrying. "

Yes, marriage is not for two people, but for two families.

there are also families with a large number of people who need endless help. Marrying into such a family is destined to be difficult to lead a peaceful life.

therefore, before a woman marries, she must know more about each other's family, not because of his promise.

if a person's family fails, it indicates that after marrying him, you will face countless conflicts. It will slowly wear out your relationship until it breaks down.

families with too wide economic disparity

many parents want their daughters to marry high, so that their daughters can live without worries about food and clothing.

did not take into account that if the economic conditions of the two sides are too wide, there will be a lot of contradictions.

in real life, some women choose to marry men whose conditions are much higher than their own.

as a result, I found it difficult to fit into each other's family, and it was also very difficult.Get the approval of his family, even his and her husband's living habits, interests and hobbies are very different, often talk to each other.

over time, the two people become more and more estranged, and eventually they can not escape the fate of unhappy marriage.

of course, the same is true for women who choose men whose conditions are much worse than themselves. two people will disagree because of the bride price and the house, and they may quarrel with each other about three meals a day.

there is a reasonable saying in the New Age of Marriage:

"Marriage should be a perfect match, that is to say, a match of conditions, not just emotion. No matter how deep the feelings are, they have to be worn away in the trivialities of life brought about by improper conditions. "

in addition to love, marriage also needs the commonality of ideas, the equality of economic strength, and even the synchronization of ideas. If any one of them is out of balance, the relationship will face all kinds of problems.

therefore, when dealing with marriage, women must think carefully and be responsible for themselves in the future.

at the same time, parents should also have foresight and take good care of their daughters.

Marriage is a matter of a lifetime, and choice is always more important than hard work. Only when we look before we leap can we have happiness in life.

, good night.