Tony Leung Chao-Wei's "human setting collapsed", Carina Lau revealed the truth of her marriage, netizen: finally stop pretending?
Tony Leung Chao-Wei's "human setting collapsed", Carina Lau revealed the truth of her marriage, netizen: finally stop pretending?
After nearly 40 years of practice, he no longer needs to prove himself to anyone.

recently, Tony Leung, who has disappeared from the public eye for a long time, suddenly went on a hot search.

this hot search term is also very interesting:

# I can see that Tony Leung is very nervous #

it turns out that Tony Leung Chaowei, who lost his wife's "support" at the Busan Film Festival in South Korea

seems particularly at a loss as to what to do.

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here, feel it.

before playing, looking at the dark crowd in front of him, Tony Leung took a deep breath and let himself relax.

as a result, one second smiled and greeted the fans, and the next breathed a sigh of relief.

then, in the face of the reporter's flash, Liang Chaowei, who was alone, did not dare to move or look at it.

after hearing the host's request to choose a fan to interact with each other, Tony Leung closed his eyes nervously.

this series of body language is very much like every young man who is afraid of society.

there is a question from netizens: I always thought stars would not be afraid.

Yes, it's hard to imagine that the other side of the movie star is social fear.

in fact, Tony Leung's social fears have not been one or two days.

A long time ago, some netizens exposed the scene of him walking the catwalk with Carina Lau.

in the picture, Tony Leung clung to Carina Lau with one hand and nowhere to put the other. As soon as he finished walking, he couldn't wait to pull Carina Lau around and leave the field.

and Carina Lau went on stage to take photos, he followed closely behind Carina Lau with small steps for fear of being left behind.

Tony Leung once explained in the program:

"when I was myself, I was afraid that people would look at me!"

Jacky Cheung even said he was autistic.

because when filming, Tony Leung often buried himself in the script and didn't want to talk to anyone.

once Tony Leung suddenly disappeared on the set, frightening the staff at that time. They looked everywhere and finally found that he had locked himself reading in the toilet.

if we say that Liang Chaowei's A side is a movie emperor with boundless scenery and a handsome and charming male god.

then Tony Leung Chao-Wei's B side is a lonely, silent strange child.

and his autism has a deep relationship with his original family.

when he was a child, Tony Leung had an inferiority complex.

parents' early divorce has become a dark cloud over Tony Leung's head.

for fear of being told the truth, Tony Leung, with high self-esteem, simply chose not to communicate with others. Over time, he built a high wall in his heart and gradually closed himself up.

occasionally when I have a desire to talk, I chat with myself in front of the mirror at home.

in the movie City of sadness, Tony Leung plays a mute who is imprisoned in a dark prison because of persecution and is finally dragged out to be killed.

after watching the film, Tony Leung's mother cried again and again.

because she felt that the person who did not speak was so much like her son when he was a child.

the disappearance of his father has not only made the originally lively teenager reticent, but also made the family destitute. Tony Leung, who is not yet an adult, can only take up the important task of the family early.

to help his family, he worked as a newsboy in a grocery store and later became an electrical salesman, selling air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators.

at that time, he did not know the significance of such a job, let alone the way forward.

at that time, Tony Leung's classmate fell in love with a girl, and the two wanted to date, but out of shyness, they pulled up people close to them and organized a dinner.

and this girl is Zhou Xingchi's sister.

as two teenagers who are also light bulbs, they are not only of the same age, but also have similar personalities and experiences.

so the two soon became friends.

once Stephen Chow pulled Tony Leung to interview a training class for artists.

as a result, Stephen Chow, who had been waiting for a long time, lost the election, and Tony Leung, who was unprepared, was chosen unexpectedly.

good luck finally began to favor the young man who had an unhappy childhood.

after entering the show business, Tony Leung's career can be said to be smooth.

the following year, his starring role in "The Deer and the Cauldron" became so popular that even Jin Yong said that Liang Chaowei played the trinket in his heart.

Brother Xinza, who worked with Maggie Cheung, became popular again.

Tony Leung did not expect that his autistic personality was so suitable to be an actor.

his success again and again has not only accumulated a lot of performance skills, but also made him feel inferior and regained some self-confidence.

but when he worked with Wong Kar-wai for the first time, he fell into self-doubt again.

during the filming of the True Story of Alfie, Tony Leung remade a pear-eating scene 27 times. He was so shocked that he went home and cleaned his room and cried.

however, after the film was released, the clip of eating pears was not broadcast, but the picture of him combing his hair and changing clothes at the end of the film was regarded as a classic by countless people.

it is well known that Wong Kar-wai is notoriously difficult to cooperate.

Zhang Guorong was so abused that he almost wrote a suicide note. Zhang Xueyou said bluntly that he would not cooperate again. Gong Li said that he consumed good actors.

onlyTony Leung persisted all the time.

in his 40 years of debut, Tony Leung has won three Golden Horse Actress, five Golden Horse Actress and one Cannes Actor. This honor is still unmatched today.

the word "Tony Leung Chao Wei" has long been synonymous with acting.

behind these honors and affirmations is Tony Leung's devotion and seriousness to acting.

when filming Blood Street, Liang Chaowei filmed a scene that killed Jacky Cheung 50 or 60 times over and over again.

in the end, even director John Woo said he was satisfied, but Tony Leung still felt that he had not achieved the desired effect.

once I listened to CD with Zhang Zhen. After the music played, he suddenly began to read the lines from "Evil in the East and Poison in the West".

although more than ten years have passed, he still keeps the character's lines and state in mind.

Wong Kar-wai has a widely circulated comment:


there are three kinds of actors, one of which is very clever. If you ask him to practice something 30 times, he will only practice it 3 times, but he will not practice it.

there is a comparative rule, just like Andy Lau. If you let him practice 30 times, he will practice 30 times:

but Tony Leung is the kind of person who you let him practice 30 times, he will practice 300 times.


for Tony Leung, filming is the most comfortable time.

acting allows him to find a channel to vent his emotions, so that if he is silent and depressed in life, he can be himself if he is unwilling to express himself.

so he cherished every opportunity to act as if he had seized the straws of life.

is as famous as Tony Leung's acting skills is his love with Carina Lau.

Carina Lau likes to be lively and often gets together with her friends to play mahjong. She is what her friends call "Jialing Sister".

Tony Leung likes to be quiet, far away from the crowd, and can be silent without saying a word for a day.

their marriage was once ridiculed as: social phobia meets social bullying.

but the two people with very different personalities end up together.

although she has won numerous honors in her career, Tony Leung is not an easy person to get along with in life, and Carina Lau has tolerated everything about him unconditionally.

when the house was decorated, Tony Leung left with a suitcase, and Carina Lau took care of everything by herself.

the marriage between the two is also run by Carina Lau, and the location is Bhutan, near Tony Leung's favorite nature.

he thought marriage was a formality, but Carina Lau's arrangement really made him feel happy and happy.

seeing that Tony Leung was tortured to collapse by Wong Kar-wai, Carina Lau made a phone call to ask Wong Kar-wai, "what have you done to my husband?" He always cries at home! "

Tony Leung once said:

"people have many choices, and there are many good things in this world, but there are few things that are really suitable for them. And I am glad that Jialing and I can be together. "

his past pain and misfortune were gradually cured in his relationship with Carina Lau.

True love always goes both ways, and Tony Leung always spares no effort in caring for Carina Lau.

when the two were first together, Carina Lau was often ridiculed by the outside world. Tony Leung kept confessing his love to Carina Lau in front of the camera:

"what I admire most is my girlfriend Liu Jialing, who is the only one who can understand me."

"A lot of women are drugs, but she is my antidote."

in 2002, the cover of Hong Kong's East Weekly published an indecent photo of Carina Lau.

the sudden blow made Carina Lau so broken that she even wanted to commit suicide.

Tony Leung, who was still filming at that time, rushed back to Carina Lau and watched her 24 hours a day.

unable to bear to see Carina Lau suffering all the time, Tony Leung said to Carina Lau, "this circle is so complicated, let's leave. I'll accompany you wherever you want to go."

many years later, Carina Lau recalled Tony Leung at that time. She said that he had given her a kind of mountain strength.

of course, when two people get along for a long time, there will be quarrels and cold wars.

but most of the time, they can't quarrel.

every time a quarrel is over, one of them will bow his head and apologize first.

for them, patience and compromise with each other is the "preservative" of their feelings.

"A long marriage is to be patient. You think you are putting up with others, and maybe they are putting up with you, too."

Today, Tony Leung and Carina Lau have been with each other for more than 30 years.

the two have very different personalities, but they accidentally complement each other.

this once unfavored love, instead of cheating and having an affair, has been run into the envy of everyone.

some time ago, photos of Tony Leung riding a motorcycle were posted on the Internet.

even though Tony Leung is 60 years old, he still exudes a sense of youth.

he once said:

"Life is too short. I am not very enterprising. It is another day to read books, read the sea and read clouds. People think that I am.Psychopath, however, how beautiful the clouds are and how beautiful the water is. If you are free, watch a movie every day. "

this is Tony Leung, who can always stay awake even if he wins numerous awards.

the rare thing about him as an actor is that he has never harassed anyone when he is not filming.

except for movies, we can hardly see any negative news about him.

I still remember that before he became an actor, he said he would retire at the age of 40 or so.

but he said that he had reached a new stage and would enjoy more, relax and make movies more easily in the future.

having worked for nearly 40 years, he no longer needs to prove himself to anyone. Enjoying acting is what he will do in the future.

, look forward to Tony Leung bringing more excellent works in the future.