Time is silent, but answers everything (classic)
Time is silent, but answers everything (classic)
Time will dilute everything and prove it.

Ji Xianlin said in a book:

"time never speaks, but answers all questions; time never speaks, but bears witness to all sincerity."

time will dilute everything and prove it.

time has never failed painstaking people, every examination paper of life, it will slowly present the best answer in front of your eyes.

time never speaks, but answers all the questions

when we suddenly look back, we often can't help but feel sad, as if the flowers are still fragrant in front of us, but in an instant, the years have become graves of fallen flowers.

We often lament that "time passes too fast" or "time passes so slowly". When has time changed a bit? It will always be, no hurry, no delay, no sorrow, no joy, and dies quietly.

as Bi Shumin once said, "Life is the coexistence of mud and sand, flowers and thorns."

whose life is plain sailing? Whose life is not muddy without wind and rain?

time never stops. Give time a little time and everything will pass.

the heartbreak after failure, the heartbreak after emotional injury, the pain of gnashing teeth, the constant thinking of personnel, gradually drifting away with the passing years, becoming as light as clouds and smoke in the strangers of time.

the prosperity and bleak at that time, shallow and bleak, never deliberately forgotten, but in the twists and turns of the years, like a boat crossing the water without a trace.

the past of Zhu Ma Qingmei is slowly getting old; the pain that I do not want to talk to others is calming down day by day; those who are bitter about it have long been relieved.

when all prosperity is dull, when all noise is calm, when you get through those years of suffering, watching Yunjuanyunshu and laughing at falling flowers, you will understand that everything is the best arrangement.

our young faces grow old with the passage of time, but life has not failed us. Strong, tenacious, brave, open-minded and optimistic are the best wishes of life for us.

therefore, in the journey of life, there are fewer complaints, less anxiety, less remorse, and all that is lost will surely return to the path of life in other forms, making our lives rich and full.

time never speaks, but it will answer all your questions at some inadvertent moment.

the lack of time has made us miserable. Time, as always, will also give us new hope and confidence.

after going through thousands of sails, there will be no regrets, and the world is always worth looking forward to.

years are silent, but they witness all the sincerity

people who write "Life is like first sight" and "Love at first sight is not as good as never tired of seeing each other for a long time" must be people who have experienced years of scouring and baptism and have a profound insight into human and world affairs.

because time tests the human relationship, time tries the human heart.

Yu Hua said: "nothing is more persuasive than time, because time can change everything without telling us."

too many personnel can not stand the rotation of the sun and the moon, can not stand the waste of time, can not stand the test of time.

it is easy to fall in love and difficult to get along with, but it weakens when it is strong.

promises when affectionate are often unable to sustain the long years after affection.

those who talk about being friends for life may turn around and scatter in their own fleeting years.

Life comes and goes, no matter what kind of relationship between people is fate, and the depth and length of fate depends on whether we can cherish each other day after day, year after year.

the human heart is unfathomable, his heart is not necessarily like mine, and his heart may not be exchanged for his heart.

if you only pay unilaterally and come and go, it will eventually make you exhausted, love will disappear, and eventually disappear without a trace.

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regardless of love, friendship, or family affection, a two-way relationship is meaningful.

just like a sentence once said:

"whether the road of life is long or short, it is enough for you to see every face around you."

True love will not be diluted by time, but will last for a long time under the precipitation of time.

True friendship is not blocked by time, but grows deeper and deeper with the accumulation of time, the mellow the more fragrant.

the real family relationship is not that you never quarrel, but that love is still there after you quarrel.

No matter how things change and how many times things change, you have to believe that someone will stay with you.

ask for warmth to you, accompany you to come and fall, to be with you year after year, to accompany you close to the horizon, to go through the ordinary world with you, to spend the wind and sand with you.

they may not be the people you cared about the most, or they may not have made the deepest commitment, but they must be the ones who care about and cherish you the most, and they are worthy of being treated well in your life for the rest of your life.

time is silent, but it can see through the heart; time is silent, but it can bear witness to the truth.

A vast sea of people, a long life, may we all have good luck and be sincerely treated by many people, if not, then let us learn compassion and tolerance in misfortune and loneliness.

be yourself, and time will tell you the answer

when we start to do something, we are often in a hurry to achieve it. Not seeing the result for a while will make us anxious.

do not realize that just like the spring and autumn harvest, everything takes a certain amount of time, when it comes naturally, good things need more grinding.

the growth of a towering tree comes from the germination of a small seed, and then goes through countless years of wind and rain.Fight.

many things in the world take a long time to accumulate, and quantitative change brings about qualitative change.

exercise, for example, has no obvious effect in the short term.

this reminds me of a saying: "exercise or not, ten years later, the difference is the whole life."

when you understand this sentence, you will see the accumulated strength and understand the meaning of persistence and self-discipline.

I like reading, but people often mock: "what if you read so many books?"

and Sanmao said:

"when you read more, your appearance changes naturally. Many times, you may think that many of the books you have read have become fleeting and can no longer be remembered. In fact, they are still boundless in potential temperament, in conversation, and in mind." of course, it may also be revealed in life and words. "

on the stage of CCTV's "Poetry Conference", takeout boy Lei Hai won the championship and realized the counterattack of life in order to defeat the talented talents of Peking University.

Lei Hai is not only the rich foundation of poetry, but also the accumulation of more than ten years.

all things in the world do not persist because they see hope, but only when they persist.

it's like a drop of water piercing a stone, grinding a pestle into a needle, and gathering sand into a tower.

the world is desolate and scattered, and being able to do what you like is a kind of happiness in itself.

immerse yourself in what you like, it will make people forget the sorrows of the world and the passage of time.

and the charm of time is that no one is sure what will happen next, but please believe that life is not a wasted road, every step counts.

do what you are sure of, and leave the rest to time, and it will certainly give us the answer we want.

time does not speak, time does not speak, but let us understand:

people who don't matter need not be cared about; those who are far away need not be forced to do so; those who stay are treated with their hearts.

be yourself for the rest of your life.

although there are many uncertainties and uncertainties in the future, we should all be full of confidence, because time will live up to every effort.

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