Three years after the divorce, Ma Yili and the article lived a completely different life, and the original outcome was doomed.
Three years after the divorce, Ma Yili and the article lived a completely different life, and the original outcome was doomed.
In Ma Yili's world, her journey for the rest of her life has only just begun.

unexpectedly, three years after the divorce, Ma Yili became a hot search again because of emotional problems.

the reason is that the article co-starred with Xie Na in the play "thirteen relationship".

tells the story of a man having an affair, and coincidentally, the role is played by the article.

No wonder netizens teased that this script was written for the purpose of the article.

and Ma Yili appeared at the scene of the play to support the article, which made netizens explode.

I still remember that in 2014, when Ma Yili was pregnant, the article was exposed to be unfaithful.

surprisingly, Ma Yili, who has a strong personality, did not choose to fall out, but decided to give the article another chance.

five years later, just when everyone thought the two were in a stable relationship, Ma Yili suddenly announced his divorce.

her decisions are puzzling to too many people.

if you chose to forgive at first, why did you decide to divorce later?

Why can he be so calm now in the face of his ex-husband who has brought him humiliation?

in fact, the answers are hidden in Ma Yili's past stories.

when it comes to Ma Yili, many people's first impression is: independence.

when he was a child, Ma Yili lived in an alley in Shanghai. His parents were the most ordinary workers, and the family lived a hard life.

but the difficult living conditions did not dilute her parents' concern for her.

knowing that Ma Yili likes to dance, her father often stared at the newspaper. Every time he saw the news of enrollment, he got on his bike and took her to the exam.

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after Ma Yili attended the training course, her father began to ride her to and from class every day, rain or shine.

the care and support of her parents has never been absent when she was growing up.

on the other hand, although her father loved Ma Yili, he never raised her as a weak girl, but hoped that she would be as good as a boy in all respects.

when she applied for a volunteer, her family advised her to go directly to an ordinary high school, but she refused to make do with it and insisted on filling a key high school.

there never seems to be the word "throw in the towel" in her dictionary.

at the age of 15, Ma Yili successfully joined the variety dance team of Shanghai TV Station and relied on the money earned from regular performances.

there, she danced for King Aaron Kwok.

perhaps she could not have imagined that many years later, when the two worked together again, they had become a couple in the film.

in 1994, Ma Yili was admitted to Shanghai Theatre Academy.

for her, "being famous" seems particularly simple.

starred in the TV series vacuum Love Records before he graduated.

then worked with Chen Daoming on the TV series Black Hole.

in 2003, Ma Yili came across the script of "returning Pearl Gege".

because Lin Xinru was in the front, many people did not advise her to take this role at that time.

but Ma Yili doesn't believe in evil, and the more others say that, the more she wants to try.

unlike the gentle and weak crape myrtle, Ma Yili at that time was proud, stubborn and distinct between love and hate.

looks sweet, but inside there is a stubbornness that many people can't understand.

she can't accept others being late and hates the scene of pretending to interview and communicate with an outline written in advance.

if the reporter is not ready for the interview, she will even refuse to answer directly.

friend Shen Yan commented: "in her, the contrast between softness on the outside and strength on the inside is the strongest."

but it was because of this that she met the role of Charlene in struggle.

Charlene, who is stubborn and proud, independent and confident, and dares to pursue love, seems to be tailor-made for Ma Yili.

Ma Yili made Charlene alive, and Charlene fulfilled Ma Yili.

with this role, Ma Yili is completely popular.

maybe all the luck has given to the career, and Ma Yili's emotional road has been quite bumpy.

in 1997, Ma Yili met Guan Hu under the introduction of a friend.

the two were attracted to each other because of their talent, and finally broke up because of discord and regret.

Guan Hu, who has a strong personality, needs a gentle and obedient girlfriend, but Ma Yili is obviously not.

in 2006, Ma Yili collaborated with the article on the TV series struggle, and soon there was news of love.

at that time, the article had just stepped out of school, it was just a small transparency of the show business, and Ma Yili was already a well-known actress in the circle.

therefore, the relationship between strong women and weak men was not favored by the outside world at that time.

but the gap between age and career did not make Ma Yili flinch, she was in love resolutely and the article walked into the hall of marriage.

after marriage, Ma Yili began to pay more attention to his family and tried his best to support her husband's career.

the article has also expressed its love in public many times:

I will always be the little man behind you. "

"I have never felt how good I am. The only thing I think is that I am the best."The woman's name is Ma Yili. "

however, the world is unpredictable. "see you on Monday" made an uproar about the article's derailment and pushed Ma Yili to the forefront of the storm.

everyone thought Ma Yili would announce a divorce, but she ended the storm lightly by saying, "Love is easy, marriage is not easy, and you can cherish it."

this decision puzzled and even ridiculed many people.

perhaps, for Ma Yili at that time, she could love without hesitation and marry the article without fear of reality.

you can also ignore the secular thoughts of the outside world and give the article another chance to protect your own family.

on July 28, 2019, their relationship finally came to an end.

the article posted: "my love Yili, along the way, one parting two wide, the rest of my life is long, still family waiting."

Ma Yili also wrote on Weibo: "you and I have loved, tried, and accomplished each other. There are regrets about this, but there is no right or wrong. From now on, all the students will be happy. "

there is no tension, no tearing dispute.

some people use "wife's revenge" to satirize Ma Yili's divorce.

in response, Ma Yili responded: "maybe it's because we don't want to take on so much responsibility anymore, and it would be better to forget about it in the end."

just as Luo Zijun in the first half of my Life finally left her ex-husband Chen Junsheng, in real life, Ma Yili also said goodbye to the first half of his life.

Ma Yili once wrote a famous saying:

"if you choose not to cherish me because of the charm you had when you first met me, I can still wear high heels, put on exquisite makeup, regain my career and halo, and walk out the door to be sought after by thousands of people."

it turns out that this is indeed the case.

after the article cheated, he was labeled as an unscrupulous artist, and his career plummeted.

in January this year, netizens found the article in the promotional video of the movie "Valley Soul".

in the video, he is fat, haggard and old.

at first glance, it is hard to imagine that this is a big star who once had a bright star.

by contrast, Ma Yili lives in another state of life.

at the 2018 Shanghai Television Festival, 42-year-old Ma Yili won the Best Actress of Magnolia for her TV series "my first half of my Life".

at that time, standing beside her was Hu GE, who had just won the best actor in Magnolia.

in September 2019, the urban start-up drama "in the distance", starring her co-star Liu Ye, was well received.

the movie "Love Myth" was released last December.

, was once a hot search because of his good condition.

you will find that she is no longer the gray-faced and bedraggled woman, and the once-dazzling Ma Yili has come back.

the failed marriage brought Ma Yili not only emotional injury, but also growth. Instead of being defeated by public opinion, she transformed into a better self.

Ma Yili replied, "I always thought I had a good time. I worked hard at every step I took. I had no regrets or regrets."

the reporter asked: "what about life and feelings?"

Ma Yili affirmed: "it's still like this if you do it all over again."

whether it is the recklessness of youth when she is young, or the desperate treatment of love, it is an experience and growth for her.

she has always believed that when you are young, you have to make mistakes and be covered with edges and corners in order to face the dark side of growing up.

20-year-old Ma Yili loves to listen to rock and roll, drives Gyibug, and is covered with proud thorns.

now, the years have smoothed her irritability and made her more calm.

she began to pay attention to children's health and called on everyone to care for working mothers.

"in his twenties, he only wants to control everything he has for eternity, so he worries inexplicably for many uncertainties in the future and misses some good things.

more than 40 years old, know that mortals and things, there is no immutability, a thought of yin and yang. The only thing that can be grasped is the present time. "

being over 40 is, for many people, the beginning of a midlife crisis.

in Ma Yili's world, her journey for the rest of her life has only just begun.

, may Ma Yili's future life continue to be wonderful, and I also hope that every woman who lives for herself can be treated gently by life.

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