Three taboos that cannot be committed at work
Three taboos that cannot be committed at work
No unit, you, nothing.


what is a unit?

the unit is the bridge of exchange between us and society and between others, and the stage on which we show our existence.

is the backstage of our beautiful family, the value-added device for us to raise our value, and the inn where we settle down.

as the saying goes:

"if you are grass, the unit is your land; if you are a bird, the unit is your day; if you are a fish, the unit is your sea."

Family can't do without you, and you can't leave work.

No unit, you, nothing. "

therefore, my concept of unit is four words: unit is like home.

We should treat the unit like a home, take good care of the unit like a family, and build a unit like a builder.

in the unit, there are three things that are most cherished

first, cherish the work at hand.

work is duty, responsibility is responsibility, responsibility is value.

cherish work, is to cherish the opportunity to grasp, is to cherish the trust of the organization, is to cherish the stage of life.

second, cherish interpersonal relationships.

the same ferry has been built for a hundred years.

it is fate to be able to work in a unit.

some people have made such statistics that in this world, the probability of one person meeting another is 1/10000000;

the probability of becoming a friend is about 1/200000000;

and the possibility of becoming a life partner is about 1/3000000000.

therefore, we must cherish the interpersonal relationship of the unit, and would rather be aggrieved than try not to compete.

help others, don't hurt others.

A person's ability is only when he is able to deal with a working relationship with himself.

three, if you cherish what you already have.

be sure to cherish what you already have at work.

maybe after a long time, you will feel bored.

learn to adjust yourself in time so that you have a new feeling in front of the boring work.

what you already have is often lost before you feel the value, but once you lose it, you will not come back, which is often regrettable for the rest of your life.

in the unit, there are three most taboo points

avoid passing the buck to work.

work is your duty and the foundation on which you gain a foothold in your organization.

to push your own job to others is not smart, but stupid, unless you are not competent for it.

prevarication is a kind of evasion, irresponsibility and incompetence, which will make others look down on you from the bottom of their heart.

two taboos to fool others.

fooling others is really stupid and irresponsible to yourself.

especially for those who trust you, don't be smart. No one is stupid.

working together for a long time, what moves people is sincerity, and what disgusts people is fooling and hypocrisy.

being a real person, everything is on the face, consistent in words and deeds, consistent before and after others, and others will not defend you.

your living environment is much more open and interpersonal stress is much less.

three taboos are impetuous.

being impetuous and unable to settle down is a big taboo to work in a unit.

the unit is not a casual view, but is likely to be a lifetime base and proof of a person's lifetime existence.

settle down and work slowly.

Don't get carried away when you have a chance.

Don't worry about gain or loss if you don't have an opportunity or miss an opportunity.

only by burying your head can you stand out. The final winners are often those who walk slowly.

in the unit, there are three points that I don't forget most

first of all, do not forget dignitaries.

the eldest has only one unit, big or small.

those who can recommend you in front of the boss and say nice things about you are the dignitaries in your life and should not be ungrateful.

in the unit, we should be diligent and respectful, work conscientiously, instead of playing tricks and arrogance.

units is never sorted by age, but by position. Whoever speaks in terms of his own age is a real fool.

No one will respect you from the bottom of your heart because you are old.

the respect for age is only a superficial gesture.

second, don't forget to make up the station.

complement each other, show one after another; dismantle each other and collapse together;

if we fight openly and secretly, we will both lose; we will help each other and complement each other.

in the unit, the old have the advantage of the old, and the young have the advantage of the young.

never despise each other, it is cannibalism.

at work, if you can do more, do more, and someone will always remember you.

in the unit, do not take a bad head, do not break the rules of the unit, that is to tear down the boss's station, that is, to tear down your own station.

be sure to limit things that belong to private to private space.

otherwise, no one will recognize you at the critical moment.

try to stay away from those who encourage you not to work and those who encourage you to make conflicts at work, which is hurting you.

third, do not forget modesty.

modesty makes one progress, while pride makes one lag behind. At work, never talk big. No one is afraid of your big words, everyone.Will only despise you.

maintain your own organization, your work, and your career.

if you are just for play, please don't be at work.

if you are a seed, the unit is your fertile soil; if you are a leaf, the unit is your tree body.

the unit can run without anyone, but you can't do without the unit. You have to work hard to prove that you are very important in the unit.

in the unit, there are three most popular points

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first, do a good job.

you should do the same thing better than others; when others do equally well, you should do it faster than others;

when others do it as fast, you will have a lower cost than others; when other people's costs are equally low, you will have higher added value than others.

you are bound to be popular at work.

second, there will be unity.

the unit is a team, and the team needs to be United.

whoever unites more people will have great strength.

in particular, we should unite with those who have opposed and have a problem with themselves.

be a sincere man. Don't be afraid to suffer losses. It is a blessing to suffer losses.

everyone should be respected. Only by respecting others can we get the respect of others.

respect for people is the premise of good interpersonal relations, anyone can deal with, in dealing with advantages and avoid disadvantages.

third, repay one's kindness.

one hero, three gangs, one fence and three stakes.

No matter how talented a person is, he needs someone else to give you a chance to do something.

work gives you a job, and work gives you not only pay, but also opportunities to learn and grow.

colleagues give you cooperation in your work; clients give you a platform to create results;

opponents let you see the distance and space for development; those who praise you give you encouragement, and those who criticize you give you warning.

people are self-aware, remember the advantages of others, forget the disadvantages of others, be grateful, be grateful, and never be ungrateful.