This is the top performance of a man who loves you.
This is the top performance of a man who loves you.
I hope you have a normal relationship. I hope you also meet someone who can cure you.



: "

are you tired of falling in love? "

some people say they are tired, others say they enjoy it.

I sent the link to my best friend, and this is how she replied on Wechat:

"when I was with my ex, I was not only tired, but also wanted to die."

I know she's not exaggerating at all.

in her last relationship, the male lead was a pua master.

after talking for a year, she doubted herself every day, asking people around her from time to time, "am I not worthy of being loved?"

at that time, I saw that her state was not very good, and she was full of anxiety and anxiety. I persuaded her to break up many times, but she still missed the old love and couldn't bear it all the time.

until one night she came to my house to cry and burst into tears. I asked her what was wrong. She said that she made cakes by hand for the first time at home, and the heat was not well mastered, which filled the kitchen with smoke.

at that time, her predecessor came in from the living room with disgust in his eyes, saw a messy table, and viciously asked her:

"Why would you do it?"

he snatched the spoon from his best friend's hand, poured all the cakes in the pot into the trash can, and scolded her viciously:

"how can you be so stupid?"

at that moment, her best friend was so aggrieved that she had no idea what she had done wrong.

later, when they broke up, she said, "maybe it's just not love."

A bad relationship will make you feel inferior and sensitive.

and a bad lover will lose the light in your eyes.

A bad love will make you lack self-confidence to do anything, but a healthy relationship can make you feel comfortable and help you become the best you can be.

I have known more people in the past two years. I find that the better the girl is loved, the more confident, optimistic, brave and decisive she is.

so love is powerful, it can push you and push you towards a better life.

some time ago, I was chatting with a married friend.

she said that she still has a negative attitude towards love, and now many people are not honest, selfish and full of disdain for love.

but it was only after meeting her husband that she knew that a good lover could cure herself.

when they were together for a year, they decided to get a license. Many people thought that she was in too much of a hurry to get married, but they did not know that the love given to her by this boy was very firm and honest.

this man fully gave his friend sense of security so that she would no longer resonate with other people's grievances in love and support her any decision, even some silly little things.

after being with this boy, his friend becomes soft, and he can show his good or bad in front of his lover. No matter what others think, he will always be on his side.

they have been married for three years now, and many people urge her to have a baby and become a mother. Only her lover will say to her, "it doesn't matter if you want to be born, and it doesn't matter if you don't want to."

this kind of love is hard not to envy.

in fact, there is no standard answer to love, but what is certain is that being loved seems to have a backing, and good love makes people feel warm and brave.

healthy love is like a gift, because of each other's firm choice, silent giving, and obvious preference, you will feel that the world is not a nuisance.

thought that I had seen such a paragraph before:

being loved will make people feel secure when they fall from a height and be caught by both hands. It will make people emotionally stable every day, will make them softer unconsciously, will be more positive and optimistic, and will be sunny.

so a good relationship should heal each other, not be consumed all the time.

having a healthy relationship with a responsible person is more important than any love word or gift.

A good lover can reduce the pain in life by half.

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maybe there are many twists and turns in love in the past, maybe you no longer have the so-called expectation to fall in love, maybe you no longer believe that you will be loved by a person.

but I still want to tell you that there must be a right person in this world who can love you with enough sincerity.

I hope you have a normal relationship, and I hope you meet someone who can cure you.

I hope you can also give others the so-called cure, give each other's long-lost sense of security, warm each other's world, make up for all the injuries and regrets you have suffered before, and make you feel worthwhile in the world!

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