There is a kind of top wisdom in life, called "forget it."
There is a kind of top wisdom in life, called "forget it."
Life is too short to make things difficult for yourself.


there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "the world is not dusty, and the sea is not bitter."

the so-called troubles are nothing but troubles.

Life is only a few decades, all love and hate gains and losses, together and scattered ups and downs, will eventually become a thing of the past.

No matter how you solve the problem of life, there will be regrets. Instead of worrying about it, it is better to turn around and leave.

in the second half of life, putting down is a kind of spiritual practice, and "forget it" is a kind of wisdom.

get me lucky, lose my life

an employee of a company has been living a quiet and mundane life.

once, he had nothing to do and spent two yuan on a lottery ticket.

I didn't expect much, but I just bought it for fun. But unexpectedly, he won a big prize.

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because he usually likes sports cars, he uses his bonus to buy one and goes for a ride all day.

however, misfortune came soon and his car was stolen.

fearing that he could not get over it, his friends came to comfort him, but he smiled and said to his friends, "any of you who accidentally lost two dollars will seek life and death?"

my friends were a little confused. He explained, "I bought the lottery ticket with two yuan, so I got the car. Now that the car is lost, isn't it a loss of two yuan?"

there is a saying: "I am lucky to get it, but lose my life."

when you have it, don't be complacent. The windfall doesn't belong to you.

Don't be depressed if you lose it. It's not yours that will be lost sooner or later.

at the beginning of Apple, there was a co-founder, Wayne, who later resigned and sold his 10% stake to Jobs for $800.

37 years later, the 10 per cent stake Mr Wayne hastily sold is valued at $35 billion.

and after Wayne left Apple, he moved to several companies and didn't earn much.

when the reporter interviewed Wayne, he said calmly:

"if I knew it could produce 300 millionaires in just four years, I might stay there.

but I don't waste time worrying about things that didn't happen. Why should I go back and ask myself the question "if"?

my decision to leave Apple gave me the opportunity to do a job I was interested in, and I never regretted it. "

"Please answer 1994", there is a line:

"there is no choice of regret in this world, and there is no right answer in life, only to believe that the path chosen is the right answer and turn it into the right answer."

there are some opportunities that are missed as well as missed.

Don't sigh or regret.

instead of worrying about gains and losses, let go of gains and losses.

get together and break up, learn to be bearish

I have heard a lyric: "there will always be sudden encounters, unexpected love, unexpected goodbye and no nostalgia."

any emotion, gathering is fate, and so is dispersion.

instead of struggling with each other, it is better to look at each other calmly.

instead of thinking about it, it's better to wave goodbye.

in the variety show "Please listen up, Friends", a girl named Ye called to say that she and her boyfriend had been in love for 10 years and had a long-distance relationship.

at that time, her boyfriend studied abroad and she worked in China, but when the man returned home, both parents met and mentioned marriage.

but a few days later, her boyfriend suddenly said to her:

"maybe it's been too long. My feelings for you are not as enthusiastic as before.

is replaced by the insipid feeling of family. It's OK if you still want to marry me, but what I do to you is just a kind of responsibility. After ten years, this love is weaker than water. "

the guests present at that time were silent after listening, and the host he Jiong kindly comforted her:

"it is possible that after tasting other passions, he feels that he is only plain with you.

if this is the case, I suggest you not to go through it hard, because not every relationship can last for 10 years. If you are wrong, do not continue this mistake. "

sometimes, what we can't let go is not a relationship, but what we have promised and given.

there was a hot question on Weibo: "leave a message for those who don't have the chance to go to the end, what will you say?"

one highly praised answer was: "No matter how rusty we are in the end, what we used to be good to you is true."

may be the biggest regret in each other's hearts, but I always thank you for coming to my youth. I hope you can have a good time where I can't see you. Goodbye. "

many moments, leaving someone may make us miserable; missing a relationship may break our hearts.

but you should always know: