There are three signs that a family is becoming more and more blessed, and one of them is great!
There are three signs that a family is becoming more and more blessed, and one of them is great!
May we all have a harmonious and happy family.


country is the biggest home and home is the smallest country.

there are signs and signs of the prosperity or decline of families.

A family is becoming more and more blessed, there must be the following three signs, and one of them is great.

Harmony between husband and wife

"Book of Rites" says: "Father and son Benedict, brothers in harmony, husband and wife, the fat of the family."

the prosperity of the family is inseparable from the harmony between relatives.

and the harmony of husband and wife is the most important link.

husband and wife love each other, respect each other, the child's character is gentle and mellow under the imperceptible influence.

husband and wife are at odds with each other, quarrelling constantly, and the family atmosphere suppresses the character of the child may be extremely withdrawn.

families who have a harmonious relationship, do not pass the buck, and do not blame each other are more and more blessed.


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@ Xiao an

told the story of himself and his friends:

when I was a child, my family was well-off and had no worries about food and clothing, but because of the discord between my parents, the family often jumped between chickens and dogs.

Father seldom reads books and is paranoid in doing things. Mother is strong and insistent in doing things.

Father doesn't like his mother's strength, and mother doesn't like his father's paranoia.

A small quarrel in two days and a big quarrel in three days, and the two are at loggerheads every day.

in the extremely depressed family atmosphere, I grew up without sense of security, was not confident, and grew up cold and selfish.

parents' discord led to their lack of understanding of love, and their marriage was once in crisis.

the once good family environment is now destitute because of the discord between the two for many years.

on the other hand, my friend Xiao Zhang shows people the other side of the family relationship.

when Xiao Zhang was a child, his family was poor and he was a poor family in the village.

but his parents are affectionate and gentle, and never complain when things happen.

according to Xiao Zhang, parents know how to communicate, listen and understand each other when they are young.

even though he lived in poverty and was influenced by his parents' relationship, he was cheerful and active.

after work, the marriage is happy, and the whole family is becoming more and more prosperous.

comparing the current situation of the two, Xiao an said with emotion:

"the discordant relationship between husband and wife is the biggest reason for the inevitable failure of the family, and it directly affects the children's outlook on life."

the hanging Mirror of Life says: "those who do not wilt with spirit, but whose home is unlucky; those who do not wilt with hostility, and those who do not decay."

means that the lack of harmony in the family is the reason why the family is not prosperous, and the lack of violence in the family is the reason why the family does not decline.

the decline of the family begins with discord.

Family luck will be better and better for families with a harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

filial piety of children

the Book of filial piety says: "those who do not love their relatives but love others is said to be contrary to virtue; those who do not respect their relatives but respect others are called contrary to etiquette."

means that people who care for others without caring for their loved ones are immoral, and those who do not show filial piety to their loved ones are against the usual etiquette.

filial piety to parents is the duty of every child, and the family with filial piety is rich and prosperous.

A story like this is recorded in Xijing Miscellaneous Records:

there was a man named Gu ao in the Western Han Dynasty. When he was a child, his family was poor, his father died young, and his mother worked hard to bring him up.

when he was preparing for the entrance examination, his mother, who had worked hard for many years, became seriously ill.

between filial piety and future choice, in order to repay his mother's upbringing and better serve his mother, he resolutely gave up his official career.

my mother likes to eat carved beard rice, so Gu ao often goes to various places to pick fresh carved beards.

in order to make his mother eat comfortably, he guided water conservancy, personally studied planting, and finally successfully planted it in Taihu Lake on his doorstep.

what is even more amazing is that since then, a large number of carved beards have grown naturally in the lake, other aquatic plants have disappeared, and all kinds of insects and birds do not fly and look for food.

the locals agreed that it was his filial piety that touched heaven.

his children are also deeply influenced by him, abiding by filial piety, inheriting the family style of Xiaoyi, and the family has been prosperous for a hundred years.

abiding by filial piety is the first step to change fate.

without filial piety, people with evil intentions are bound to be punished and their fate is doomed to misfortune.

nowadays, many children are selfish in dealing with others. In the face of old and inactive parents, they think they are an encumbrance.

can't bring you the feedback of material wealth, so you always want to get rid of it.

do not realize that filial piety to parents is the first blessing, and families with filial piety will become more and more prosperous.

as the Book of changes says, "A family that accumulates goodness must have Yu Qing, and a family that is not good must have aftermath."


hear such a story:

there are two families of wealthy businessmen surnamed Zhang and Wang, both of whom have two sons of the same age.

the two sons surnamed Zhang, who are rich businessmen, have loved each other since childhood. With a good family education, the two are academically excellent, modest and courteous.

while Wang surnamed Fu Shang, the two sons of the rich merchants have been well-off since childhood, and the elders of the family have tried their best to dote on them. They are competitive and open-minded.

one year, when there was a career crisis, the two enterprises suffered a big blow.

OldWhen the two sons of the Zhang family saw that the company was in trouble, they resolutely put down everything they had and went home to help.

although the two have different business ideas from time to time, they work together regardless of their personal gains and losses, put aside their disputes and join hands to save the family business.

investors who were still in a wait-and-see state saw the two brothers on such a blind date and were confident that they would continue to invest in shares.

it wasn't long before the two men turned the tide and the company survived the crisis. Since then, the company has prospered and become rich in the local area.

because of the rich assets and ignorance of the family, the two sons of the old Wang family do not have any business sense to work in the company.

in the face of a crisis, Lao Wang became seriously ill and had to let the two brothers take over.

they should have worked together to help the company, but when they saw that their father was seriously ill, they only wanted to figure out how to acquire more personal assets.

to this end, they used all kinds of means to fight each other, and even blew the whistle on each other on the board of directors, hoping to bring down the other side.

when investors saw that the brothers hurt each other, they were deeply disappointed by the reaction of their families and withdrew their funds one after another after losing confidence.

the two brothers calculated by the government finally caused the company to go bankrupt, both were jailed, the family fell apart, and the family was burdened with debt.

the older people get, the more they understand that all family relationships actually have cause and effect.

"filial piety for a father and son, and respect for brothers and brothers" is the only rule for a harmonious and progressive family, and for future generations.

the more difficult the family is, the more brothers and brothers should put aside their selfishness and unite as one.

the reason why the Zhang family prospered and survived the crisis was precisely because of brotherly harmony and concerted efforts.

if, like the Wang family, they just fight each other and tear each other apart, no one can see each other well-off, and no matter how rich the family is, it will surely fall.

"Reader" says: "Home is a word with temperature."

Home is the emotional sustenance that we remember most in our life, and it is the place that we miss most for a long time no matter where we are.

the prosperity of a family is inseparable from the inheritance of good family style.

if you have the following three characteristics at the same time, there will be more and more blessings:

A family where husband and wife are in harmony, everything is prosperous;

families with filial children, Fortune Express;

the family of sibling dating, Fukuzawa Hou.

, let's encourage each other. May we all have a harmonious and happy family.