There are six signs that a woman is in good health. How many have you won?
There are six signs that a woman is in good health. How many have you won?
May we all keep a healthy body and a happy mood.


I quite agree with one sentence:

"in this life, the competition is not who is richer, but who walks more steadily and for longer."

and what supports people to walk more steadily and longer is, first and foremost, health. "

A woman, if she is in good health, can enjoy life and pursue what she wants.

if the body is ill, no matter how capable she is, she has no room to make full use of it.

Health is not only the most expensive capital of being born in the world, but also the greatest strength of a happy life.

Let's take a look at the following six signs that women are in good health. How many have you won?

pay attention to a balanced diet

once saw a message from a netizen:

"I was 35 years old when I was pregnant with Erbao.

in theory, it should be regarded as an advanced pregnant woman, right?

but during the antenatal examination at that time, the doctor said that all the indicators were normal and my body was very healthy.

I mostly cook at home, paying attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, light oil and less sugar.

usually there is no limit to the amount of fruit at home, and the variety is very rich. I basically eat fruit as a snack.

Women, only by keeping your mouth shut can you take care of your life. "

I can't agree with you anymore.

when people reach middle age, their health is eaten and the body is nurtured.

pay attention to a variety of diets in order to inject necessary nutrients into the blood;

Control calorie intake so that the body does not grow excess fat.

I have heard an interesting saying: "if you are young, you will not be in good health, but when you are old, you will have a doctor."

to a certain extent, eating habits also shape our lives.

on the table of middle-aged people, there are more fruits and vegetables and less sugar and oil, so that they can be closer to health.

keep a regular schedule

the poet Byron once said:

"early to bed and early to rise can brighten a beautiful face and reduce the price of rouge."

but in reality, many people would rather put on the most expensive mask and eat the most expensive health care products than go to bed early and get up early.

they always comfort themselves that they are still young and there is no problem.

but the reality is that we don't know the value of health until our health breaks down.

some time ago, the experience of a netizen caused a heated discussion.

the netizen said that he often goes to bed at one or two o'clock every night and gets up at eight o'clock in the morning.

later, she developed symptoms of hand numbness and heart discomfort.

when I went to the hospital, I realized that my blood supply capacity had declined rapidly, and I even had a sign of stroke.

many people may ask, what does staying up late have to do with stroke?

it turns out that when staying up late, the brain is in a state of tension, which is easy to induce high blood pressure.

when the blood pressure rises, it is easy to form a thrombus, and when the thrombus blocks the brain, a stroke occurs.

if a woman always regards youth as a wasteful capital, then "old age disease" will also come to her door in advance.

only by sleeping well can you protect your body's vitality and keep yourself full of energy all the time.

exercise regularly

Australian scholars have done a study on women with postpartum depression.

the experts divided the women into two groups. One group was required to walk for 40 minutes three times a week with a moderate heart rate, while the other group kept their original state of life unchanged.

12 weeks later, experts found that women who walked not only increased their physical fitness, but also their depression almost disappeared.

it can be seen that exercise plays an important role in a person's physical and mental health.

between life and work, you might as well set aside some time for exercise.

walk up and down the stairs in the morning, stand upright against the wall after dinner, do yoga before going to bed, and swim, play ball and dance on weekends.

every drop of sweat you shed is a magic weapon against aging;

every breath you breathe is a good medicine for relieving boredom.

I have heard a saying: "if you exercise earlier, you will have a 40-year-old body at the age of 80."

exercise, health and happiness will hug you when you have time.

have your own hobbies

writer Wang Nuonuo once said:

"people who have hobbies and can play well with hobbies that don't make money show that their intelligence is above average, not particularly utilitarian, and retain a pure corner in their hearts."

No matter what age women have one or more hobbies, they will add a lot of color to a dull life.

playing the piano and dancing, traveling and painting, singing and writing, making tea and arranging flowers.

once people have what they like to do, they will not feel confused, but will have a sense of happiness and fulfillment every day.

just like Lin Qingxia, after she faded out of the screen, she picked up her pen to write, and now she is living a self-consistent and contented life in the writing world constructed by the tip of her pen.

hobbies will make people get rid of emptiness and feel the meaning of life and the value of existence.

in your spare time, do what you want to do, and all your troubles will be cured.

stable and optimistic attitude

Festinger's rule says:

"10% of life is made up of what happens to you; andThe other 90% is determined by how you react to what has happened. "

in life, we are often easily perplexed by all kinds of little things and can't help thinking.

in fact, why is this necessary?

some things, the more you struggle, the more frustrated you feel.

there are some bad people, and the more they criticize, the more they hurt their morale.

psychologist Yu Dezhi said:

"there are challenges all the time in life. Challenges themselves do not bring pain. Internal friction caused by self-struggle is the root cause of pain."

to habitually fall into emotional internal friction without looking for a solution to the problem is tantamount to hurting yourself.

in fact, there is no insurmountable hurdle in life.

the difficulties we thought were difficult, looking back many years later, may be just a trivial hurdle in all the experiences.

there are some troubles, and only when you lose them will you have a chance to be light.

there are some knots in my heart, and only when I put it down can I take a big step forward.

keep a stable and optimistic state of mind, we can laugh at life and go all the way to light.

if someone loves, he will love

psychologist John Gottman said:

"people who live in happy marriages tend to live longer and healthier lives than those who are divorced or in unhappy marriages."

good feelings can nourish people.

Zhang Yunhe, one of the "four sisters of the Zhang family", was diagnosed by doctors not to live beyond the age of 50 because she suffered from heart disease.

when husband and wife are together, they never quarrel and never get angry.

when he has nothing to do, Zhou Youguang always boasts that Zhang Yunhe is good-looking, teaches her to type and takes her to listen to music.

and Zhang Yunhe has also written several tender articles about their relationship.

less husband and wife are old companions, holding hands and remembering the sunset.

how lucky it is to meet someone who knows how warm you are and who protects your peace of mind in this life.

he may not be rich, but he will always give you the best;

he may not necessarily say sweet words, but he will never give up on you.

the truth of the long flow of water, flowing for a long time, awakens the tenderness of the heart again and again and stimulates the vitality of the body.

this is also the reason why many happy couples are treated well by the years.

there is a heartbreaking saying on the Internet:

"Don't show off your money. When you get to the hospital, it's worthless;

Don't show off your work. When you fall down, someone can take the top at any time.

Don't show off your house. If you leave, you are making wedding clothes for others.

the only thing you can show off is your health. "

in life, many things can be replaced, but a healthy body is an irreplaceable capital.

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I don't know the above six health signs. Which ones did you win?

if you all win, congratulations, you already have an enviable happiness and well-being;

if you fail, don't lose heart. From now on, take good care of yourself. The good life you want is on your way.

May we all keep a healthy body and a happy mood.

for the rest of my life, I don't want to be rich, but I want to have a good time year after year.

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