The words are not full, the things are not serious, all right?
The words are not full, the things are not serious, all right?
It is a kind of top wisdom to learn to lose with a smile.

Meng Zhang said: "leaving leeway for others and yourself is a way out."

in life, how far a person can go and how high he can stand are closely related to his thoughts, words and deeds.

if you take people too seriously, you will be resentful; if you act too openly, you will lead to jealousy.

the world is numerous and changeable, joys and sorrows are only in an instant, once they come to a dead end, they will eventually bring disaster to themselves.

whenever you leave a way out for yourself, you can achieve balance and ease of doing everything.

not full of words

as the ancients said, "you must leave leeway in dealing with the world, and you must be kind and abstain from speaking."

most of the time, the reason why our road is getting narrower and narrower is often influenced by our own reckless words and deeds.

once the words are too full and go too far, just a few words will inadvertently become a pit under your feet.

people who really have a big picture are always thoughtful and keep three points in their words.

in 1989, designer Gustav Eiffel designed a steel arch tower-the Eiffel Tower.

however, the plan was strongly opposed by many artists because they could not stand the ugly tower erected on the banks of the Seine.

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they also launched various protests and even signed a letter of protest.

among these people is Maupassant, a famous writer, who threatened: "if Paris builds an iron tower, I will leave the city forever!"

after the World Expo in 1889, the iron tower was finally built, which was unexpectedly affirmed by the whole world.

unexpectedly, after the completion of the tower, it was Maupassant who came here for dinner and afternoon tea the most.

when asked, he could only say awkwardly and politely, "I'm here because it's the only place in Paris where I can't see the Eiffel Tower."

everything is changeable, and too absolute judgment will put yourself in an awkward and passive situation.

asserting authority between words is the most likely to cause trouble, and a man would rather say less than full.

"Doctrine of the mean" says:

"in the course of virtue, there are some inadequacies in the preciseness of mediocre words, so that we dare not encourage, we dare not do more than we dare to do."

think backwards about any words. if you talk too much, others will have less trust in yourself.

there must be room for speech, so that in the event of an accident, you can move forward and backward in a moderate manner and put in and out freely.

keep a word, not only to leave a step for yourself, but also to retain a reputation in front of others.

he who speaks carefully is also a man of good fortune.

things are not serious

I have heard a sentence:

"if one step is high in life, retrogression is the capital of progress; being lenient to others is the foundation of bliss and self-interest."

in this life, people will always encounter things that block their hearts, and those who achieve great things will never stick to the immediate gains and losses.

timely forbearance and concession are more likely to win favor and gain hearts than tense quarrels between the two sides.

Audrey Hepburn once recorded all the songs in the film "the kind and Beautiful Girl", but because the boss of Warner didn't like her singing, she privately switched to someone else to sing.

in the face of the reporter's dubbing, she just smiled and replied, "I can't sing in the treble part. I'm not a singer."

as a matter of fact, Audrey's singing is more in line with the plot expression of the play and highlights the reality of the characters.

however, the film won eight Oscars when it was released, but she lost her nomination for best actress because of dubbing.

when others felt sorry for her, Audrey smiled and shook her head and said that her performance was not up to standard.

later, the American Academy of Film Arts named Audrey to the party to present the award for best actor, which undoubtedly stabbed her again in the heart.

she did not refuse to do so. She deeply understood that only a broad mind can maintain a good competitive state.

party, she happily presented awards to her partner Rex, and took the initiative to congratulate Andrews, who won the heroine award, and took a photo with her.

although Audrey did not win the award, she became the most dazzling star of the night and even the Oscar party.

there is a saying in "Cai Gentan": "it is as wrong as deliberating with your heart, and you step back and think about everything."

A person has experienced too much and has a wide range of perspectives, and his height is determined by his first attitude.

for what happened, blindly to get angry, to argue about right or wrong, can not change the result but lost the hearts of the people.

A true wise man is one who knows how to broaden his horizons when things happen, not to act on the spur of the moment, regardless of temporary gains and losses.

the more you go back in life, the more you will understand that learning to laugh at a loss is a kind of top wisdom.

Don't make it public

there is a magical plant, centenarian orchid, in the desert of Angola, named for its life span of up to a hundred years.

it not only has large leaves, but also has well-developed underground roots, in which the width of the main root can reach 3 to 10 meters.

although the stem is stout, it never grows high. the stem with a circumference of 4 meters is no more than 10 cm in height.

although the leaves are large, they do not raise their heads, and even if the wind blows, they are still firmly on the ground.

Baishi Orchid's low-key work, let it continue to stabilize the ground temperature under the leaves, so as to avoid the decrease of humidity, which is conducive to their own survival.

as the saying goes:

"if the wood is beautiful in the forest, the wind will destroy it; if the pile comes from the shore, the current will be turbulent."It is necessary for the public to be superior to others. "

people. If they always act in a high profile and boast and show off without scruples, they will sooner or later put themselves in a quagmire.

Jin Yong is a well-known master of literature, but he is very modest and low-key.

one winter, when someone visited Jin Yong, he saw all kinds of books neatly placed in his study.

he asked curiously, "have you read all these books?"

Jin Yong said silently, "No, I don't read much."

so he began to talk about the influence of the Internet from the history of the last century to the future.

however, as he spoke, he felt that something was wrong, because what Jin Yong said to him was very clear.

Jin Yong can not only add more detailed knowledge to what he said, but also point out the specific origin of the relevant events.

at that time, he felt like he was playing tricks and almost thought Jin Yong didn't know anything.

then he asked Jin Yong, "you have never been to Peach Blossom Island. How do you know there is Peach Blossom Island?"

Jin Yong replied, "there is such an island in the map of the East China Sea."

Jin Yong is knowledgeable and knowledgeable, but he never blows his own trumpet and acts in a high profile, and is highly respected and respected by the world.

some people say: "those who see themselves are unknown, those who are self-righteous are not obvious, those who cut down themselves are useless, and those who are self-reserved are not long."

the thicker the person's life is, the more he knows how to restrain himself and never thinks highly of himself and is proud of himself.

if a person is always showing off and showing off, he will only make others resentful and resentful.

No matter where you live, only when you learn to abandon impetuosity and maintain humility can you reap good popularity and good fortune.

Han Yu once said: "work is good at diligence and lack of play, and what you do is done in thought and destroyed by following."

Life has its ups and downs, although a person has thousands of talents, if he is a little careless in words and deeds, it will lead to disaster.

A really smart person knows how to do things in a moderate manner, and always keeps his words, things serious, and his actions unpublicized.

leave some leeway, when you encounter good times, you can increase opportunities; if you leave a way out, you can deal with variables safely.

, instead of putting desire first for the rest of your life, it is better to think one more step and stay one more step in everything.