The weak dismantle the stage, the strong make up the stage, and the wise set up the stage.
The weak dismantle the stage, the strong make up the stage, and the wise set up the stage.
You will meet what kind of person you are. \ n\ n​


A clip of "Actors Please be in place" was brushed some time ago:

Wen Zhengrong and her younger generation Huang Mengying replay the classic movie Mei Lanfang.

at first, when the two played each other, Huang Mengying was unable to find a state, which led to a stalemate in filming.

Wen Zhengrong not only did not blame Huang Mengying, but also took the initiative to help her analyze the background of the film, the posture of the characters, language, and emotions.

then, accompany Huang Mengying to rehearse over and over again, trying to perform every detail in place.

with the help of Wen Zhengrong, Huang Mengying finally entered the role, and the two successfully completed the shooting, which was well received by the jury.

afterwards, someone asked Wen Zhengrong: "Why are you willing to take the trouble to teach each other?"

Wen Zhengrong's words show the pattern:

"the play between actors is like playing ping-pong. She calls and I call back.

when the other party was confused, I shared my acting experience to help her get into the play and finish the shooting smoothly.

achieve each other not only for her but also for herself. "

there is an old saying:

"make up for each other, show one after another; dismantle each other, and everyone collapses."

on the big stage of life, learning to set up the stage is a person's top wisdom.

the weak break up

have seen such a picture.

what will you do if someone falls into the river?

would you choose to give him a hand or cheer?

in real life, the lower-level people are, the more they like to gloat.

the more incompetent people are, the more time and energy they spend on embarrassing people who are in a difficult situation and who are weaker than themselves.

self-media author

@ Li Yue

told such a story.

he has a relative who is the manager of a clothing factory.

in the words of his relatives, "the shallow water is more than eight."

the boss's niece is the sales director of the company and usually dominates the company.

the following small sales finally came to her list, and she took half of the commission for any reason.

there is an eldest sister in charge of logistics in the office, who is always bullied by her.

but the logistics eldest sister is not good at stubbornness, and when she gets angry, she takes it out on the security guards and cleaners.

it is easy to scold and deduct other people's wages for no reason.

the security guard humbled himself in front of the eldest sister and bullied the cleaning aunt when he turned around.

Auntie put the broom at the door and he wouldn't let it. He wouldn't let her put it in the corner.

Auntie just mopped the floor, a little slippery, he pointed at others and scolded: "how do you work!"

his relatives sighed: "his aunt is so old that she can be his mother, and I don't know how he can scold it."

I agree with the saying: "good people lift each other, stupid people step on each other."

the weaker people are, the more they like to embarrass each other.

but in this world, all people and things are mutual.

all the difficulties you make to others will eventually come back to you.

dismantled other people's platforms and dug holes for themselves.

blocked other people's roads and blocked their own roads.

the strong make up the stage

have you ever heard of the win-win theory of tortoise and hare?

in the mountains, the hare carried the tortoise on its back and ran to the river.

when the tortoise comes to the river, the tortoise carries the rabbit upstream to cross the river, and there is a "win-win".

Confucius said: "A gentleman becomes a man of beauty, not a man of evil, but a villain."

the higher the level of people, the more they know how to achieve each other.

when Li Hongzhang's Huai Army was first established, its strength was very thin.

Zeng Guofan transferred the elite Hunan army trained by himself to the past as a "gift for marriage."

the Huaijun Group, developed on this basis, became the capital for Li Hongzhang to prosper in the future.

when Li Hongzhang's Huai army gained a foothold, Zeng Guofan recommended him as governor of Jiangsu.

it can be said that Li Hongzhang's lifelong achievements were based on the promotion of Zeng Guofan.

and Li Hongzhang is also sincere to Zeng Guofan.

there is a saying in the wonderful book "quiet Dream Shadow" of the Qing Dynasty:

"the clouds reflect the sun and become a glow, and the spring hangs rock into a waterfall. The people entrusted are different, and the name is also because of it. The reason why this friendship is valuable. "

without the reflection of the sun, clouds cannot become brilliant rosy clouds.

without the existence of cliffs, it is difficult for the spring to become a magnificent waterfall.

the rarest relationship between people lies in their achievements and mutual brilliance.

Wise people set up the stage

when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares at you.

what your world looks like depends on the way you stare at it.

the biggest gap between people does not lie in intelligence, but in pattern:

"people with low patterns only care about themselves and insist that I want to win, but I want everyone around me to lose.

people with a high pattern will take care of others and believe that I want to win, but I want the people around me to win together. "

truly wise people, with a long-term vision, never set up roadblocks for people, making the problem thorny.

they are good at setting up the stage for others, making maximum use of resources, so that everyone can make a profit from it.

have seen such a story:

A businessman went to the city to do business and opened a home on a street.The store.

but before long, he found that the business of the street was very bad, and the road was potholed and littered with residual bricks and stones.

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the businessman found it strange and asked other merchants for advice.

other merchants told him:

"if the road is not easy, people or vehicles passing by will slow down, and people will be more likely to enter the store, so as to increase business opportunities."

the businessman disagrees with this behavior.