The "ugliest" actor in the entertainment industry, married for the second time, hosted by CCTV, and dink has been childless for 16 years. Do you finally regret it?
The "ugliest" actor in the entertainment industry, married for the second time, hosted by CCTV, and dink has been childless for 16 years. Do you finally regret it?
May we always be awake and aware of ourselves, move forward with our dreams, and live up to time!

recently, I believe many people have been shocked and moved by the "journey home".

in particular, Zhang Ye plays diplomat Zong Dawei, who is brave and responsible, but also has the fragility and fear of ordinary people.

on the one hand, there are compatriots in trouble, waiting to be saved; on the other, the wife who is waiting at home to give birth, waiting for his return.

when I got through to my wife, my hands trembled slightly, the whole person curled up with his head down, and his tears could not stop flowing down.

this moment is a deep yearning and guilt for my wife.

when he heard that his daughter was born, Zong Dawei ignored the pain and burst into tears, and the stone in his heart finally fell to the ground.

after watching the movie, many netizens liked it one after another:

"Zhang's translation is simply the 'Poseidon needle' of the whole movie!"

born in a scholarly family, his parents are both teachers and have a calm personality, but Zhang's translation is a little out of tune.

since he was a child, he is introverted, does not like to study, and is keen on play.

the wayward and playful Zhang translator "saved" the lives of the whole family by mistake.

time goes back to the past, the family is going to visit the Songhua River.

but on that day, Zhang Ye insisted on going to the zoo, but the whole family could not help but lead him there.

there was a serious accident that day, and the whole family dodged a bullet because of Zhang's love of play.

maybe he ran out of luck, and then Zhang Ye always had bad luck.

in his second year of high school, Zhang Ye fell in love with listening to the radio and dreamed of becoming an excellent host like Luo Jing.

so he applied for the Beijing Broadcasting Institute and got the first place in the professional course, but at this time he was in the second year of senior high school and could not take the exam, so he had no choice but to give up.

the following year, full of confidence, he made up his mind that he would not go to Peking University, and only one school was listed in the volunteer form.

but fate is always joking, and he failed again.

Zhang's translation was deeply hit by the shattered dream of broadcasting.

but in the repertory troupe, Zhang's life is not as good as he imagined. He can only do chores and is named "Donkey face" because of his appearance.

Zhang translation is not reconciled, since no one has given me a role, then I will write a role for myself!

so, day and night, he painstakingly wrote a screenplay, eager to use his own screenplay to realize the actor's dream.

in the end, the producer told him, "if you don't have the money to shoot, keep the script!"

some people say that Zhang Ye spent all her good luck at the age of 7.

he often teases himself that he is a "bad god possessed" and a "school killer":

but luck is again "bad", but also can not stand a person's efforts and persistence!

in order to play a role well, he will memorize the whole line, and when everyone has finished rehearsing, he will go through all the lines again.

in order to fight for the role, he persisted in a walk-on for five years and kept going to the crew to send information, but got nothing.

maybe the harder you work, the luckier you are!

Zhang finally came to Soldier assault, playing the monitor Shi Jin, who was born poor but had a strong duty.

especially the crying scene before leaving the army and changing jobs, which earned many people's tears.

in this way, Zhang's translation came into public view.

and his career has gradually ushered in spring.

knowing that the opportunity is hard to come by, Zhang always respects the role and strives to play each role well.

in Dear, Zhang plays the nouveau riche Han Dezhong, who is looking for a child.

although he is outwardly strong, his hopes fail again and again, and he can't hold on any longer.

in "Chicken feathers fly to the Sky", he is a warm, calm and capable Chen Jianghe.

the railway station, with a casual glance, Luo Yuzhu, who has been searching for 8 years, appears in front of her.

I could not believe that I was so nervous that I lost my tongue. At last, I cried out her name with difficulty and followed his eyes in tears for no reason.

me and my Motherland, he is a scientist terminally ill from nuclear radiation.

in the face of former lovers, want to recognize but can not recognize, that kind of entanglement, helplessness, sad, are expressed incisively and vividly through the eyes …...

and these scenes are classic, inseparable from the word dedication, but also inseparable from the countless sweat behind.

in my Commander and my Regiment, Zhang played a lame soldier Meng fan.

from the first day of booting, as long as the director shouted to turn it on, he immediately entered the play and treated himself like a cripple.

in one second, Zhang is exposed to the sun at a temperature of 42 degrees just to make his skin darker and closer to the image of a fugitive.

not only that, he began to prepare before the film started filming. He ate only one meal a day, kept on running, and lost more than 20 jin in only 10 days.

it is this spirit that is willing to pay for the performance that Zhang Ye has won one film actor award after another.A cup.

looking back on Zhang Ye's acting history, it is not too much to describe him as a "drama nerd".

there has always been a saying in the entertainment circle: "Zhang translation, who uses it, who is happy with it, always use it!"

it seems that as long as he is there, it is like giving the audience a reassurance, this film will certainly not be bad.

of course, this does not make Zhang Ye proud!

after the explosion, someone asked Zhang: "Why do you take part in variety shows with so much money?"

Zhang said:

"No matter how little money I make, I don't take part in variety shows. I only do TV dramas and movies!"

in the supremacy of entertainment, flow is the king of the entertainment circle. Zhang Ye has always adhered to his original mind, honed his acting skills, did a good job with his heart, and made it the ultimate.

online, it also set off a beautiful love story.

the story also begins when Zhang Ye was a student in the repertory troupe.

when I was young, I met my first love.

the girl has a good family and outstanding appearance, but she only has a soft spot for Zhang's translation.

but when the girl's parents see Zhang Ye, they dislike it all over their faces:

"he doesn't look like an actor, and his face seems to make people sit down."

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in the second year of separation, the girl unfortunately had a car accident and became a vegetable.

when Zhang Ye rushed to the hospital, he looked at his former girlfriend and burst into tears.

when he is free, he will go to the hospital to talk to the girl for ten years.

even in the past many years, it is still an unforgettable pain in Zhang's heart.

"if you had a chance to talk to people from the past, who would you most like to talk to?"

Zhang replied: "to my first love."

Zhang translation choked up

"Don't drive this afternoon. But it's a pity that time can't go back! "

Yes, time can not go back, but this love is always hidden in my heart.

fate goes round and round, and Zhang Ye also finds an emotional destination.

once, when Zhang translated a program, she was caught in a heavy rain without an umbrella. Qian Linlin, who was passing by, lent her umbrella to him.

in order to thank Qian Linlin, Zhang Ye insisted on inviting her to dinner.

but at that time, Zhang Ye was short of money and could only afford a bowl of Hand-Pulled Noodles with Beef.

this makes Zhang Ye feel warm in his heart. in the future, the two get closer and closer, and gradually have feelings for each other.

in 2006, on Qian Linlin's birthday, Zhang proposed.

Qian Linlin said: "I am 6 years older than you, and I am married for the second time with a baby. Are you sure you want to marry me?"

he said, "as long as you don't hate me, we'll get married."

in this way, the two kept a low profile and did not hold a wedding.

after marriage, considering Qian Linlin's physical reasons, she never had any children and loved her stepson as if she had already been born.

the two were separated all the year round, fearing that she would lack sense of security. Zhang always kept her distance from the actress and would never make her cry.

of course, it is sweeter for two people to go in both directions.

in order to support Zhang's translation, Qian Linlin paused her dream of being a host and wholeheartedly took on the work of Zhang's translation agent.

you concentrate on your career, and I'll protect you.

for this marriage, Zhang translation is very low-key, perhaps this is also a kind of protection for loved ones!

Zhang's translation of thorns from the acting road of life is not smooth. He may have been hit and denied.

but he never thought of giving up and persisted all the time. Fortunately, he finally achieved something and ushered in his own dawn.

I remember that Zhang Yimou once commented on Zhang's translation:

"he is a good actor. We have no shortage of stars, fresh meat and traffic. We do not lack anything. In fact, what we lack most is good actors."

whether in performance or life, Zhang Ye is not swayed by others, let alone trapped in the Vanity Fair of the entertainment industry.

he has been serious about being himself, keeping a low profile, being down-to-earth and working hard to be a good actor!

, let's look forward to Zhang's translation bringing more excellent works.

May we always be awake and aware of ourselves, follow our dreams and live up to our time!

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