The smarter people are, the less they take advantage of these three.
The smarter people are, the less they take advantage of these three.
People who like to take advantage of ​ will only make their lives narrower and narrower.

Zeng Guofan said, "you can't share money with those who are so cheap, and you can't work with those who are suspicious."

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people who like to take advantage will only make their lives narrower and narrower.

the smarter people are, the less they take advantage of these three.

A friend's advantage is not taken advantage of

Bronte said: "True friendship is not a melon vine. It will rise overnight and wither in a day."

I quite agree with you. The appreciation of a person begins with appearance, respects talent, matches character, lasts longer than kindness, and ends with character.

A good friendship must be the same values and similar character after seeing people for a long time, rather than calculating each other and taking advantage of each other in the name of friends.

there is a passage in the TV series "Little Joy":

Tong Wenjie is going to rent a school district room for her children. It just so happens that her best friend Song Qian has four houses to rent, and one is in that school district.

the two started a conversation about this.

Song Qian smiled and said, "can I still have your money?" Just stay! "

Tong Wenjie said, "can I not give you money?" Song Qian was still polite and did not spit.

Tong Wenjie saw his friend's hesitation and immediately said, "if I don't give you money now, I'll have to buy you a gift every month. I don't know if you're happy!"

Song Qian said: "the number of two-bedroom rooms in this community is 15000. Oh, how can I ask you for money? I'll tell you what, 12000! "

Tong Wenjie nodded at once and said, "OK." It's good, it's cheap. "

compared with Song Qian, Tong Wenjie has two children who are about to go to college, so she is under great financial pressure.

but she has never been jealous of Song Qian's wealth, nor has she ever carried out moral kidnapping to take advantage of her because of her own embarrassment.

the mode of getting along with two people is that you are good to me and I miss you well.

A well-developed friendship is reciprocity, not taking it for granted.

Don't go out to dinner with friends, pretend your cell phone doesn't have power and ask them to pay for it when you check out.

Don't let the other person come up with a design plan for yourself for free just because the other person is a designer.

how many people do not hesitate to hurt their friends because of a little petty gain; how many people are drifting away from their friends because of lack of discretion.

seems to take advantage, but in fact he loses his character and loses his friend.

relatives do not take advantage of

in the opinion of some people, it is normal to take advantage, and there is nothing wrong with it.

they subconsciously think: you should help me, who makes you my relative? Who told you to be richer than me? Who makes you better off than me?

always has the mentality of getting something for nothing, and it is a little cheap to take advantage of it, but he does not realize that he will lose both human feelings in the long run.

have netizens to share:

A relative traveled to his own city and had to stay at home in order to save money on staying in a hotel.

the parents refused in words, but could not stop the naughty face of their relatives, so they directly carried the bag to the door.

his parents were unable to refuse, so they let him sleep on the sofa at home.

unexpectedly, he overheard that my family wanted to sell my present house for a bigger one.

after his parents refused, he shouted whether he looked down on him even if he had so much money to argue with him for 100,000 yuan.

later, when relatives returned to their hometown, all kinds of slandering parents looked down on others, and now the two families are no longer in contact with each other.

"Cai Gentan" says: "do not seek undeserved blessings, do not be greedy for gains without reason."

Don't insist on the blessings you don't deserve, and don't fantasize about getting something for nothing.

everything that others have is created by your own hands. You have never added bricks to others, and you are not qualified to share the glory with others.

writer Zhang ailing once said: "True relatives are not determined by blood relationship, but by whether they really treat you or not."

relatives are God-given fate, but they can't take advantage of each other for granted. They should treat each other honestly.

strangers do not take advantage of

Today in March, Wen, a man from Liaoning, took part in the nuclear inspection and chose to jump the queue instead of waiting in line.

this behavior aroused public dissatisfaction and was stopped by the staff.

but he didn't realize his mistake. Instead, he went home and took a kitchen knife and returned to the inspection point, waving it to the staff at the scene.

and cut and smash the isolation facilities at the scene, resulting in one of the staff at the scene was injured, the isolation facilities were damaged, and was arrested by the local procuratorial organs.

Wen was eventually sentenced to nine months in prison for obstructing public service.

A person should always understand that others have no obligation to tolerate your capriciousness, no responsibility to spoil your temper, and no reason to let you do things that benefit yourself at the expense of others.

when you are away from home, don't try to take advantage of others. To others, you are just a stranger you have never met.

in the university of society, not everyone is talkative, not everyone will spoil you, and you can't do whatever you want.

in order to save some time and put yourself in prison, it is really stealing the chicken without losing the rice and losing the big because of the small.

if you are light, you will be mixed with words, and if you are serious, you will be admitted to the hospital or in prison. If you wait in line, you will pay a little time. In fact, it reflects the basic moral quality of a person.

it is written in the General words of warning the World: "the potential cannot be done, and the blessing cannot be enjoyed."It is advisable not to make up for it, and not to be used up for wisdom. "

people who like to take advantage are not only unable to take advantage, but also tend to suffer big losses.

A greedy heart is like a barren land in the desert. It absorbs all Rain Water but does not breed vegetation for the convenience of others.

this life is destined to be desolate and will never bloom.

, may everyone be honest with each other.