The simplest upbringing is to avoid the embarrassment of others.
The simplest upbringing is to avoid the embarrassment of others.
While being comfortable with others, you can also let yourself live calmly and make the world full of love and warmth.

on a rainy day, an old professor was taking his students to the college.

not far in front of them, there was a female teacher in cheongsam.

it was still raining, and the female teacher left in a hurry and fell carelessly.

as soon as the student wanted to go forward to help, the old professor grabbed him and hid behind the tree.

the female teacher who fell to the ground looked around to see no one, stood up quickly and walked quickly to the dormitory.

students wonder why the old professor is so indifferent today when he is usually ready to help others.

the old professor saw what was on his student's mind and said, "if you make a fool of yourself, do you want others to see it?"

the student shook his head.

the old professor continued, "if she can't stand up by herself, we are sure to help." But she just got her dress wet, and naturally she didn't want to be seen by others. "

hearing this, the students instantly understood:

it turns out that there is a kind of kindness, not that you go to help her immediately when someone else falls down, but that you don't go to see her after she falls and gets up.

knowing how to avoid the embarrassment of others is the best upbringing for a person.

upbringing is restraint in speech


@ Master Jiansheng Meow

once told a story:

once, he was invited by a younger sister to guide an interview for the recruitment of teachers.

period, a bamboo girl caught his attention.

Miss Bamboo did well in the written examination and gave a passionate lecture. the only problem is that she has a medium-sized bluish purple birthmark on her face.

even if she covered part of it with her long hair, she could still see it vaguely.

the writer knows very well that the teacher's appearance will affect the examiner's score, which may directly lead to her unsatisfactory recruitment results.

he wanted to advise the girl to use light makeup, but he was afraid that such a naked reminder would make the other party feel embarrassed and could not help but feel embarrassed.

suddenly, he thought of an idea.

while he was writing on the blackboard with his back to everyone, he quietly rubbed some chalk ash on his face.

when he turned around, everyone, including Miss Bamboo, smiled and reminded him that there was chalk ash on his face.

he quickly wiped it off and told everyone:

"Don't put ash on your face when writing on the blackboard. It will make everyone see jokes like this, and keep your face clean during the whole process."

Miss Bamboo hurriedly asked him, "Brother, am I born like this?"

the writer smiled and replied, "then maybe you need to rub some white chalk ash first!"

in life, everyone will encounter awkward moments and shortcomings that they are desperately trying to hide.

if you don't consider other people's feelings and expose others' shortcomings in public, it will only make others more embarrassed.

as the saying goes, "A wise man thinks before he speaks, but a fool thinks before he speaks."

when you are not sure which sentence will embarrass others, don't rush to tell others what to do;

when you don't understand other people's situation, don't judge easily.

A truly educated person knows how to perceive the unspeakable thoughts of others, restrain his own words, and resolve each other's embarrassment with kindness and sincerity.

upbringing is respect for behavior

I saw an anecdote in the newspaper:

at a solemn and solemn wedding, the bride suddenly let out an extremely loud fart.

all the guests roared with laughter and the bride's face flushed.

the priest hurriedly signaled everyone to be quiet, but many guests were still snickering.

the bride felt so embarrassed and emotional that the wedding ended in panic.

the guests present here actually have an unshirkable responsibility for causing this situation.

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if they know how to show more respect for the bride and "ignore" some of her actions.

things won't come to this.

Chekhov once said, "to be educated is not to eat without spilling soup, but not to see others when they spill soup."

sometimes, the highest expression of an educated person is to restrain his own behavior and not to put others in an embarrassing position.

I have seen a young mother before and shared an experience that made her feel warm:

once, she took a taxi and took her child back to her hometown.

all the way, the baby couldn't stop crying and couldn't be coaxed.

she guessed that the child was probably hungry. But now in the car, there is still a male driver sitting in front of him, breast-feeding in front of others. He feels embarrassed when he thinks about it.

but the childish cry of the child is constantly stimulating her heart as a mother.

when she was in a dilemma, the driver had already driven the car to the service area.

whispered "you breast-feed" to her and got out of the car.

in the hot sun, the driver basked in the sun for half an hour before he returned to the car.

I agree with the saying: "upbringing is not what you want to do, but what you should do."

truly educated people never base their happiness on the sufferings of others, let alone put others in an embarrassing position.

they know how to respect from the heart.Attach importance to the feelings of others and put yourself in each other's shoes in the details.

this meticulous upbringing reflects a person's character in interpersonal communication.

inadvertently, it shows the noblest appearance of a person's soul.

upbringing is confusion that turns a blind eye

Zheng Banqiao once said: "it is difficult to be smart and difficult to be confused, and it is even more difficult to change from being smart to being confused."

indeed, the hardest thing to do in life is not to be shrewd in dealing with others, but to know how to rein in your intelligence.

sometimes, pretending to be confused and not seeing through is precisely the embodiment of a person's most educated.


@ Alicia

once shared his grandmother's story.

once, grandma was a guest at her sister's house. when she was leaving, the sister was very reluctant to give up and insisted on taking her to the car.

it was particularly windy that day. In front of the bus stop, two old people stretched out their long necks, waiting for the bus to come.

Grandma was about to nag about the bad weather when she saw a dark thing flashing across the corner of her eye. She turned her head and happened to see her sister bending over and picking up a wig that had been blown off the ground.

Grandma immediately turned around and pretended not to see anything, and then slowly turned back when she was about the same.

I saw that my sister was calm and calm, and the wig was put on perfectly without deviation, as if the "thrilling" scene had never happened.

hearing this, the blogger was out of breath and asked Grandma, "did you laugh at that time?"

Grandma replied like this: "if you want to laugh again, you have to endure it and get along with others. You have to pretend to be stupid, otherwise you will embarrass others and hurt your feelings."

some people say that confusion is a paper lantern, knowing that it is the candle burning in it.

when the candle is too bright, it burns itself and hurts others.

therefore, there is no need to take everything seriously and straighten up everywhere.

people who understand again need to pretend to be confused properly when they understand things.

it is a rare thoughtfulness to see through the embarrassment of others and choose to turn a blind eye to it.

when you encounter other people's embarrassment and turn around silently, it is a person's kindness deep to the bone.

the more educated a man is, the more he knows how to be confused.

writer Kerouac said: "upbringing is a beauty that goes without saying."

the highest state of upbringing is to make people comfortable. The most direct manifestation of upbringing is not to embarrass people.

an educated person is considerate and considerate to the people around him.

while being comfortable with others, you can also let yourself live calmly and make the world full of love and warmth.

, may we all be warm souls and cultured people, warm others and illuminate ourselves.