The seven most healing words, after reading the heart, you won't be tired.
The seven most healing words, after reading the heart, you won't be tired.
Enrich yourself spiritually and please yourself, so that life will become more and more "flavor".


there is a question on the Internet: why can the "world" become popular?

special occasion dresses for older ladies are everlasting subject of fashion which show off your exquisite femininity. Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.

A high praise replied: because "the world" is too bitter and too real. It is about your family, my family, you, us, the things around us.

the most moving thing about "the World" is its fireworks.

Mr. Yang Jiang put it well: "what is fleeting is the fireworks in the sky, and the long flow of water is the fireworks in the world."

everyone in the play, with a heart soaked in fireworks, turns the ups and downs of life into life experience.

honest and honest Zhou Bingkun, smart and rational Zhou Bingyi, bravely chasing after Zhou Rong …... The character stories in the book influence people from generation to generation.

and the classic quotations full of life wisdom in the book are all about the joys and sorrows of the world and the warmth of human feelings.

conflicts between relatives,

cannot be judged entirely as right or wrong

as the saying goes, teeth and tongue stumble sometimes, and it is even more inevitable to live together and quarrel.

however, a happy family is not without contradictions, but with uncompetitive wisdom.

just like the Zhou parents in the play.

Father Zhou is grumpy and impatient, while his mother is nagging and slow-tempered.

the words "the speaker is careless and the listener gets angry" can be the trigger for quarrels.

come to this world, if you become a relative, it is a rare fate.

when there is a contradiction, it is most important to calm down and communicate.

as a sentence in Fu Lei's Letters: "Don't be arrogant even if you are straight, but forgive people if you are reasonable."

it doesn't matter whether right or wrong. Only by understanding each other can the family live a peaceful and beautiful life. Only by working together can they cope with the ups and downs of life.

since ancient times, there have been two kinds of filial piety.

nourishing the body and mind is equally important

the so-called nourishing body means waiting beside parents and taking care of food, clothing, housing and transportation.

to nourish the mind is to make parents proud of their achievements.

two kinds of filial piety are equally important.

for parents, the word filial piety does not care about things, and there is no filial son for ten thousand years.

as long as you have filial piety and know how to be grateful to your parents, then no matter how big or small your achievements are, they are the concern and pride of your parents.

in the Song of persuading filial piety, it is said: "A man who is unfilial to his relatives is not as good as grass and wood."

We are born as human beings. Only by being kind to where we come from can we have a good way back for the rest of our lives.

filial piety to parents is a person's greatest blessing.

people can do many things, but not everything.

you can be ambitious, but not without taboos and principles

you can't do things without principles.


principle is to stick to the bottom line when you are in trouble.

the principle is that when you are in a high position, you should not get carried away and indulge yourself;

principle is that when facing interests, you will not take a point if you are not your own.

Mencius said: "admiration is worthy of heaven, and does not bow to the earth."

to judge whether a person is a good person is not by how many good deeds he has done, but by whether he can stick to his principles and live up to his conscience.

only by doing things openly and aboveboard can you have a clear conscience.

only by adhering to the principle can we keep that peace of mind.

Dog sex is purely human nature,

because there are no strings attached to dog loyalty,

is inferior to human nature in many cases

it is true that human nature is complicated, but it is not naturally so complicated.

Confucius said: "the sex is similar, but the habits are far away."

Human nature is very similar, and different experiences will make great changes in human nature.

more people know that the world is not black and white, there is a large gray area between black and white, and everyone has his own way of dealing with others.

A true wise man will understand and embrace human nature, not challenge it.

May you and I both become wise men, look at the dark places of human nature with tolerance, and always turn our hearts to the light.

Reading makes one happy and quiet,

quiet enough can cultivate one's mental stability

Reading is the first good thing in the world.

Tao Yuanming said himself in the Biography of Mr. Wu Liu:

"it is easy to read without understanding; whenever you have an idea, you will gladly forget to eat. Often articles entertain themselves and show their aspirations. Forget the gains and losses and end with it. "

when he was young, Tao Yuanming served as the governor of Pengze County, but for more than 80 days, he gave up his job because he did not bow for five buckets of rice, and has since returned to the countryside.

in his twilight years, he took the book as a companion, regarded the old farmer as a friend, and wrote immortal masterpieces such as "the Source of Peach Blossom" and "returning to the Garden." to this day, many people still read it and praise it.

it is written in the Book of Commandments: "there is no clear ambition without indifference, and no ambition without serenity."

read more books and calm your mind down so that you can think about your life better.

calm downEven if you are in a busy city, you can be at ease and not be burdened by the secular world.

No one's life is perfect,

hardship is a common occurrence

in the face of the plight of fate, some people complain and complain bitterly, but there are others who recognize the reality and are still full of hope.

do you still remember the real version of Uncle Fugui on the Internet?

at first glance, he was cheerful and friendly, but it was only after knowing that his parents died, his wife and son died, and so did his brother.

when a man reaches middle age, he is accompanied only by an old dog and a younger brother who has become a fool by taking the wrong medicine.

this kind of situation, no matter who encounters will feel particularly painful, but when others ask him: why do you still look so happy?

"Uncle Fugui" says three words: look forward.

look ahead and don't think about the things that can't be changed. Although life is bitter, if you go forward, there will be light.

after all, life is only once for people

when it is exuberant,

glowing and heating as much as possible is more in line with the nature of life

Life is too expensive to be wasted.

you want to make every day worth remembering.

there is a question in Zhihu: how can a person live a good life?

A high praise replied, "you live your life as you spend your day."

Life seems to be the same day after day, and there is nothing new. However, the secrets of life are hidden in this day and night, in which we do not know it.

in our old age, we often immerse ourselves in the happiness of the old days, but what we really have is every minute of the present.

in the first half of your life, you must have a lot of moments when you wronged yourself.

in order to meet the expectations of his parents, he became an obedient and sensible child.

for the sake of the harmony and happiness of the family, he gritted his teeth and assumed most of the responsibilities of the family without complaining.

in order to give children a bright future, they take great pains to take care of them.

We are careful to be children, partners and parents, but we forget to be ourselves at will.

when it comes to the second half of life, please love yourself, regard yourself as the protagonist of life, and live for yourself.

Haruki Murakami is dancing! Dance! Dance! "it says:

"my life is mine, your life is yours. As long as you know what you are looking for, just live as you wish. What other people say has nothing to do with you. "

people live according to their own wishes in their old age, that is a kind of "rich" mentality.

Don't think too much, enrich yourself spiritually and please yourself, so that life will become more and more "flavor".

I especially like the theme song of "the World". Every lyrics hit the hearts of the people.

ordinary us,

hold up the fireworks under the eaves,

No matter how many vicissitudes of life,

I wish you a thousand waves.

can stay with your lover.

in my mother's old age,

listen to her speak slowly when she was a child.

in this world, fame and fortune is not the appearance of happiness, it is really hot, some people care about, and the day of love is the most authentic taste of life.

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