The recent photo of Zhang Ziyi, 43, was exposed. After giving birth to her second child, she completely stopped pretending.
The recent photo of Zhang Ziyi, 43, was exposed. After giving birth to her second child, she completely stopped pretending.
I hope every mother who works hard will not be disappointed by the years.


Zhang Ziyi overturned?

A few days ago, she received the most media attention as a new director on the movie channel "Media Honor Night".

and added that there is no conflict between family and work.

in a word, it made waves on the Internet in an instant.

many netizens say that Zhang Ziyi doesn't hurt to speak standing up:

"that's because she has money, and of course she feels relaxed when someone cooks and cleans and picks up the kids."

"there must be no conflict between an aunt who specializes in babysitting and an aunt who does housework."

"she doesn't have to go to work every day, and she earns far more than the average person for a few months of work a year."


it is true that celebrity mothers have more help in parenting.

they also have enough financial strength, even if they pick up their children, they are not worried about not being able to support their families.

they are obviously good at balancing family and career.

the flexibility of their careers and the openness of their working environment make them work with their children.

even taking care of the children themselves can be part of their work.

by contrast, the average mother's balance between family and career is painstaking.

livelihood and children can not be left behind, they can only survive in the gap.

ordinary mother

there is no choice but to work hard

We often say that you can't hold you when you pick up a brick, and you can't support you by putting it down.

seems to be a single topic, but in reality it is often necessary to take both into account.

remember the post-90s mother who carried bricks behind her child's back?

both she and her husband were born in the countryside, came from a poor family, dropped out of school early and had no skills.

We have to carry bricks for four or five cars every day, thousands of yuan at a time, and all we do is manual work.

after the baby was born, the post-90s mother chose to carry bricks behind her back.

there is no one to help with the child, and once she stops, there will be a shortfall in the family's expenses.

neither side can be put down, but shoulder-to-shoulder, family and life.

this is the life of an ordinary family, which requires both survival and care of children.

there is no quiet time, only hard work and embarrassment.

and this is not an isolated case, but a true portrayal of thousands of ordinary parents.

in August this year, a mother in Jiangsu Province trotted along the mall to deliver takeout with her child on her back.

Last November, a mother in Chongqing delivered takeout with her baby for several months.

in May the year before last, a mother mixed cement at the construction site and put her child in the nearby green belt.

when she heard the baby crying, she ran to sleep, and then immediately went to work.

Let go of work, livelihood is a problem;

No one can help leaving the child behind.

they can only run with their children, even if they can't bear it.

live so hard, but there are always people who jump out and blame:

"if there are no conditions, you can choose not to give birth. Now that you have given birth, you have to be responsible for the child."

there is no money that must be earned, only children who grow up in the blink of an eye. "

as parents, they don't want their children to suffer with them more than anyone else.

but without a certain amount of economic strength, how can you support the growth of children?

not everyone in this world has an annual salary of millions.

the life of ordinary people is to try their best and can only struggle on the line of subsistence.

between family and career, there is no choice, no way out, only desperation.

find a balance between family and career

it is difficult for ordinary mothers to find a good job

Why does Zhang Ziyi feel that there is no conflict between family and career?

because even after she gives birth to a child, she still has plenty of opportunities to make money ahead.

if you don't act, you will become a director. You can attack in advance and defend in retreat.

the average woman wants to find a balance between family and career, which basically has nothing to do with a good job.


is there a job that allows you to take your children to work?

is there a job that allows you to take frequent leave of absence for your children?

which job can you avoid overtime because you have to take care of your children?

even when women reach childbearing age, they are restricted everywhere when they apply for a job.

in the face of conflict, the upward road is blocked and they can only look down.

the cost is obvious.

I have a former colleague who used to be a senior content director of the company.

after giving birth, she chose to find a nine-to-five job near home, and her salary was halved.

an urban woman like her has found a decent career.

more mothers in small counties have no way to get a job.

two days ago, the spectator inSight wrote an article revealing the plight of the mother in the county.

husbands who are migrant workers leave them in the county to take care of their children.

seems to be taking care of the children full-time at home, but in fact, they are doing odd jobs while pulling the children.

work for them is not abstract self-realization, but concrete survival pressure.

the money earned by the husband can hardly afford the expenses of the family, and these mothers have to fill the hole.

A mother who graduated with a bachelor's degree applied for customer service of 2000 yuan a month.

there are also mothers in their early 30s competing with a group of aunts in their 50s for canteen jobs.

it doesn't matter if the salary is low, as long as it is close to home and it is convenient to look after the children.

but limited by education, lack of skills and time taken up by families, they have few choices.

either enter the factory, deliver takeout, or carry dishes and wash dishes.

I have a colleague's cousin who found a job in making dumplings in a restaurant downstairs.

it is not difficult to understand why the Henan mother who works as a dishwasher is so happy.

do a little bit of the same job, earn a little bit of money, and take good care of the children.

such a simple desire is an extravagant desire beyond the reach of mothers in many small counties.

between children and survival, they have no full-time conditions, only try their best to balance their sadness.

working mothers

you don't owe anyone an apology

find a balance between family and career, and most mothers don't complain.

however, there is no escape from the omnipresent prejudice.

people who take their children to make a living are scolded for being irresponsible to their children.

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people who stay in the county to take part-time jobs with their children are ridiculed for not wanting to make progress.

people who leave their children to work in their hometown are reprimanded for giving birth and not raising them.

there was even a popular saying on the Internet: working mom, your name is guilt.

not long ago, a copy of a coffee package also read:

"every working mother owes her child an apology."

it seems that as long as women do not revolve around their children, it is a dereliction of duty and should be criticized.

under this strict standard, many women also face tearing and suffering.

even after many years, there are still knots.

when I was a child, my mother went out to work and I lived with my grandparents in my hometown.

in fact, I never complain, but I am grateful.

if my parents hadn't worked hard to make money, I wouldn't have had a chance to go to the bigger world.

when parents are out there, they want to give their children the best of everything.

in order to lift their future, in exchange for their carefree years.

after all, not every family has enough financial means to allow women to raise children full-time.

even if I have to work full-time, I will find all kinds of sideline and part-time odd jobs.

how many women are so careful to maintain a balance in the conflict between family and career.

these working mothers never owe anyone an apology.

also hopes that society will no longer advocate that women can take full care of their families and careers.

there are only a small number of women who have a bumper harvest in both career and family.

most mothers shoulder the double burden of raising children and raising a family, taking care of one at the expense of the other.

We don't have to criticize ourselves, let go of our guilt and accept our inner choices.

whether it is work or company, I devote myself to it with all my heart.

do not care about the evaluation and vision of outsiders, and live a good life.

even if we can't fully balance our family and career, we will still be the best mothers in the eyes of our children.

May every mother who works hard will not be disappointed by the years.