The recent photo of 48-year-old Pan Yueming "disfigured" was exposed. 10 years after he left Dong Jie, how could he be so crazy?
The recent photo of 48-year-old Pan Yueming "disfigured" was exposed. 10 years after he left Dong Jie, how could he be so crazy?
The story never stops, and life goes on.

I never thought that one day I would almost see a work-related injury because of a play.

the oil content is too high, be careful!

the familiar combination and familiar gag will surprise the audience as soon as they are online.

it is worth mentioning that Pan Yueming's Hu Bayi is even more remarkable.

A little fat, a little withered, but transparent, humorous, adventurous, and especially righteous.

the rough smell of Beijing movies makes people sigh that the more they watch it, the more it tastes.

Pan Yueming, how many surprises do you have that we don't know?

however, every time he appears, Pan Yueming can't help being ridiculed as "fat again".

he even apologized for getting fat.

to sum up, Pan Yueming, who was young, can definitely be said to rely on his face for a living, unparalleled in appearance and handsome.

it is only when the edges and corners are smoothed by the years that they end up with such vicissitudes.

some people may lament it, but what my uncle wants to say is that it is not a pity that Pan Yueming has become like this.

if you look at the entertainment industry, Pan Yueming ranks second when it comes to which actor has been hacked the hardest, but no one dares to say that he ranks first.

looking at his life experience, he walked smoothly in the first half of his life, but experienced ups and downs in the second half of his life.

Pan Yueming, an out-and-out Beijinger, grew up in the old Beijing hutong.

as the only child in the family, his parents dote on him very much, the family atmosphere is warm and harmonious, and he attaches great importance to his education.

nurtured by his parents, he has been fond of calligraphy and painting since childhood, and has won various awards.

later, as a result, he was admitted to a key middle school.

when he was at school, Pan Yueming worked as a reporter, wrote plays, posted articles, and served as the host of the children's program "Seven colors."

according to his parents' expectations, Pan Yueming should lead a stable and comfortable life like them.

however, Pan Yueming is born anti-bone, but has a special fondness for acting.

although the parents were not very supportive, they did not stop them.

so he often uses his holidays to play a walk-on role in various theatrical groups.

it may be that God appreciates dinners. in just a few years, he has starred in dozens of children's dramas such as Fang Shiyu and Romance of the three Kingdoms.

maybe he was too busy filming. Because he failed his culture class in the college entrance examination, he missed his dream university, Nortel and Chinese Opera.

but Pan Yueming did not give up acting, but chose to continue to apply for the examination next year.

but the result was not satisfactory, so he failed in the list.

Pan Yueming did not have a smooth life in the first few years of graduation. at that time, he often went to various major drama groups to accumulate experience.

in those years, Pan Yueming had long hair and exuded a gloomy smell.

although he has not formally studied acting, he can't stand Pan Yueming's aura and efforts.

before graduation, an olive branch was thrown by the crew.

Pan Yueming was chosen by the director of "very Summer" and starred in the "first male lead" in his life.

there is no need to act deliberately, Pan Yueming naturally reveals the youthful air of "laughing and cursing", which is already intoxicating!

then he starred in the movie "can't help it".

Pan Yueming plays a rookie on the street, smiling all day, not doing his job, and has a spirit of "being stingy".

but when he met Xiao Li, a policewoman, he fell in love heartless and unreserved.

after the movie was broadcast, I don't know how many female viewers' hearts were pierced.

this also gives Pan Yueming a name in the show business, but he is really known to the audience as the handsome and noble "young master" image on the screen.

in Beijing, he is the handsome and unrestrained Zeng Sun-ya, rebellious but affectionate and righteous.

in the Legend of the White Snake, he is a useless and weak scholar, but he has a deep affection for Bai Suzhen.

at that time, Pan Yueming earned both fame and wealth and lived a wild and unrestrained life.

but never ambition, do not fight, do not be stubborn, guard the stability of the status quo.

Pan Yueming at that time also felt that this was just the beginning of happiness.

one step at a time, proving his acting skills and strength to the outside world.

at that time, he never thought that life would slap him in the face after the peak.

in 2005, Pan Yueming, who was in the limelight, met Dong Jie by filming Red clothes Square.

in the play, the two play a pair of troubled lovers;

outside the play, they liked each other and gradually developed into lovers.

this relationship is unbelievable, as romantic and beautiful as a fairy tale.

on weekdays, the two are busy with their careers and have few opportunities to meet, so they can only keep in touch with each other by text messages.

the text messages sent are reluctant to be deleted, and when the messages are full, change your phone to continue.

after three years of passionate love, the two entered into marriage hand in hand.

when their son reached the top in the second year of marriage, they felt "happy to the top".

and Pan Yueming is never stingy with love, and his eyes are full of Dong Jie and Ding Ding.

when Dong Jie was pregnant, she seldom watched TV for fear that she would be bored and that reading would cost her eyes, so Pan Yueming read to her.

veryHe even made a bold confession on the program:

"the best thing I did was to marry the best wife."

every day, she is even more worried and told her.

even when he sees a cute little girl by the side of the road, he will discuss with him about being a wife for Ding Ding.

in the eyes of outsiders, golden boys and girls meet, and everything seems to be doomed.

but, unexpectedly, happiness did not last long before it came to an abrupt end.

Dong Jie's "charge sheet" without warning pushed their marriage to the forefront.

addicted to gambling, domestic violence, and bad character. All sorts of wrongs are blinded on Pan Yueming's head.

the voice of abuse and questioning was boiling, the image of a good husband and father was completely torn apart, and Pan Yueming became a "scum man".

even though he has published an explanation, the balance of public opinion has long been biased towards the "weak".

No matter how many explanations, no matter how many excuses, all appear pale and powerless.

it was not until Dong Jie's scandal was exposed that everyone saw the truth clearly and returned Pan Yueming's innocence.

but it's too late. In this divorce dispute, he lost his wife, son and job.

during that time, Pan Yueming locked himself in the house and did not see anyone.

keep asking yourself:

"A good home, how can you do that?"

No matter how you ask, you can't get an answer, because once there is a gap, you can never go back.

but the son is the everlasting pain in his heart.

he hasn't seen his son for nine years since the divorce.

when it comes to the child's birthday, he can only bless him every other day and place his thoughts on his son.

"at least let the child know that he came into this world because of love."

so, in Pan Yueming's Weibo, you can still see the sweet past of his family.

it is said that a man does not shed tears easily, and when he mentions his son, his eyes always turn red.

after many years, Pan Yueming has long let go of some things, but he still can't let go of some things.

even in retrospect, he said with lingering fear, "the sky was so gray at that time, it was really gray."... "

Life has hit rock bottom, his career has suffered a Waterloo, and Pan Yueming, once proud and proud, has disappeared.

No one knows what he went through during that time.

however, when Pan Yueming once again appeared in the public eye, he changed the image of a "white-faced scholar" in the past.

he became a dull, gloomy and decadent pervert murderer in Chinatown

however, the emergence of "pursuing murderers by night" made Pan Yueming really re-enter the public's field of vision.

in the play, he plays two roles, not only the calm and introverted brother Guan Hongfeng, but also the naughty and warm-blooded brother Guan Hongyu.

every smile and every look are constantly speculating, and they are also free to switch between evil and evil, without feeling of disobedience.

in the Longling Maze Grottoes, he is Hu Bayi, who is bold and cautious in the face of danger, and his every move reveals the clever and calm heart of the character.

he is no longer a handsome teenager, but he has really become a good actor with great charm.

after becoming popular, Pan Yueming is not so-called elated, but still has a humble heart.

nowadays, acting is not so much a job as a way of life to love and enjoy.

he can change all kinds of things in the play.

but outside the play, he is a casual, life-loving person.

draw, travel, walk the dog, eat good food. Daily life is simple but not monotonous, insipid but not ordinary.

likes to draw, and he shares his paintings on Weibo every few days. ▼

clamoring to lose weight, but from time to time let out the temptation of delicious food.

sometimes, he is also a source of happiness, Pan blows bubbles, I will!

confirmed the look in the eyes, "soul sitting posture" get pupil-like cleverness.

Ah ~ my lemon tea, don't go! (cover your mouth)

when asked if he still believed in love, he said frankly:

"believe, why not? Just like when you catch a cold, you still believe in your body. "

the years not only "vicissitudes" his skin, but also carved his heart.

after experiencing the ups and downs of life, Pan Yueming thought a lot, and the pain and bitterness once seemed to be gone.

now he is more important to be himself than to be the "best" of himself.

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he has always been comfortable in his own world and has enough courage to face the fork in life.

maybe, as Pan Yueming said:

"A person's life is linear, with ups and downs like an electrocardiogram."

maybe everyone who has been hurt will see his own shadow in his experience.

but fortunately, he has walked out of the whirlpool.

along the way from a rebellious teenager, he has seen peaks and troughs. Pan Yueming, 48, is no longer confused.

in the first half of his life, he loved to chase him like a moth to the fire, and even though he was scarred, he never regretted it.

for the rest of his life, he was free and easy to let go, Nirvana was reborn, and thanks to the reward of fate, he still came back with a youthful spirit.

on the way of life, who hasn't stepped on a few pits, fallen several times, and stepped over it?Growing up means growing up.

for Pan Yueming, the story never stops and life goes on.

, even if life is covered with thorns, moving forward with a smile, there will always be light, a way out, and usher in the peak of life.