The really good women are all anti-internal friction physique.
The really good women are all anti-internal friction physique.
In the face of the treasure of life, the deeper you dig, the more you gain.


Internal friction is a "common problem" of many people in modern society.

I do nothing every day, but I am physically and mentally exhausted.

there is nothing sad, but life is just not happy.

wanted to change, but took action with little success.

it's like stumbling and falling into a quagmire, climbing out and failing again and again.

exhausted and helpless.

how to understand internal friction from the root and get rid of it?

Steve Pavlina, a world-renowned personal growth mentor, thinks:

every internal friction is caused by uneven distribution of energy and not enough energy to pay attention to the outside world and create a new world around it.

lack of clear self-awareness and wavering in doing things aggravate the pain of internal friction.

analyze the energy flow from the following four common states of internal friction to give you a deeper understanding of the "black hole" of internal friction.

highly sensitive

chew something too much

imagine the harm that that incident has brought to you

only a person with a stable mind will not live like a duckweed.

only people with stable internal energy are not highly sensitive.

"are you overreacting?"

"Why are you always so emotional like a child?"

people with sensitive personality traits are often maliciously judged and hurt by these words.

they are not personality defects, but oversensitive people who pay more attention to environmental changes.

the energy in the body can easily flow with the flow of others.

some people may not know the actress Wang Lin.

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if there is a strong "Aunt Xue" in "Love in Deep Rain", we all have an impression in our hearts.

despite her sharp tongue in the play, in reality she is a sensitive and suspicious woman.

for example, in her emotional life.

the two marriages she started ended in separation.

after being single for a long time, Wang Lin met a man who was full of love for her because of a certain program.

for a few moments, Wang Lin was really moved.

but just as she was pushing the process forward, Wang Lin shouted "pause key".

because she is a highly sensitive person, her experience of happiness and pain is beyond ordinary people.

if there is a stable and safe environment, highly sensitive people may feel a kind of happiness or a burden.

because of the floating external energy, one loses sense of security inside.

and stabilizing your inner energy is the beginning of getting rid of oversensitivity.

the heart has its own belonging and the core of the meaning of its own life.

Don't be afraid of the changes in the outside world, as long as you are confident enough in your heart, you will be able to hold on to your inner energy.

live into a strong tree, take root down and grow up.

Live into a flexible vine, calm, gentle and powerful

overly emotional

from point to face, bad mood can easily spread

when a person is in a state of internal friction, emotions are easy to rise and fall, and bad emotions are not easy to digest.

A trivial thing, which usually seems trivial, is like a burning powder line.

once triggered, it spreads quickly and is out of control.

saw a netizen tell his story.

she has a relative who has always liked to use her ignorance to crack down on her introverted personality.

it is said that when this character grows up, it will be useless and hit a brick wall everywhere.

and the parents of netizens are also introverts.

they agree with the relative's words very much.

surrounded by this environment, netizens slowly fall into a deep sense of shame.

there has always been a voice saying that as an introvert, it is a mistake for you to be alive.

later, I even used to compare my own shortcomings with the strengths of the people around me.

dare not fight for the opportunity, dare not speak loudly in the crowd, and live into a small transparency.

I don't have my own standard of judgment when something happens.

in fact, it is a habitual transfer of one's energy to an outsider.

give yourself some quiet time and really give yourself more affirmation from the inside.

often timid

afraid to annoy others, afraid to take action

everyone is an energy body.

some people use their own energy to broaden the boundary and become stronger and stronger;

people who are easily timid use their own energy to suppress their greater potential and dare not act at all.

it's hard to express what you really think in your heart.

after Lina graduated from university, she changed jobs many times and changed to four companies in 3 years.

because it is always difficult for her to deal with interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

it turned out that Lena would not refuse to ask for help from her colleagues at all.

even if I am very busy, I still have to carry it on. In the end, I didn't do any work well.

the reason why I dare not refuse others is for fear of destroying interpersonal relations and causing more trouble.

and this habit was also domesticated in the "education" her parents gave her from an early age.

being timid in doing things, the energy that could have been exerted is suppressed by life.

thinking is gradually internalized, and it becomes more and more difficult to change.

dare not easily step out of the old life, afraid to welcome new changes.

but in fact: you will always be much stronger than you think.

We can't be stuck in the past forever. We have to allow new things to happen.

only by taking action and accepting new things, the internal friction will gradually get rid of

perfectionist tendency

if you don't meet your expectations, you will be paranoid

there are such people in life.

always ask for 100% perfection in your life.

such as marriage, career, children.

requires your partner to be perfect in everything. If you are not satisfied with something, you will often get caught up in internal friction.

be bored with this, and even ask your partner to change it paranoid.


set lofty goals for yourself if you don't achieve them after hard work.

will be caught in entanglement and pain, will not easily let themselves go.

such people have a low sense of achievement, because ta is always in pursuit of better.

but life is sometimes like a poem written by Bai Juyi:

the peach blossom in the mountain temple begins to bloom when the world is in full bloom in April.

Chang hates that there is no place for spring to return, and I don't know how to turn it into it.

sometimes it seems like what you pursue, you don't get it.

but walk around, be present, let nature take its course, and what you want may be waiting for you at the next intersection.

Let go of those who should let go.

No pressure on others, no pressure on yourself.

do it slowly, everything is the best arrangement.

We didn't come to the world to be weak and passive.

build your own energy, and you will be more likely to create the life you want.

facing the treasure of life, the deeper you dig, the more you gain.