The power of walking (this article is priceless)
The power of walking (this article is priceless)
There is no road in vain in life, every step counts.

Hippocrates has a famous saying: "Walking is the best medicine."

walking on the road, there is the beauty of nature, the extreme of life, and the distance of life.

can not only enrich the body and cleanse the mind, but also precipitate experience and sublimate feelings.

relax the body, stride forward, you will have thousands of strength.

Walk, exercise

as the saying goes, "Walking is the father of a hundred exercises."

it can not only exercise muscles and bones, consume calories, but also strengthen the body.

if you walk more, you will feel better and worry less.

Mr. Yang Zhenning, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, is now 100 years old.

Old Yang once admitted that the reasons for his longevity are: first, there is no genetic disease in the family, and second, he has a good way of life.

every day, in addition to reading, reading, writing and painting, he will go out for walking exercise when he is free.

often walk for an hour, even if you are old and inflexible, you will insist on walking at home.

in his view, walking is suitable for all ages, and it can calmly stretch the joints and bones of the whole body and improve the function of the body.

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as long as we get up and walk around, our bodies and minds will be healthy and full.

Walking nourishes the soul

Goethe said: "only exercise can dispel all kinds of doubts."

when you walk, you are emptying yourself, and all your anxieties will go away with the wind.

if you are tired or in pain, you might as well go out for a walk and get some fresh air.

feel the world in the stride forward, so that the soul can be nourished and enriched.

the philosopher Nietzsche experienced a dark time.

in his relationship, he proposed many times and was rejected many times, which made him suffer a lot.

in career, the new book comes under fire


as a result, not only did he suffer from a headache, but his eyesight deteriorated rapidly.

in order to cure himself, he resigned as a professor at the university and began to walk alone.

whether it is by the forest lake or on the mountain path, he can walk.

after walking for a long time, his illness not only gradually improved, but also became more and more calm.

Walking can help us get rid of distractions, empty our minds and relax our mood.

Walking in nature is the most powerful nourishment for the soul.

unconsciously, the heart becomes calm and peaceful, and the spiritual world will be richer and better.

Walking, rich experience

Kitajima said: "the range of a person's walking is his world."

Walking is the best booster to broaden your horizons and enrich your experience.

the farther you go, the more you see the world, and the heavier your life will be.

Sima Qian, a great historian, began to travel and study all over the country at the age of 20.

from Changan, out of Wuguan, through Nanyang, you Xiaoxiang, Deng Huiji, experience Kunlun.

as he walked, he became more and more knowledgeable and experienced, and his outlook on life and history became more and more perfect.

in this way, Sima Qian was able to write the "Historical Records" of "the last song of historians, Lisao without rhyme".

as the saying goes, "it is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books."

experience determines vision, vision determines pattern, and pattern determines fate.

only by walking and loving can we have a big pattern, have a big vision, and live out the real meaning of life.

walk, perceive life

I often hear people say, "body and soul, there must be one on the way."

Don't stop exploring the world, even if you are busy at work.

take a walk, take a look, think about it, and personally experience the beauty and purity of life.

take a walk, think and understand, improve yourself, and make your heart vast and beautiful.

Yu Minhong said in his preface that he would make time to travel every year.

walk among the mountains and rivers, see the local conditions and customs, observe the changes of the world, and realize the true meaning of life.

when he wrote about hiking to the volcano, he had to worry about falling because of the clouds.

he said: "there is no reason why people should not live better. Even if they are humble, they should blossom and sow so as to leave a little beauty for heaven and earth."

people, born in the world and living in the universe, should always walk on the road.

talk with plants, sympathize with landscapes, and enjoy the sun and the moon.

leave firm footprints on the land, enlighten and sublimate in walking.

explore the meaning of life, refine the essence of life, and become a better self step by step.

there is no road in vain in life, every step counts.

the changes brought about by walking may not be visible for one or two days.

but stick to it, learn while walking, and cherish it, and your whole life will take on a new look.