The power of turning (depth is good)
The power of turning (depth is good)
There are no hurdles that cannot be crossed, only bends that cannot be turned.

Lu you wrote in Journey to Shanxi Village: "it looks like there is no road, but there is another village around the corner."

that is to say, when we encounter difficulties in doing things and there seems to be no way out, we might as well change our thinking and try again in a different direction, so that we may see new hope.

on the way of life, learning to turn is understandably a kind of top wisdom.

take a turn in your mind, and the solution is in front of your eyes

have read such a story.

several people went fishing by boat, and when they returned, they accidentally lost their way.

at this time, everyone was in chaos, there was no star in the sky, there was no light to show the way, and they didn't know how to sail the boat.

some people remember that they have brought a lamp, so they turn on the light and shine it around, but in vain, they can't see anything at all.

the light went out, and it was dark all around. The old man said, "Don't be afraid. Please wait quietly."

after a while, everyone's eyes slowly got used to the darkness, and they were surprised to find that it was not dark all around, but there was a light somewhere far away.

it turns out that this is the light of the seaside town, and that's where they're going back.

there is a saying under the Book of changes: "if you are poor, you will change; if you change, you will change; if you change, you will be familiar with it for a long time."

in life, there is not only one solution to any problem. When we can't solve it with our inherent thinking, we need to think about it from a different perspective.

anxiety and helplessness can only make us trapped in the same place and there is nothing we can do. Only by calming down and changing our minds can we have a chance to see other breakthroughs.

Life has a long way to go, but if there is no way, you can find another way.

make a U-turn and break through the new situation

more than 100 years ago, California attracted many people to look for gold.

there is a Jewish gold miner, Levi Strauss, who starts his work with great expectation every day, but always ends in disappointment.

he found that there were more and more gold prospectors, and he was not the first batch of gold prospectors, so it was a bit difficult to make money.

he saw that it was inconvenient for gold prospectors to buy daily necessities, so he went directly to wholesale daily necessities to workers to make money.

as expected, his daily necessities business was booming and soon made money back.

one day, a worker came to buy daily necessities. The worker complained: "this broken place costs too much pants. Even if the pants are torn, there is no time to mend them."

suddenly, Levi had an idea. Isn't the canvas he wants to pitch his tent a wear-resistant fabric?

so he made special wear-resistant overalls and sold them to the miners.

the former overalls of the first pair of jeans were born in this way, and soon spread to the whole country and even the world, and Li Wei also changed from an unknown gold miner to a "jeans king".

Lu Xun said, "only those who are not afraid have a way."

work is not always plain sailing. In the face of many obstacles in work, we should dare to challenge and break through the new situation.

if Li Wei, like many gold prospectors, had been in the gold prospector's brigade, he would not have been called the jeans king.

in fact, every brave turn is a new opportunity, and the opportunity is often hidden by those who have the courage to change.

the mindset turns, and the good and the bad will be exchanged

We know that even two people who are passionately in love will have a lot of conflicts because of the fine pieces of firewood, rice, oil and salt after marriage.

Grandma Hengzi in "worth the World" married an otolaryngologist at the age of 27. Before her marriage, she was introduced by a friend as "very nice".

it was only after marriage that I found that I had been "fooled". The husband has no problem with his character and works conscientiously at work, but he likes to drink as soon as he gets off work, takes care of the daily expenses of the family, and spends all his salary on treats, meals and drinks.

Grandma Hengzi put the divorce agreement in front of her husband again and again, and each time the husband would admit his mistake and say he would change it, but soon he would pick up the wine bottle.

Grandma Hengzi said, "if you try every means to change others for years or decades, you will only get yourself into trouble."

so Grandma Hengzi changed her mind and began to think about how to make her family life happy without changing her husband.

she decided to work hard and didn't expect any income from her husband.

and make a plan to apply for divorce until the children get married.

she usually relieves some of her emotions by speaking ill of her husband to patients.

but after achieving her goal, she found that her husband became gentle and drank less.

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Grandma Hengzi thinks divorce is too troublesome.

I have heard such a saying: "No matter how good a marriage is, there are 100 divorce thoughts and 50 impulses to strangle each other in your life."

there will never be two people who are 100% right, let alone a perfect marriage. Those seemingly perfect marriages are spent in mutual tolerance and tolerance.

in a relationship, it is often futile to change others. Wise people know how to turn in time and think about how to make themselves happy and happy.

turn your life around and experience a different life

once the American blockbuster "Superman" was broadcast, it caused a sensation all over the world, and Christophe, who played "Superman", became very popular for a while, and his career reached the pinnacle of his life.

it is a difficult fact for a man to fall from a mountain to a trough, so the first thing he says when he wakes up from a coma is: "Let me be free soon!"

later, his wife took him on a trip in order to make him feel better.

once, when a car was walking along the winding mountain road in the Rocky Mountains, the mountain road was winding and twists and turns, and the words "turning ahead" hit his brain again and again, and he suddenly realized that it was not the end of the road, but the time to turn.

he had new hopes for his life, and after that, he began to work as a director, try to write and raise money for people with disabilities. He said he thought he could only be an actor, but there were so many possibilities.

No one knows how to go next in his life and what will happen tomorrow. Today's glory does not represent the glory of his life, and today's predicament does not explain the trough of his life.

when you are at a low ebb, you have an upward heart to meet difficulties, and when you are brilliant, you have to keep a low profile and empty yourself. Only in this way can you have the courage to face a different life.

there is no dead end in life. when you can't go on, make a turn like Christopher and Levi and continue to live your wonderful life in a different way.

I have heard a saying: "Water can reach the sea because it can skillfully avoid all obstacles and keep turning."

there is no road in this world that can go straight to the end, always keep your mind flexible, change direction when it's time to change lanes, respond to ever-changing changes, and always survive.

, there are no hurdles that cannot be crossed, only bends that cannot be turned.


by: Meng Yun, come