The most poisonous partner in marriage is not having an affair.
The most poisonous partner in marriage is not having an affair.
A good marriage is not about who loves more, but who can control his emotions more stably.



We have seen too many people on the Internet who are so emotional that they do things that are beyond common sense and shocking.

just two days ago, such a bizarre case went viral on Weibo.

A young man quarreled with his girlfriend in Jinan, Shandong Province.

and the steel wire has been moved down from the stomach to the duodenum, one of which penetrates the intestinal wall and reaches the inferior vena cava adjacent to the abdominal cavity.

if you accidentally pierce the vein, causing massive bleeding, the consequences are unimaginable.

after watching the news, it made my back get a chill.

when you get angry, you just joke about your life.

as countless netizens complain:

"it's really scary emotionally to stay away from people who hurt themselves!"

"you really have to control your emotions, or you'll hurt others and yourself."

"if you can't control your emotions like this, how can the relationship last for a long time?"

many people think that it's no big deal to lose control of their emotions once in a while.

but a lot of relationships are ruined by whether you care or not.

the impact of emotional stability on the long-term development of a relationship is far more important than we think.

the destructive power of emotion,

No amount of love can make up for

the feelings that are forced to be separated by reality may have a chance to get back together.

forced by emotions to break up, the end will only be irrevocable.

in the movie, the marriage of Frank and April makes people feel sad.

Frank, who is middle-aged, has been confused because he is unable to solve the bottleneck of his career development.

as a stay-at-home wife, April, who has been wandering in the choice of ideal and family for many years, is also full of powerlessness about life.

but in order to maintain their current life, and do not want to bring negative emotions to each other, they choose not to talk about it.

Freud once said:

"unexpressed emotions never disappear, they are just buried alive and will one day erupt in an uglier way."

then April suggested that the whole family move to Paris, and the two changed together.

Frank was also very excited after hearing this and thought that he could finally get rid of the immutable life at present.

but just as the two were packing up, Frank received a call about his promotion.

so she had the idea of giving up going to Paris, and coincidentally, April found out she was pregnant.

this confirms Frank's inner decision.

but after Frank expressed his proposal, he directly intensified April's antipathy, and the contradiction between the two men, which had existed for a long time, broke out completely:

"Big sucker,

you hurt

"you are a sad and narcissistic man."

"you are a superficial woman with a superficial appearance."

"you don't love me, why did you marry me?"

"Why don't you take the baby off as soon as possible."


anger fills their minds, and words tear apart the only love left.

the day after the big quarrel, April made breakfast calmly and kissed her husband to take him to work as if nothing had happened.

it turned out that April was heartbroken by yesterday's quarrel, disappointed and desperate, so she chose to miscarry her child at home.

grief, but it is too late to regret.

Zhang Xiaoxian said:

"everything goes wrong in life because of a temper.

if you have a temper, you will suffer not only others but also yourself.


We all know what it's like to be hurt by emotion, but we don't want to change our temper easily.

I thought it would be better to lose my temper once, but the pain could not be erased all my life.

losing one temper is like tying a knot to a rope. As time goes on, there are more and more knots, and the total length of the rope becomes shorter and shorter.

and being emotional will only shorten our marriage.

sometimes the appearance of peace may be just forbearance.

when I can't stand it, the end will be a plate of loose sand.

Don't let your emotions vent at will. It may erode your relationship and shorten your life in places you don't know.

it will also make a person forget his previous love, leaving only resentment in his heart.

keep emotionally stable, the two people will have a long-term possibility, will have more continuous happiness.

never put the worst mood,

to the person closest to you

Yi Shu said:

"everyone longs to be loved, but does not want to love."

We are often rude to those closest to us; on the contrary, we become polite to outsiders.

A good couple ends up with only a shell.

Fang Hung-chien and Sun Jou-chia in besieged Fortress can be said to beA pair of "enemies".

usually speaking is to hold a gun with a stick, and anyone will feel uncomfortable after listening to it.

Fang Hung-chien occasionally got together with his friends, and when he got home, Sun Jou-chia was in a strange manner, ridiculing her husband for just having fun with his friends, regardless of his own life or death.

Fang Hung-chien was bewildered by this groundless rebuke.

he didn't understand why she was still angry when she came back when his wife asked him to go.

of course, Fang Hung-chien did not show weakness.

once, Sun Jou-chia said in front of Fang Hung-chien:

"fortunately, I can still make money, otherwise I would have been bullied by my husband as my aunt said."

when Sun Jou-chia heard this, she would naturally refute it.

similar war of words takes place every day, and the feelings of the two people who get along with each other naturally fall apart.

in the quarrel and quarrel again and again, the marriage was drawn to an end.

maybe on the face of it, the other half is conveying dissatisfaction and complaint, but the signal that you really want to send out under the iceberg is what we should pay attention to each other.

some people say:

"an emotional person is like a child who yearns for love and sense of security."

those emotions that can't be dealt with actually come from inner panic.

they don't have the ability to operate and maintain the current relationship, so they can only growl, as if to say: love me more.

they want to get other people's attention and attention.

if we, as lovers, comfort our partners with love, they will also feel loved, nourished by love, and willing to show their kindness.

those who love love can also be used in feelings.

the relationship is stable for a long time,

need to be emotionally stable in both directions

writer Lin Yutang once said:

"the problem with us modern people is to eat love as a meal, to eat marriage as a snack, and to live a marriage in the way of love. There is no failure."

dim sum is a moment of pleasure, while rice is about stability and solidity.

the more mature people are, the more they know what is the most important thing after marriage.

Lin Yutang, who is well versed in scholarship, knows nothing about life.

No matter how well the article is written, the housework is done badly.

although he often upset his wife, he would find steps for himself to pacify his wife's anger in the bud.

wife Liao Cuifeng will arrange for Lin Yutang to wash the dishes.

in fact, Lin Yutang could have chosen to refuse and blame his wife, but he did not.

he was well aware of his wife's contribution to the family, so he consciously went into the kitchen and learned to wash dishes.

Lin Yutang, who has never done housework, began to wash the dishes, one by one.

this worried Liao Cuifeng, who was standing by and supervising. She pointed angrily at her husband and said:

"Why can't a man hold a bowl?"

usually encounter this kind of situation, many people will be unhappy.

however, Lin Yutang suppressed his helplessness and instead joked with his wife, saying what she liked to hear and using her own humor to ease the tense atmosphere at home.

Lin Yutang was obsessed with how to invent a Chinese typewriter.

this obsession is out of line.

Our white prom dresses are created by impeccable tailoring and everlasting elegance. Perfect for formal functions or informal parties.

once, because of his own negligence, the whole small family suffered a huge loss.

my wife was very upset when she found out.

Lin Yutang said hurriedly, "my pen can still write articles, and I will earn it back."

there are some things you don't have to argue about, and some steps to find for yourself.

Lin Yutang once laid down two good husband principles for himself.

the first one is that when the wife is angry, she is not angry.

the second is that one less sentence is better than one more sentence.

if two people live a life, they don't just get together when they are happy today, and live separately if they don't like it tomorrow.

it is not that one person is emotionally involved, while the other person adds fuel to the fire.

the so-called helping each other means that both sides work together to create a peaceful communication environment, mature control of their emotions, and solve problems in the best way.

only when you learn to place your emotions and help your partner manage your emotions, can you create a truly harmonious family atmosphere.

an intimate relationship is like a balance. Only when the emotional value outputs of both parties are equal, will people agree on their understanding of love and enjoy all the efforts made to maintain the relationship.

Mr. Ji Xianlin wrote in "joys and sorrows":

"how can there be real empathy in the world?

if a person can manage his emotions well and digest the joys and sorrows of the world, even if he will experience ups and downs, he will be able to achieve some fulfillment. "

your partner's behavior is a mirror of your emotions.

contradictions are inevitable when walking along the road of life.

Don't kill yourself, let alone hurt others.

A good marriage is not about who loves more, but who can control their emotions more stably.

emotion is like a container of water, filled with bad emotions, the container will break itself sooner or later, and full of stable emotions, the relationship will make people secure.

May everyone feel the significance of emotion to a long-term relationship and give themselves a warm environment to get along with each other.